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Inspiring Biography of Harsh Beniwal

Harsh Beniwal is one of the most popular Indian YouTubers.

Currently, he has more than 14 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, Harsh Beniwal .


Harsh Lokesh Beniwal was born on 13 February 1996 into a middle class family.

Since his childhood, he loved acting and wanted to grow up to become an actor.

Harsh Beniwal hails from Delhi and has a sister, Pria Beniwal.

Creating videos-

In May 2015, Pria Beniwal introduced Harsh Beniwal to the Dubsmash app.

At that time, Pria Beniwal was creating Dubsmash videos.

As Harsh Beniwal had a great passion for acting, he started creating Dubsmash videos.

Later, he learnt about Vines in the Dubsmash app and he dubbed a vine of Logan Paul titled Hey Siri, Call my girlfriend.

Harsh Beniwal made this six second Dubsmash video with the front camera of his iPhone.

Deciding not to copy

As both his parents and friends appreciated his video, Harsh Beniwal got inspired to make more videos.

Some people weren’t happy with him copying Logan Paul, so they commented on his video and expressed their displeasure.

So Harsh Beniwal decided not to copy others and create his original videos.

He created a couple of original vine videos and uploaded them on Instagram and people started liking his videos.

Harsh Beniwal’s first original video was based on a lame joke that he read on Facebook.

He used to shoot his videos with his iPhone and edit them with the iMovie software.

Sharing videos on Facebook-

Harsh Beniwal started sharing his videos also on his Facebook wall.

And for the next three months, he posted his videos on his Facebook profile.

As it was Harsh Beniwal’s personal Facebook profile, only his friends were able to see his videos and so, his videos couldn’t reach a wide audience.

So, he decided to create a Facebook page.

On 6 May 2015, Harsh Beniwal with the help of his friend created a Facebook page by the name, The Brain Humour.

And here, he uploaded his previous three Dubsmash videos.

Getting demotivated-

During that time Harsh Beniwal was performing in a theater and used to post videos daily on his Facebook page.

Even after continuously working for a full year, he got only 5000 likes on his Facebook page.

Harsh Beniwal got very demotivated by this slow growth but he didn’t stop creating videos.

His habit of working consistently eventually made him very successful.

While working on his Facebook page, Harsh Beniwal was also simultaneously posting videos on Instagram.

Getting famous and shifting to YouTube-

A couple of troll and meme Instagram pages posted Harsh Beniwal’s short videos and tagged him.

And thanks to this, he gained a few followers and a little popularity.

Later when Harsh Beniwal got a million followers on Instagram, he shifted to YouTube.

He created his YouTube channel by the name, Harsh Beniwal on May 6, 2015.

Dropping out from college-

Initially, Harsh Beniwal was studying BA in University of Delhi but later he migrated to VIPS to study BCA.

During this time, he also developed a passion for dancing but this didn’t last long.

In his first year at VIPS, Harsh Beniwal realised that he can’t focus on studying BCA and so, wanted to drop out from college.

As he didn’t study well, he got four backlogs.

In the second year, Harsh Beniwal decided to drop out from college to not waste his parents’ money on the course which he didn’t like.

So, initially he tried to convince his mother to allow him to drop out but she asked him to speak with his father.

Harsh Beniwal’s father immediately agreed with his decision and allowed him to drop out from the college and asked him to become a successful content creator.

As by then he was getting a little success with his videos, his father allowed him to drop out.

Reason for dropping out-

While studying BCA, Harsh Beniwal realised that he had to choose between studying BCA and creating videos.

As he was very passionate about creating videos, he decided to quit his college.

So, Harsh Beniwal dropped out from the college while in his second year of BCA.

As he had the full support of his parents, he began working with even more dedication.

Humble beginnings-

In his first year and half of producing videos, Harsh Beniwal shot all his videos with his iPhone only and later, he used to borrow cameras from his friends.

Only in 2017, he purchased a camera.

Initially, Harsh Beniwal’s mother and sister used to help him by recording his videos.

Also, his cousin, Mohit and college friend, Pratishtha are helping him since the beginning.

Harsh Beniwal met Pratishtha while doing theater in college.

Now, he has a whole team to help him create videos.

Becoming successful-

Now, Harsh Beniwal is a very successful YouTuber and has more than 13 million subscribers on his YouTube channel.

Currently, he has more than 4 million followers on Instagram.

On April 18, 2018, Harsh Beniwal received a Gold Play Button from YouTube.

And on March 19, 2018 he was awarded Dadasaheb Phalke Award 2018- Best Youtuber.

Thanks to his success as a YouTuber, Harsh Beniwal has been able to realise his childhood dream of becoming a Bollywood actor.

He acted in Student of the Year 2 and played the role of Puggi.

Harsh Beniwal also participated in The Kapil Sharma Show.

He acted in a webseries by the name, Who’s Your Daddy and played the role of Soggy.

Some interesting facts about Harsh Beniwal-

  • Harsh Beniwal loves playing cricket.
  • His best friends are Bhuvan Bam, Ashish Chanchlani and Amit Bhadana and he loves their content.
  • Harsh Beniwal’s favourite YouTube channels are Make Joke Of, MostlySane, Be YouNick, Anisha Dixit, Sejal and his favourite YouTubers are Elvish Yadav and Ajey Nagar.
  • His favourite Bollywood actors are Ranveer Singh and Rajkummar Rao.
  • Harsh Beniwal has his own clothing brand by the name, HUMOUR BEING.
  • His favourite food is momos.
  • Harsh Beniwal earned ₹4,000 by his first sponsorship on Instagram.
  • His future goal is to produce his own movie.

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