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Inspiring Biography of Shantinath Sul (Just Sul)

Shantinath Sul, famously known as Just Sul, is a popular comedian.


Shantinath Ganpat Sul was born on 1 June 1969 in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

His mother tongue is Marathi.

Sul moved to Lusaka, Zambia to work as an electromechanical engineer.

Meeting Said Ahmad-

Sul has been an employee of Said Ahmad’s father’s business for more than two decades.

Said Ahmad was a comedy lover and he won class clown in his high school.

After completing his schooling, he reached Zambia and here, he met Sul.

Sul used to amuse Said Ahmad with his jokes in the office and this strengthened their bonding.

Making Sul famous-

Said Ahmad predicted that Sul would become very popular on social media because of his sense of humour.

So, Said Ahmad explained to him that he could become famous by entering social media.

They started shooting comedy video clips with hip hop in the office and Said Ahmad started posting these videos on his Snapchat page.

Fortunately, Snoop Dogg and Ludacris shared one of Sul’s short videos and thanks to this, he became viral.

Later, he also started posting content on YouTube, TikTok and Instagram.

Sul became very popular on social media and as of December 2021, he has more than six million followers on Instagram and more than 300 thousand subscribers on his YouTube channel.

Said Ahmad is his manager and he also takes care of the creative content.

In 2018, Sul won an Entertainment Award in the Influencer awards Monaco.

Continuing working as an engineer-

Even as Sul is earning very well from social media, he continues to work full-time as an engineer and as of now, he is working as a comedian only part-time.

He is travelling to many countries to entertain people.

Said Ahmad’s future plan is to take Sul onto the big screen (movies).

Currently, Sul doesn’t have a Wikipedia page.

His family-

Sul is married and has a son, Mayur and a daughter.

His son is an electrical engineer and daughter is an architect engineer and both of them are living in India.

Some interesting facts about Sul-

  • One of Sul’s first videos to get viral was in which he acted to the All Day song of Kanye West.
  • His favourite dish is chicken curry.
  • Sachin Tendulkar and MS Dhoni are Sul’s favourite cricketers.
  • In January 2021, he collaborated with Paul Pogba, a famous soccer player in Dubai.

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