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Beryl Shereshewsky

Beryl Shereshewsky is a popular food YouTuber.

She has 774K subscribers on her eponymous YouTube channel.


Beryl Shereshewsky was born on 7 June 1985 and hails from New York, United States.

Her mother’s name is Catherine Del Spina Shereshewsky.

Beryl’s father’s name is Jerry Shereshewsky.

Beryl’s sister, Lexi Shereshewsky, is the founder and executive director of The Azraq Fund, a nonprofit organization and works as VP of Marketing at

BornBeryl Shereshewsky; 7 June 1985
Hails fromNew York, United States
ParentsJerry Shereshewsky (father), Catherine Del Spina Shereshewsky (mother)
EducationUniversity of Colorado Boulder, Smolney University
YouTube channel‘Beryl Shereshewsky’
Years active on YouTube2020-present
PartnerRajat Mehrotra (married 2016)
Beryl Shereshewsky information


In 2003, Beryl joined University of Colorado Boulder in Boulder, Colorado to study for a BA in Russian language and literature and graduated in 2007.

It is interesting to note that her father studied Russian History at University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Beryl also studied from Smolney University in 2005 and 2006.


In 2007, after graduating from University of Colorado Boulder, Beryl secured a translator job but unfortunately, she lost this job.

In 2008, she started a blog by the name Sustainable is Good and blogged until 2009.

Also, from 2008 to 2009, Beryl worked as a freelance writer for the Dog Living Magazine and wrote her own column titled “Eco Dog”.

From 2008 and 2010, she worked as a staff writer and marketing assistant at 303 Magazine.

Here, Beryl’s job involved writing food and art reviews and organising events.

In October 2010, she moved to New York City and started working as a personal assistant at The Daily.

Then, Beryl started working as a Business Operations Coordinator.

Love for videography-

While working at The Daily, Beryl befriended people of the video department.

Later, she pitched a video shoot idea to one of the producers and as the producer liked her idea, he took her to her first shoot in Florida.

Here, Beryl shot a video story about mermaids and also took a lot of photos.

Thanks to this, she fell in love with videography and began enthusiastically filming her daily life.

Then, Beryl learnt video editing herself by watching YouTube videos.

Even though as a kid she used to always record videos with her father’s camcorder, her passion for videography only ignited while working at The Daily.

In February 2012, Beryl got promoted to Associate Video Producer, Editor and Videographer at The Daily.

Then, as The Daily sank, she lost her job in March 2013.

Freelancing & Great Big Story-

After losing her job, Beryl started working as a Freelance Video Producer for ABC News.

In January 2013, she started working as a freelance videographer, editor and producer and worked likewise until October 2020.

From December 2013 to July 2015, Beryl worked for Marina Maher Communications as a Video Content Creator and Account Supervisor.

While working here, she did videos for brands like CoverGirl, Pfizer, Venus, Aussie, etc. but this job couldn’t get her interested.

In March 2018, Beryl joined Great Big Story to work as a Senior Producer for Special Projects.

Here, she produced more than 150 short form documentary films.

Beryl also worked on a long form documentary film and on Emmy nominated series.

Love for filmmaking & storytelling-

At Great Big Story, Beryl’s job involved storytelling through videos.

After producing her first video story, she fell in love with the creative process of storytelling and found it very liberating as it allowed her to frame a story in her own way.

Beryl’s first video story is titled ‘This Guy Created Dothraki for Game of Thrones’.

Eventually, she produced many videos for the Great Big Story YouTube channel by travelling all over the world.

At Great Big Story Beryl launched many video series namely, Great Big Bites, Remember When and Around the World.

Here, apart from storytelling, she also learnt about filmmaking, and this later greatly helped in the success of her YouTube channel.

Losing her job & becoming a full-time YouTuber-

As Great Big Story got shut down, Beryl lost her job in October 2020.

But her love for filmmaking and storytelling inspired her to start working on her YouTube channel.

Even though Beryl started her YouTube channel on 3 February 2014, she started seriously working on it only from October 2020 and since then, she has been working as a full-time YouTuber.

Her first video is titled ‘I’m Starting a Channel!’ published on 3 October 2020.

On her channel she mainly publishes food and cooking videos inspired by dishes of various countries.

Beryl is a successful YouTuber and as of February 2024, she has 774K subscribers on her YouTube channel and 184K followers on Instagram.

She earns from a variety of sources like advertisements and ‘Super Thanks’ on her YouTube channel, sponsorships, affiliate marketing and accepts donations on Patreon.

Beryl has a website.

Personal life-

Beryl met Rajat Mehrotra, an Indian, through a dating app.

After dating for a couple of years, they got engaged and got married on 17 September 2016.

After a couple of months after getting married through an American wedding, they got married through an Indian wedding in Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh, India.

Beryl is a polyglot as she knows English, Russian and Hindi.

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