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Naveen Reddy

Hello folks, I'm Naveen Reddy.
I love writing the inspiring success stories of people so as to inspire you.
Enjoy the well-researched, thorough articles!
Every article takes many days of effort; so, why not pay it forward by sharing them and spreading positivity.

Conner McBee is a popular American travel YouTuber. He has 379K subscribers on his YouTube channel, Small Brained American. Introduction- Conner McBee was born in 1993. He hails from Dacula, Georgia, United States. Conner has French, Irish and English ancestry; his family originally hails from Liverpool, England. His mother’s name is Patty McGowan McBee. Born …

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Paul Barbato is a popular YouTuber. He has 3.3M subscribers on his YouTube channel, Geography Now. Introduction- Paul Barbato was born on 7 June in Minnesota, United States. He grew up in Chicago in a diverse neighbourhood consisting of Greeks, Pakistanis, Russians, Assyrians; he had Koreans in his school; he got interested in people, their languages, …

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Radhi Devlukia is a British nutritionist, cook, author, content creator, and entrepreneur. She has 2.2M followers on Instagram, and 564K subscribers on her YouTube channel. Introduction- Radhi Devlukia was born on 30 July 1992 in London, England; her birth name is Roshni Devlukia; she grew up in Watford, England. Her parents were born in Africa; her …

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