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Inspiring Biography of Anil Geela

Anil Geela is a famous YouTuber, and an actor.

He became very popular through My Village Show and Anil Geela Vlogs YouTube channels.


Anil Kumar Geela was born on 11 July 1994 in Dargapally, Telangana.

Both his parents are farmers.

Anil has a younger brother.

Difficult times-

While Anil was in his second grade, his father attempted suicide by ingesting pesticide.

Fortunately, he was saved.

Then, his family sold their properties in the village and moved to Siddipet.

So, Anil grew up in Siddipet.

A helpful son-

Initially, his father worked in a rice mill and then, he became a rickshaw driver in Siddipet.

While studying fifth class, Anil learnt riding rickshaw.

Later, his father started a hotel and he used to help his father in running the hotel by waking up early and after returning from his school.

Finally, his father moved to a village and settled as a farmer and here also, Anil used to help his father in farming.


Anil did his initial schooling in Sri Bharathi Vidyalaya.

While in his 7th class, he used to earn more than his teachers, so he thought of dropping out of the school and fully focus on working.

But Anil was motivated by the teachers to continue his education.

So, he was enrolled into the Shubhodaya High School.

Initially, Anil was an average student but one of his teachers, Ajaz Ahmed inspired him to study well.

And thanks to his motivation, he was able to secure good marks both in his tenth grade (545 marks) and intermediate (960 marks).

Childhood dream-

Anil’s childhood dream was to grow up to become a government teacher.

In his school and college years, he used to actively participate in anchoring and many other extracurricular activities.


After completing his intermediate, Anil joined DIET college, Karimnagar to study Diploma in Education (DEd).

Sriram Mondaiah was one of his lecturers and his son, Sriram Srikanth used to visit the DIET college to shoot the development activities conducted by the college.

Anil met Srikanth in college and learnt that he was working on My Village Show YouTube channel.

After completing DEd, he took DSC coaching and wrote the TET exam and secured the fifth rank in his district level.

Teacher & YouTuber-

In May 2015, Anil started working as a mathematics teacher in an RSS school in Jammikunta, Telangana and at that time, he was 21.

Even while he was working as a teacher, he was producing videos related to his school and he learnt a lot about creating and editing videos and about YouTube from Srikanth.

Anil worked as a teacher for a year and four months and in August 2016, he resigned from the job to work as a full-time YouTuber for My Village Show as Srikanth invited him to the My Village Show after watching his videos.

Starting Anil Geela Vlogs-

Anil started Anil Geela Vlogs YouTube channel on 18 May 2017.

Even while working for the My Village Show, he regularly publishes videos on his vlogs YouTube channel.

As of December 2021, Anil has more than 7 lakh subscribers on Anil Geela Vlogs.

His first video on My Village Show is- Pedarayudu spoof bithiri rayudu see you again. He acted in many videos alongside Gangavva.

Anil became world famous when he acted in the famous Kiki Challenge.

His folk songs also became viral.

Acting in movies-

After becoming famous on YouTube, Anil got a few chances to act in Tollywood movies.

He acted in the following movies-

  • World Famous Lover.
  • SR Kalyanamandapam.
  • Ardha Shathabdham.

Anil’s future plan is to produce movies and web series.

Getting married-

On 1 May 2021, Anil got married to Aamani (alias Mounika, Radhamma) in an arranged marriage.

She regularly appears in his vlogs.

Much like Anil, she also studied in a District Institute for Education and Training (DIET).

In 2021, he received the Best Vlogging YouTube channel award for Anil Geela Vlogs in the Chitrapuri Film Festival, Hyderabad.

Apart from an actor and YouTuber, Anil is also a Director of Photography (DOP), editor, director and film-maker.

So, how are you inspired by the success story of Anil Geela?

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