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Adam Moran (BeardMeatsFood)

Adam Moran is a British competitive eater, and a popular YouTuber.

He has more than 3.6M subscribers on his YouTube channel, ‘BeardMeatsFood.’


Adam Moran was born on 8 July 1985 in Leeds, West Yorkshire, England; and has Irish ethnicity.

His sister, Jen a.k.a. ‘Sister Beard,’ appeared in a few of his YouTube videos.

Adam holds a bachelor’s degree in English literature, and a master’s degree in 20th century fiction.

He worked in the stock broking department of a bank for a decade.

BornAdam Moran; 8 July 1985, Leeds, West Yorkshire, England
EducationBachelor’s degree, English literature; master’s degree, 20th century fiction
OccupationCompetitive eater, YouTuber
Rank17 in competitive eating by Major League Eating
YouTube channel‘BeardMeatsFood’
Years active on YouTube2015-present
GenreCompetitive eating
Catchphrase (saying)“Let’s get it”
PartnerLindsey (fiancée)
ResidenceUnited Kingdom
Adam Moran information

A big appetite, weight issues-

Since a young age, Adam has been a foodie, and has a big appetite for food.

His mother used to love cooking and used to serve him a lot of food; thanks to his lack of portion control, and sedentary lifestyle, at 14, he became overweight.

Adam’s genetics also played a role in him becoming overweight.

Getting in shape-

Adam was overweight for a few years, but this did not bother him.

But at 16, while attending college in England, he had an epiphany about his weight.

At that time, Adam was unaware of nutrition and training; so, he decided to lose weight by just cutting back on food.

He stopped snacking, and skipping breakfasts; and within nine months, he lost a lot of weight.

At 17, thanks to his extreme cutting back on food, Adam became skinny without much muscular density.

At that time, he started reading blogs, and learnt that strength training could improve his muscle mass.

So, Adam bought spinlock dumbbells, concrete weights, and barbells from Argos, and started lifting them.

Later, thanks to the positive results, he fell in love with training, got a gym membership, and started working out in a gym.

At the time, Adam realised that even though he could overeat, he could stay in shape by training; so, for the next few years, he was overeating but training consistently.

At 25, he decided to get shredded, super lean, and develop a ripped six-pack.

After researching dieting and weight loss, Adam dieted for nine months, and became very lean, with less than a ten percent body fat, but it was unsustainable, and he started feeling unwell.

Discovering competitive eating-

As Adam was feeling unwell after becoming lean, he quit dieting, and decided to eat normally.

At that time, in 2015, his girlfriend, Lindsey, suggested he go for a food challenge in a restaurant, and thanks to this, he discovered competitive eating.

In his first ever food challenge, Adam had to eat within 45 minutes, but he took an hour and ten minutes to finish the meal which consisted of twelve burgers, a pound of fries, and two pints of milkshake; but nonetheless he fell in love with competitive eating.

After a few years, thanks to the training, he finished the same eating challenge in just 13 minutes.

Starting ‘BeardMeatsFood’ & becoming a full-time YouTuber-

After participating in a few food challenges, on 12 January 2015, Adam started his YouTube channel, ‘BeardMeatsFood,’ to publish food challenge videos as a hobby.

On 28 January 2015, he published his first YouTube video, ‘UK Giant Burger Challenge: Lawrence Light Lunch Challenge @ Huckleberry’s Diner’.

In 2017, Adam was working in a bank; at that time, he was earning around $700 from his YouTube channel.

At that time, a restaurant offered him a job of managing their social media and food photography; as he hated his bank job, he quit the job of working as a manager at a retail stockbroker and started working for the restaurant.

Thanks to the flexibility of his new job, Adam started devotedly working on his YouTube channel; later, he became a full-time YouTuber.

He uses Canon EOS 5DS R, Sony Alpha 7 III, Canon EOS 80D, Canon Powershot G7 X Mark II, and Canon EOS 750D cameras.

A successful YouTuber-

As of February 2024, Adam has 3.66M subscribers on his YouTube channel, 1.2M followers on his Facebook page, 562K followers on Instagram, and 66.9K followers on X (Twitter).

He earns from a variety of sources: advertisements on his YouTube videos, sponsorships, and merchandise.

Adam has a website, and he is a co-host on ‘Breaking Bread Podcast’ YouTube channel with Josh Gudgeon.

On the Breaking Bread Podcast, he interviewed famous competitive eaters, Randy Santel, and Katina DeJarnett.

Adam released three music videos on his channel: ‘Garlic Bread (I Think I’m In Love),’ ‘I Want Chicken Wings,’ and ‘I Got Cheesecake.’

Staying fit despite competitive eating-

Despite participating in food challenges every week, Adam stays fit; the reason behind this is that he eats competitively for just one hour a week, and ensures that the caloric maintenance over the course of week remains normal.

On the days when he is not participating in challenges, he maintains a calorie deficit healthy diet.

Also, Adam exercises regularly, especially weightlifting, and is a qualified personal trainer.

From the age of 21, he has been regularly fasting for around 20 hours a day, and consuming just one or two big meals; this helped him in competitive eating.

After participating in a food challenge, Adam drinks lots of water, and takes a colon cleanser tablet.

He gets quarterly blood tests, and other health checks done.

Personal life-

Adam met Lindsey aka ‘Mrs Beard’ while working at the same department in the bank.

They are engaged; she appeared in a few of his YouTube videos.

Some interesting facts about Adam Moran-

  • The catchphrase which he uses in his videos is “Let’s get it.”
  • Adam is ranked number 17 in competitive eating by Major League Eating.
  • The BeardMeatsFood Five Guys shake (beard shake) consists of peanut butter, Oreo and bacon.
  • Adam competed with famous competitive eaters like Randy Santel, Joey Chestnut, etc.
  • In 2016, he was appointed as a chief eating officer at Huckleberry’s, and there, his stomach and taste buds have been insured for £1 million.
  • Adam is tall at 5’10.
  • He loves American breakfast; cheesecake and French toast are his favourite foods.
  • Adam’s favourite movie is Watchmen, and his favourite colour is hot pink.
  • ‘Nathan Figueroa’ is his favourite YouTube channel.
  • Adam won the Finkie award for best YouTube eating stunt of 2016.

So, how are you inspired by the success story of Adam Moran?

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Wendy Keyworth

Wednesday 22nd of February 2023

I watch this guy most days. He's addictive! I think what he does is amazing, and he still manages to stay in good shape. It's nice to have some background to someone you admire and is also a Yorkshire man as I'm a Yorkshire lass (SHEFFIELD)!! He and Lindsey have a similar sense of humour and they compliment each other! I share her love of BREAD!! Thank you for your write up. It is inspiring. If I were younger.......!!!! I wish Adam and Lindsey all the best and may they soar in their chosen paths. Can't wait for more Vids!! X

Naveen Reddy

Wednesday 22nd of February 2023

Thanks a lot Wendy, for your kind words and appreciation!