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Inspiring Biography of Sourav Joshi

Sourav Joshi is India’s most famous vlogger.

He has 13 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, Sourav Joshi Vlogs.

Sourav Joshi is also a popular artist and has 3 million subscribers on his other YouTube channel, Sourav joshi Arts.


Sourav Joshi was born on 8 September 2000 into a lower middle-class family in a small village in Uttarakhand.

His father initially worked as a labourer and used to do Plaster of Paris (POP) work and now, he is a contractor of the POP works.

Sourav Joshi’s younger brother, Sahil Joshi is also a YouTuber and he runs two YouTube channels namely, Sahil joshi Vlogs and sahil Joshi.

Moving to Haryana-

Sourav Joshi’s father shifted from Uttarakhand to Delhi and lived in Delhi for two years and in 1997, he along with his family shifted to Haryana.

Sourav Joshi grew up in Hansi, Haryana.

In July 2021, he shifted to his new house in Haldwani, Uttarakhand.

Sourav Joshi’s mother tongue is Kumaoni.

Kumaoni is mostly spoken by the people of Uttarakhand and is an official language there.


As his family used to frequently shift homes, Sourav Joshi did his schooling from five different schools.

He mostly studied in Hindi medium schools and was a very studious student.

Sourav Joshi chose Physics, Chemistry and Maths (PCM) in his 11th class.

He completed his 12th class from Hindu Sr. Sec. School, Hansi, Haryana.

At that time, Sourav Joshi’s dream was to study from an IIT but as he didn’t get good marks in his 12th class and couldn’t clear the JEE exam, he couldn’t fulfill this dream.

Love for drawing-

Since his childhood, Sourav Joshi has been very interested in drawing.

He learnt drawing on his own, by observing and practising and by watching YouTube videos.

And from 2015, Sourav Joshi seriously focused on improving his drawing skills.

After 12th

Sourav Joshi didn’t get good marks in his 12th class, so he was in a dilemma about his further education.

Then, someone suggested that he take coaching in architecture.

As Sourav Joshi was already interested in drawing, he went Delhi to take architecture coaching for one year and at that time, he grew interested in designing buildings.

He took this coaching for a year and also did some basic practice but he couldn’t pass.

Working as a labourer-

As Sourav Joshi couldn’t perform well in the architecture, he grew confused about his future.

Then, he started working as a labourer doing POP work alongside his father.

Like this, Sourav Joshi worked for fifteen days and even during this time, he continued drawing.

During that time, Sourav Joshi was uploading his sketches onto Instagram and Facebook.

Starting a YouTube channel-

Sourav Joshi’s brother, Shubham Joshi appreciated his drawing skills and inspired him to create a YouTube channel to showcase his drawing skills.

So, he returned home and started a YouTube channel by the name, Sourav joshi Arts on 5 September 2015 with his phone.

Sourav Joshi started regularly uploading videos on to this channel.


Sourav Joshi continuously worked on his Sourav joshi Arts YouTube channel and within a year, he had uploaded 300 drawing videos but he acquired only 4000 subscribers.

As he uploaded many videos onto his YouTube channel, he acquired a good knowledge of working on YouTube and started researching to understand his audience.

Then, Sourav Joshi started uploading the videos which his audience preferred watching.

Thankfully, one of his videos got viral and then, he started creating drawing tutorial videos which were liked by people.

During that time, Sourav Joshi used to daily upload one or two videos onto Sourav joshi Arts channel.

Working round the clock-

His father used to work round the clock and this inspired Sourav Joshi to work round the clock.

This helped him to consistently draw arts and work on his YouTube channel which later made him very successful.

Becoming popular-

Sourav Joshi became very popular with his arts YouTube channel.

He received support from Hobbycraft and they invited him to many events like India Art Fair, Comic Con India, etc.

Sourav Joshi also conducted a sketching workshop at IIT Roorkee.

Sakura Color Products Corporation of Japan partnered with him and featured his art in the packaging of their mechanical pencils.


Sourav Joshi used to shoot the vlogs of his family for a long time but he wasn’t uploading them onto YouTube.

He kept these vlogs only for remembrance.

Starting vlogging channels-

Sourav Joshi started his first vlogging channel in 2018.

On this channel, after completing 30,000 subscribers his Google AdSense got approved but his identity couldn’t get verified.

So, Sourav Joshi quit working on his vlogging channel.

Then, he created another vlogging channel but he encountered the same verification issue in this channel.

Sourav Joshi faced these verification issues because he used to frequently shift to different places.

So, he abandoned his second vlogging channel also.

Starting Sourav Joshi Vlogs-

But Sourav Joshi didn’t give up and started his third vlogging channel by the name, Sourav Joshi Vlogs on 19 February 2019.

Luckily, this time his AdSense account along with his identity got verified.

Sourav Joshi’s first video to get viral on Sourav Joshi Vlogs was titled- Phone Pe Password Lagake Bhool Gya and this video was published on 5 July 2020.

In 2019, he started pursuing a Bachelor of Financial Markets (BFM) course.

100 days, 100 vlogs-

Initially, Sourav Joshi wasn’t regularly publishing videos on his Sourav Joshi Vlogs YouTube channel.

In 2020, when the first COVID-19 lockdown was announced in India, he decided to upload 100 vlogs in 100 days, that is, upload a vlog every single day for 100 consecutive days.

Luckily, Sourav Joshi’s first vlog during the lockdown became viral and that video is titled- Drawing With My Family Members.


Even though few of his videos got viral, his other videos weren’t getting decent views.

But Sourav Joshi didn’t stop working and completed 100 vlogs in 100 days and then, he started getting around 1-2 lakh views per video.

On 7 May 2020, Sourav Joshi Vlogs YouTube channel crossed one lakh subscribers.

365 days, 365 vlogs-

By 23 July 2020, Sourav Joshi published 100 vlogs in 100 days and then, he kept his goal as to publish 365 vlogs in 365 days.

Even though on some days he struggled to upload videos, he didn’t give up.

Finally, on 16 April 2020, Sourav Joshi published a total of 365 vlogs in 365 days.

He mainly shoots his lifestyle videos in which he shows his family and his pet dog, Oreo.

Piyush is Sourav Joshi’s uncle’s son and he also regularly appears in the videos.

Becoming successful-

Now, Sourav Joshi is an extremely successful YouTuber with millions of subscribers on both his YouTube channels.

He received Silver Play Buttons for both Sourav Joshi Vlogs and Sourav joshi Arts channels.

Sourav Joshi also received a Gold Play Button for Sourav joshi Arts.

On 4 January 2022, he received a Diamond Play Button for Sourav Joshi Vlogs YouTube channel.

Becoming a successful YouTuber has made him rich and thanks to this, he was able to build his studio, purchase motorcycles and vehicles like Toyota Innova and Mahindra Thar.

Sourav Joshi’s vlogs depict the story of every middle-class Indian family and his vlogs are relatable and that’s why he is receiving so much love from people.

India’s biggest vlogging channel-

Now, Sourav Joshi Vlogs is India’s biggest vlogging channel.

Sourav Joshi receives millions of views across his videos.

His vlogging channel performed this well because he had already established himself through his Sourav joshi Arts YouTube channel and then, when he started his vlogging channel, people were already eager to learn about his life.

Currently, as he became very busy with his vlogging channel, he isn’t focusing much on his arts YouTube channel.

His inspiration-

Gaurav Taneja of the Flying Beast is Sourav Joshi’s inspiration.

Also, he is good friends with other YouTubers like Nischay Malhan of Triggered Insaan and Manoj Dey.

So, how are you inspired by the success story of Sourav Joshi?

Share with me in the comment section below.

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