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Inspiring Biography of Ajey Nagar (CarryMinati)

Ajey Nagar is the most popular Indian YouTuber.

He is popularly known as CarryMinati and has more than 34 million subscribers on his YouTube channel.


Ajey Nagar was born on 12 June 1999 in Faridabad, Haryana.

He did his schooling from Delhi Public School, Faridabad and scored 60% in his tenth standard.

Entering YouTube-

On November 11, 2010, Ajey Nagar started his first YouTube channel, STeaLThFeArzZ.

At that time, he used to upload videos related to technology, gaming and of himself playing football and doing other random things.

Ajey Nagar uploaded the videos only for the purpose of saving them for watching later and had no plans for making a career in YouTube.

His first video-

At that time as Ajey Nagar was very interested in gaming, his friend suggested he install Windows 7 because as per him Windows 7 was capable of running every game.

But when he installed Windows 7 on his PC, he realised that he couldn’t play all games in it but he liked the look and feel and features of Windows 7.

So, then Ajey Nagar made a video showcasing all the features of Windows 7 and this was his first ever video on YouTube and is titled- capture 1 and was uploaded on Dec 9, 2010.

Habituated to upload-

After uploading his first video on YouTube, Ajey Nagar felt a strong desire to upload even more videos on YouTube.

So, he started uploading videos related to gaming, football, technology, etc. and he formed a habit to upload videos onto YouTube.

Taking YouTube seriously-

In October 30, 2014 Ajey Nagar started CarryMinati YouTube channel and started working seriously on YouTube.

This time around he aimed to get more views on his videos and gain many subscribers and grow his YouTube channel.

At that time, Ajey Nagar was watching the gameplay commentary videos of foreign YouTube channels like LeafyIsHere, Pyrocynical, etc. and so he too started making similar kinds of videos.

He used to record himself playing video games and add commentaries in them and then, upload these videos on to YouTube.

Ajey Nagar’s initial videos weren’t of good quality but eventually, he improved.

From English to Hindi-

Initially, as Ajey Nagar was following English commentary YouTube channels, he too was producing commentary videos in English.

But he decided to shift to Hindi as his English was not good and also as he wanted to attract Indian audience.

And to better attract the Indian audience Ajey Nagar started doing the mimicry of Sunny Deol in his videos.

He also chose Hindi after observing that some Hindi YouTubers had a good number of subscribers.

Ajey Nagar’s first Hindi commentary video featured Counter-Strike and this video got 1000 views within 2 days and with this, he realised the potential of Hindi and from then on, he continued working in Hindi.


Ajey Nagar uploaded more than 150 videos on a regular basis in the first two years but even then, his videos didn’t become popular and he gained only 150 subscribers.

Even though he was demotivated, he didn’t give up because he believed that he might succeed in the future.

Eventually after two years, Ajey Nagar started becoming popular and acquired 100 thousand subscribers.

This motivated him to become a full-time YouTuber and at that time, he dropped out from his high school and pursued open schooling.

And Ajey Nagar didn’t continue his further education beyond high schooling.

His video of roasting Bhuvan Bam was one of his first videos to go viral.

In his initial years of his YouTube career, Ajey Nagar didn’t even have a proper internet connection.

Supportive parents-

Initially, Ajey Nagar didn’t tell his parents about him working on YouTube.

Later, when he got 40,000 subscribers he revealed his work to his parents.

At that time his parents didn’t approve Ajey Nagar’s decision to work on YouTube.

But later when he got his first payment from YouTube, his father allowed him to continue working on YouTube.

AddictedA1, CarryDeol and CarryMinati-

Initially, Ajey Nagar named his YouTube channel as AddictedA1 and then renamed it to CarryDeol and finally settled on CarryMinati.

He named his YouTube channel as CarryDeol because at that time, he was doing the mimicry of Sunny Deol while playing Counter-Strike.

Later, as Ajey Nagar started doing videos without mimicry, he switched the name to CarryMinati.

What’s the meaning of CarryMinati?

The word CarryMinati has no meaning.

Once while checking the comments on one of his Facebook posts, Ajey Nagar came across the word CarryMinati in a comment and was attracted to it.

So, later he renamed his YouTube channel’s name from CarryDeol to CarryMinati.

Since the beginning, Ajey Nagar has been experimenting with his videos as he created several types of videos from facecam Q & A videos to skits to songs and this experimentation helped in the growth of his channel.

A small team-

Ajey Nagar himself writes the scripts for his videos, shoots and edits his videos.

Whereas he has a small team of four people for his other channel, CarryisLive.

Ajey Nagar’s cousin brother, Deepak Char is his manager and he handles the business part.

Love for music-

Since his childhood, Ajey Nagar has loved music.

In November 2018, he hit a creative blog and wasn’t able to focus on his work and started becoming restless.

During that time, while making a video on the Bigg Boss Ajey Nagar thought of creating a parody song on Bigg Boss.

So, he created a parody song on Bigg Boss and uploaded it onto YouTube on Nov 6, 2018 as Big Boss pART 1.

After creating this song Ajey Nagar felt very relieved and so, he created another video song by the name, Bye Pewdiepie | Carryminati and this song became very popular.

Then, on March 2019, his brother, Yash Nagar who is a music producer appreciated his Bye Pewdiepie | Carryminati song and joined to work with him.

Acting in Bollywood-

Thanks to his huge popularity, Ajey Nagar also got a chance to act in a Bollywood film, Mayday alongside with Amitabh Bachchan and Ajay Devgn.

In this film, he will act in his own role of a social media influencer.

This film is set to release in April 2022.

Some interesting facts about Ajey Nagar-

  • Ajey Nagar was overweight in his childhood.
  • Since his childhood, he has been an introvert.
  • Apart from being a YouTuber, Ajey Nagar is also a rapper.
  • He loves animation and playing football and his future plans are to produce an animated web series, a movie and a music album.
  • On January 8, 2017, Ajey Nagar started another YouTube channel, CarryisLive for doing live streaming while playing games and currently it has more than 10 million subscribers.

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Featured Image credit: Chachakiiii/Wikimedia Commons

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