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Inspiring Biography of Gaurav Taneja (Flying Beast)

Gaurav Taneja is one of the most famous vloggers of India.

His vlog YouTube channel, Flying Beast has more than 7 million subscribers.


Gaurav Taneja was born on 9 July 1986 into a middle class family in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh.

He grew up in Kanpur and studied in this city until his 12th class.

Gaurav Taneja’s father, Yogendra Kumar Taneja worked at Bank of Baroda and Geap International LLC.

His mother, Bharti Taneja worked as a teacher.

Gaurav Taneja has a younger sister, Swati Taneja.

In school, he was very introverted and insecure.


Gaurav Taneja did his schooling from Dr. Virendra Swarup Education Centre, Kanpur.

He chose Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics (PCM) in intermediate.

Gaurav Taneja took maths and physics coaching from Vishnoi Classes pvt ltd Kanpur and ANISH SRIVASTAVA coaching center respectively.

Physics and maths were his favourite subjects and he used to enjoy studying them for long hours.

Gaurav Taneja wanted to become a pilot after his intermediate but as his family wasn’t financially strong, he dropped this idea.

Inspired by Salman khan-

While in his 11th class, Gaurav Taneja got inspired by the physique of Salman khan and started going to the gym.

But when he started preparing for getting into Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), he fully dedicated his time to studying and abandoned going to the gym.

Later, in IIT Kharagpur, Gaurav Taneja got the time for bodybuilding.

No to BITS Pilani-

After completing intermediate, Gaurav Taneja took admission into BITS Pilani Dubai to study engineering.

But he was not content studying there and wanted to study in the best engineering institute of India, that is IIT.

So Gaurav Taneja started preparing for the JEE exam and got a rank of 184 in JEE in his very first attempt.

Joining IIT-

In 2004, Gaurav Taneja joined IIT Kharagpur to study civil engineering.

And he graduated from this college in 2008.

While in IIT, Gaurav Taneja and his 5 friends started exercising in the gym everyday from 6 P.M. to 8 P.M. except on Sundays.

Here, he started bodybuilding and weightlifting and became the captain of his team.

Later, Gaurav Taneja also became the General Secretary Sports & Games and won the General Championship in his college.

He also got a grant from the Government of India and constructed a modern gymnasium.

Many times Gaurav Taneja represented IIT Kharagpur in fitness and he continued his passion of bodybuilding even after passing out from his college.

An interesting fact- Sundar Pichai also graduated from IIT Kharagpur.

No to Masters-

While in his final year of engineering, Gaurav Taneja tried to prepare for MBA but as he wasn’t interested in it, he didn’t pursue it.

During that time as his father was working in Dubai, he expected him to start his career in civil engineering at Dubai.

He also wanted Gaurav Taneja to do Masters in Structural Engineering in the United States.

Choosing aviation-

After graduation, Gaurav Taneja rekindled his passion of becoming a pilot.

As nobody from his family was a pilot, initially, his father didn’t agree with his decision of becoming a pilot.

Thankfully, Gaurav Taneja was able to convince his father to let him become a pilot and he went to the United States to receive pilot training.

In 2009, he returned to India and converted his Foreign Pilot license to Indian Pilot license.

In September 2009, Gaurav Taneja received his Indian Pilot license but thanks to The Great Recession, he couldn’t get a job as a pilot.

Working as a flight instructor-

As Gaurav Taneja couldn’t become a pilot, he settled for a flight instructor job at Alpha Aviation Group.

Thankfully as he had a flight instructor license, he was able to get this job.

During that time as Gaurav Taneja was constantly searching for a pilot job, he couldn’t go to the gym.

Finally in 2011, he got the job as a pilot and was posted in Bengaluru and once again he started focusing on his fitness and started going to the gym.

Later, Gaurav Taneja got posted as a captain in Chennai.

Initially he worked at IndiGo and then for AirAsia.

Winning gold medals-

Gaurav Taneja won many gold medals

In 2012, Gaurav Taneja went to Delhi to see a bodybuilding competition.

One of his Facebook friends participated in that competition and Gaurav Taneja was impressed when he saw thousands of people cheering him.

At that moment, he decided to participate in bodybuilding competitions.

A year later, in September 2013, Gaurav Taneja won a gold medal in his first ever bodybuilding competition.

And this inspired him to take competing seriously and for the next two years, he professionally competed very well in several bodybuilding competitions and won several gold medals.

Gaurav Taneja did all this while working full time as an airline pilot.

He also became a certified fitness trainer and nutritionist.

Creating videos on Facebook-

Once while working out in a gym, one of Gaurav Taneja’s friends turned on a live video of him exercising on Facebook.

Many of his friends saw his video and were impressed by it.

So, they started requesting Gaurav Taneja to create more videos and to explain the process.

Then he started regularly posting videos on his Facebook page to reach as many people as possible.

From Facebook to YouTube-

On his Facebook page, Gaurav Taneja started posting live videos of his workout and also regular videos and started getting good views.

At that time someone suggested he start a YouTube channel as YouTube is a better platform for videos.

So, on November 30, 2016 Gaurav Taneja started FitMuscle TV YouTube channel and started posting videos related to fitness.

Starting Flying Beast-

Initially, Gaurav Taneja started posting some vlogs on his FitMuscle TV YouTube channel as he thought that his viewers would get bored by seeing only fitness videos.

Later he found that starting a second channel for the vlogs would be much better and so on December 1, 2017 he started his vlogging channel by the name, Flying Beast.

On July 8, 2020, Gaurav Taneja started his live stream channel by the name, Rasbhari Ke Papa.

On his YouTube channel, he featured many famous personalities like Sadhguru, John Abraham, Sahil Khan, Gaurav Chaudhary (Technical Guruji), Ajey Nagar (CarryMinati), Ranveer Allahbadia, etc.

An interesting fact- Sourav Joshi is India’s most famous vlogger.

Meeting Ritu Rathee-

Ritu Rathee hails from Haryana and much like Gaurav Taneja she also received pilot training in the United States and became a pilot.

She joined the company in which he was working and their company organised training for them in the Crowne Plaza Greater Noida hotel.

And on March 20, 2015, they met in this hotel.

Ritu Rathee was impressed by Gaurav Taneja and sent him a Facebook friend request.

And their story started from there and they got married on 5 February 2016.

On May 18, 2018, this couple was blessed with a daughter, Kaira Taneja (nicknamed as Rasbhari).

On 16 December 2019, Gaurav Taneja and Ritu Rathee met Barack Obama, a former president of the United States in Singapore.

In October 2021, this couple was blessed with a second daughter, Pihu.

Studying law-

On 17 October 2020, Gaurav Taneja decided to study law to become a lawyer and he started his preparation.

He got inspired to become a lawyer and bring a positive change in the society and contribute to the nation.

He was motivated by Mahesh Chandra Mehta, an attorney who worked for environmental conservation and other lawyers like N Palkhivala and Ram Jethmalani.

Gaurav Taneja wanted to become a lawyer also because he quit working as a pilot and he also left gaming to prepare for the law exam.

His plan after studying law is to become an independent lawyer.


On 8 September 2021, Gaurav Taneja attended the Post Graduate Law Entrance Test in University of Lucknow.

Later, he wrote the DU LLB 2021 exam on 29 September 2021.

The final result-

The L.L.B. results were finally announced at 23:16 on 23 November 2021.

Gaurav Taneja scored 235 final entrance marks and secured 85th rank and made it into the First Admission List of L.L.B.-2021 of University of Delhi.

He got 68.10 Qualifying Marks %.

Gaurav Taneja’s admission category is Unreserved.

He is going to study law from Campus Law Centre – Faculty of Law, University of Delhi.

How did Gaurav Taneja clear the LLB exam?

At first, Gaurav Taneja cleared (read) the whole syllabus of the exam.

And then, he joined a test series on 1 September 2021 and was able to score just 140 marks out of the total of 400 marks.

As the final exam was on 29 September 2021, Gaurav Taneja beefed up his preparation and from 15 September he even stopped vlogging in order to completely focus on the preparation.

Thanks to the test series, he identified his weak areas and improved upon them.

Plan for startup-

In January 2022, Gaurav Taneja announced his plans for starting a startup.

He along with his wife, Ritu are planning for a startup.

They are going to start a startup to secure their future, if in future Gaurav Taneja’s social media career (YouTubing) doesn’t perform well, they would have a startup for their livelihood.

Currently, they have many startup ideas but they haven’t finalised their startup idea.

Currently, he doesn’t have a Wikipedia page.

Debuting on TV-

In February 2022, Gaurav Taneja and his wife debuted on TV by Smart Jodi TV show.

This show started airing from 26 February 2022 on StarPlus.

Some interesting facts about Gaurav Taneja-

  • Gaurav Taneja likes the physiques of Hrithik Roshan and Farhan Akhtar.
  • His favourite beverage is tea.
  • In November 2018, Gaurav Taneja spoke at TEDx in Manipal University Jaipur.

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