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Katina Dejarnett (Katina Eats Kilos)

Katina Dejarnett is a professional eater and a popular YouTuber.

She has more than 700K subscribers on her YouTube channel, ‘Katina Eats Kilos.’


Katina Dejarnett was born on 10 July 1991.

Her hometown is Spokane, Washington, United States and she also grew up in Phoenix, Arizona.

While growing up in Arizona, Katina along with her grandparents did a lot of bass fishing on a man-made lake.

She also did catfish fishing in her aunt’s pond and also did craw fishing.

Katina’s mother’s name is Renee Pitts.

Born Katina Dejarnett; 10 July 1991
Hometown Spokane, Washington, United States
EducationB.Ed Kinesiology
OccupationProfessional Eater, YouTuber; previously worked for the U.S. Air Force and WA ANG
YouTube channel‘Katina Eats Kilos’
Years active on YouTube2019-present
GenreCompetitive eating
PartnerRandy Santel (boyfriend)
Katina Dejarnett information

Education & career-

In 2020, Katina graduated from Gonzaga University in Spokane with a B.Ed Kinesiology.

She worked for seven years for the United States Air Force and Washington Air National Guard until March 2022.

A born foodie-

Since a young age, Katina has been a foodie and has a huge appetite and has been able to eat a lot of food.

While growing up, she became a fan of man vs. food.

Thanks to her eating habits, Katina became very overweight so, from 21, she started focusing on fitness and started lifting weights.

Competitive eating-

In 2019, while participating in the Empire Classic Bodybuilding show, it was hard for Katina as a foodie to go on a diet for the show.

Thanks to dieting, she was always very hungry and she started watching people doing cheat days, food challenges and competitive eating on YouTube.

Katina competed as a natural bodybuilder and secured the fifth position in the Empire Classic Bodybuilding show.

During that time, she only weighed 104 pounds and looked tiny on the stage besides other competitors, and this affected her confidence, so she decided to gain muscles by eating competitively.

Prior to participating in the Empire Classic Bodybuilding show, Katina took part in an NPC Contest.

YouTube channel-

After deciding to participate in food challenges in 2019, Katina bought a Sony a5100 and started working on her YouTube channel, ‘Katina Eats Kilos.’

Even though she didn’t practice, on 25 April 2019, she won the XXXL Challenge in a Fatburger restaurant and this was her first ever food challenge.

Katina started participating in restaurant competitive food challenges around Spokane and fell in love with the food challenges and this helped her to gain muscle.

In addition to food challenges and restaurant challenges, she also uploads food and travel vlogs on her channel.

Initially, her YouTube channel was only a side hustle for her but as it grew to a considerable size, Katina became a full-time YouTuber.

As of February 2024, Katina has 705K subscribers on her YouTube channel, 393K followers on Facebook page and 111K followers on Instagram.

Katina earns from advertisements on her YouTube channel, YouTube memberships and receiving sponsorships.

She also has a website, ‘Katina Eats Kilos.’

Success secrets-

Initially, as Katina was dieting for the bodybuilding show, she was able to eat huge quantities of food.

She also practices a lot for the food challenges and her sound psychological state and discipline and competitive spirit that she borrowed from her bodybuilding days also helps her to eat more.

Katina’s favourite professional competitive eaters are Randy Santel, Molly Schuyler, Dan Kennedy, Wayne Algenio and Raina Huang.

Maintaining her health-

On the days she isn’t competing, Katina maintains her health by dieting and working out in the gym.

Sometimes, a day after participating in the big food challenges, she completely fasts or consumes only a little quantity of salad.

Katina also focuses heavily on nutrition and her calorie intake and having a degree in kinesiology also helps her to maintain her health.

Also, she along with Randy Santel bought a Stages SC3 Indoor Cycle Spin Bike for exercising and she also does ultra-running and biking.

Personal life-

Since 2020, Katina has been in a relationship with Randy Santel, a popular professional competitive eater.

In 2020, she was living in her mother’s house in Spokane and she received a private message on Facebook from Randy Santel inviting her to participate in a team pizza challenge along with him in Alaska.

Later, both of them also participated in a few other restaurant challenges and soon, they became friends and this friendship soon turned into a relationship.

Katina loves travelling the world and enjoys food from different parts of the world.

Her favourite dessert is cookies and loves middle eastern food and Indian food.

She has a height of 5’2.

Currently, she resides in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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