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Inspiring Biography of Manoj Dey

Manoj Dey is one of India’s most popular and successful YouTuber.

His YouTube channel by his name has more than two million subscribers.


Manoj Dey was born on 12 July 1997 in a small village of Dhanbad district in Jharkhand.

His father works as a bicycle mechanic whereas his mother is a housewife.

Since the beginning, they suffered from severe poverty.

They didn’t even have a well-built house to live in, they used to live in a hut.

A bright student-

Manoj Dey studied very well and used to top in his school.

He completed his tenth and intermediate education from government schools.

Manoj Dey’s father suggested him to choose a degree by which he can secure a government job.

During that time and even now, in Jharkhand government jobs have high regard.

Choosing a different path-

Manoj Dey wasn’t attracted towards a government job and wanted to do something else.

Also, he wanted to succeed in a different field and wanted to prove that one can become successful in life even without securing a government job.

At that point of time, Manoj Dey didn’t know which career option to choose.


After intermediate, Manoj Dey wanted to study either BTech or diploma but his family couldn’t afford either of them.

So, he decided to study Industrial Training Institutes (ITI).

Even for ITI, Manoj Dey couldn’t afford a fee of ₹15,000.

So he sold his computer which his father gave him as a gift to pay the fees.

3 Idiots-

Around this time, Manoj Dey saw the 3 Idiots movie and was very inspired by it.

This movie inspired him to follow his passion and make a career in it.

After introspecting, Manoj Dey realised that he was passionate about singing and technologies related to the internet, mobile phones and computers.

He chose to work in the field of technology because he realised that he couldn’t become a good singer as he never took good training for singing.

At this time, Manoj Dey was tutoring students and working in a nearby telecom shop to earn pocket money.

At that time, Jio was launched and it offered free internet for a year and thanks to this, he came to know about YouTube.


In the telecom shop, most of Manoj Dey’s work was done with a mobile phone and computer.

Here, in his free time, he used to watch YouTube videos and one day, he came across a video about earning money from YouTube.

After watching this video, Manoj Dey realised that it is possible to earn through YouTube.

So, he decided to open a YouTube channel related to tech.

At that time, Manoj Dey was very interested in tech and used to watch many tech videos of Technical Guruji.

First YouTube channel-

On November 2, 2016, Manoj Dey opened his first YouTube channel by the name, Technical Manoj.

On this YouTube channel, he used to produce videos related to tips and tricks of using smartphones.

But as Manoj Dey didn’t have enough knowledge of Google AdSense, he used to repeatedly watch his own videos.

And due to this, his AdSense for Technical Manoj got disabled.

Technical Manoj has 127 videos and around 44.5K subscribers.

And at that time, this channel made around $80 and if he had made $20 extra, Manoj Dey would have received his first payment but unfortunately, this didn’t happen.

Abandoning YouTube-

Manoj Dey was very much depressed due to this incident.

So, he abandoned making YouTube videos for a month.

But as Manoj Dey was habituated to produce videos for YouTube, he couldn’t stay away from YouTube for too long.

So, he decided to start a new YouTube channel.

Second chance-

So, on November 24, 2016, Manoj Dey opened his second YouTube channel by the name, Manoj Dey.

This time around, he was very careful with his new YouTube channel and didn’t commit any mistakes.

After a period of ten months, Manoj Dey received his first payment of ₹14,000.

Starting problems-

In his initial years, Manoj Dey struggled very much for making YouTube videos.

As he didn’t have enough space to shoot videos in his tiny house, he used to shoot videos on his neighbour’s rooftop and a corner of their stairs.

In the initial years (2017-2018), even when Manoj Dey was working continuously on YouTube, his videos used to get only 50-100 views.

First viral video-

On August 28, 2018, Manoj Dey uploaded a video titled- How i shoot my youtube videos.

In this video, he explained his struggles to produce videos.

Thankfully, this video became viral and got lakhs of views and thousands of comments.

This video helped Manoj Dey’s YouTube channel to get a boost.

Also, his another video titled MY SWEET HOME,SCHOOL & VILLAGE | VLOG2 published on October 1, 2018 became viral and garnered more than a million views.

Helping co YouTubers

Around this same time, Manoj Dey realised that there are many YouTubers like him hailing from poor families struggling to succeed in YouTube.

As he achieved some success in YouTube, he decided to help other YouTubers to become successful.

As a result, Manoj Dey changed the niche of his YouTube channel to provide tips related to YouTube.

Fortunately, these videos started performing very well and thanks to this, his channel skyrocketed.

Even now, Manoj Dey regularly helps many YouTubers.

And this is the reason why many YouTubers from all over the country travel to his home or contact him through phone to receive his help.

Starting small-

Manoj Dey started his YouTube journey with minimal resources.

At the time of starting his first YouTube channel, all he had was a Samsung Galaxy J2 smartphone.

Manoj Dey used to shoot videos with its 2 MP camera.

He started a YouTube channel even when he didn’t have other equipment like a mic, tripod, DSLR, etc.

Also, Manoj Dey didn’t have proper internet connectivity.

This teaches us a very important lesson that we should get started with whatever resources we have at this moment.

If Manoj Dey would have waited for all resources, he would have never started his YouTube channels.

As he started his channel on mobile and worked hard, later he has been able to purchase all the necessary equipment like tripods, DSLRs, mic, laptops, etc.

No support-

In Manoj Dey’s initial years, his parents weren’t convinced with him making a career in YouTube.

His father and sister strongly believed that he could never make money by producing videos.

So, Manoj Dey’s father used to scold him a lot and he didn’t receive support from his family.

As he belongs to a small and remote village, many people there weren’t familiar with YouTube.

So, whenever they used to notice Manoj Dey shooting videos for YouTube, they thought that he became insane.

Grand success-

Irrespective of what others thought of him, Manoj Dey kept working hard and improving himself.

Eventually, he became a very successful YouTuber.

Now, Manoj Dey’s success story inspires many budding YouTubers.

Now, he has a total of three YouTube channels namely, Manoj Dey, Manoj Dey Vlogs and Actor ManojDey.

And thanks to his hard work, Manoj Dey brought his family out of poverty and fulfilled his every dream of constructing a decent house and studio, purchasing a motorcycle, car, etc.

Also, in his early career, he was so poor that many times, he struggled to recharge the internet for his phone but now he earns lakhs of rupees monthly.

Silver and gold-

On 27th September 2018, Manoj Dey received a Silver Play Button for Manoj Dey YouTube channel.

This means it took him 672 days (1 year, 10 months, 3 days) from the day he started his YouTube channel to earn a Silver Play Button.

And on 17th August 2020, Manoj Dey received a YouTube Gold Play Button on the occasion of gaining one million subscribers.

This means it took him 1362 days (3 years, 8 months, 24 days) from the day he started his YouTube channel to earn a Gold Play Button.

Manoj Dey also received another Silver Play Button for his Manoj Dey Vlogs YouTube channel.


Apart from making Manoj Dey rich, YouTube also gave him good recognition.

Now, many YouTubers come to visit him and thanks to his success, he has been able to establish connections with other successful YouTubers.

Also, Manoj Dey’s success story has been featured in Dainik Jagran newspaper.

Reasons for success-

The main reasons for Manoj Dey’s success are as follows-

  • He keeps improving with each and every video.
  • Manoj Dey’s down to earth nature attracts many people to watch his videos and love him.
  • All his videos are to the point and informative.
  • Manoj Dey tries to stay up to date with the latest trends.

So, how did the story of Manoj Dey inspire you?

Please tell me in the comment section below.

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