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Ujjwal Chaurasia- Biography (Wiki)

Ujjwal Chaurasia is a famous gamer, streamer and YouTuber.

He has more than 21 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, Techno Gamerz and has more than 6 million subscribers on his other YouTube channel by the name, Ujjwal.


Ujjwal Chaurasia was born on 12 January 2002.

He grew up in New Delhi and currently lives here.

Ujjwal Chaurasia’s parents are originally from Uttar Pradesh.

He has an elder brother, Ankit Chaurasia.

Gamer since school days-

From his school days, Ujjwal Chaurasia has been very passionate about gaming.

As he didn’t own a smartphone, he used to play with his brother’s phone.

It was an outdated Android phone which didn’t even have Google Play, so Ujjwal Chaurasia was unable to download games from it.

So, he researched and learnt to play games on his mobile with the help of a PlayStation emulator.

Ujjwal Chaurasia was able to play the PlayStation and PC games on the mobile with the help of an emulator.

At that time, he used to also watch the gaming videos of the foreign YouTubers and learn from them and follow them.

Surprising his friends-

Ujjwal Chaurasia surprised his friends by showing his skills of playing the PlayStation and PC games on a smartphone.

He was able to run heavy games on his mobile and thanks to this, many of his friends started approaching him to learn this skill from him.

Entering YouTube-

Ujjwal Chaurasia realised that it isn’t feasible to teach everyone on an individual basis, so he decided to create a tutorial video and upload it onto YouTube.

So, he created the tutorial video and did a voiceover in Hindi.

Ujjwal Chaurasia started a YouTube channel by the name, Techno Gamerz on 13 August 2017 and uploaded the tutorial video onto it.

He was just 15 at that time.

Ujjwal Chaurasia didn’t stop with just a single video, instead, he kept on publishing YouTube videos.

Nokia 5-

Ujjwal Chaurasia started Techno Gamerz with a Nokia 5 Android smartphone.

He used this phone to edit and do voice overs of his videos and he acquired 2 lakh subscribers on his YouTube channel by working with this phone.

Only gaming-

Ujjwal Chaurasia named his YouTube channel as Techno Gamerz because his plan was to publish tech and gaming videos on it.

Initially, he wanted to publish the unboxing videos of gadgets but later, he realised that he is way more interested in gaming rather than in unboxing or technology, so he published only gaming videos on Techno Gamerz.

Initial struggles-

Initially, Ujjwal Chaurasia didn’t have sufficient knowledge of shooting videos.

He even didn’t know about screen recording as he used to operate a phone and record its screen with another phone.

During that time, Ujjwal Chaurasia used to share his videos with his couple of friends and used to get only 3-4 views per video.

Also, he found it difficult to regularly publish videos thanks to his school exams.

Getting inspired-

Some time later, one of Ujjwal Chaurasia’s videos got a little more views, that is, around 150 views and his brother watched this video.

As his brother had prior knowledge of YouTube, he inspired him to continue working on his YouTube channel along with continuing his studies.

Ankit Chaurasia also motivated Ujjwal Chaurasia by explaining to him that YouTubing is a good career with a bright future.

All these words boosted his confidence and he started working on his channel with more dedication.

Ankit Chaurasia currently manages all his business deals.

Improving the quality-

Initially, as Ujjwal Chaurasia was creating videos with a low-end smartphone, the quality of his videos wasn’t great.

Then, when he was in his 8th class, one of his relatives gifted his mother a phone and he started producing quality videos with this new Android phone.

Ujjwal Chaurasia also started playing several high-end games on it.

As he didn’t have a computer at that time, he used to record, edit and publish videos with a phone only.

Ujjwal Chaurasia edits his videos with KineMaster – Video Editor app.

Understanding the audience-

Initially, Ujjwal Chaurasia used to get only a few views on his videos.

Later, he realised that it is important to understand the audience and cater to their interests rather than create random videos and hope that the audience would like it.

At first, Ujjwal Chaurasia used to upload a few random videos along with the gaming videos but later, he abandoned this practice and started working in a professional manner.

Starting another YouTube channel-

On 20 January 2018, Ujjwal Chaurasia along with his brother started another YouTube channel by the name, Ujjwal to do live streaming of games.


Ujjwal Chaurasia continually published gaming videos on Techno Gamerz and it took him four months to acquire 1000 subscribers and during that time, he was in his 10th grade.

At that time, he wasn’t earning anything with his YouTube channel, but he persisted.

Later, Ujjwal Chaurasia’s channel was in review for a very long time and his AdSense got enabled only after he crossed 1.5 lakh subscribers.

And only then, he earned his first revenue from his YouTube channel.

Many games-

On Techno Gamerz, Ujjwal Chaurasia published videos related to many video games like Dragon Ball Z, Grand Theft Auto (GTA), etc.

Later, he also played games like Free Fire, Clash of Clans, PUBG, PUBG LITE and many PC games and published their videos.

First viral video-

In 2018, a Chinese cloud gaming application was launched, and this app allowed users to play the games of PlayStation 4 on smartphones.

During that time, Ujjwal Chaurasia published a video related to Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 on his YouTube channel and this video became viral and got more than 2.5 lakh views within a few months.

And his videos on Grand Theft Auto (GTA) also became very popular and boosted his channel.

After GTA, Ujjwal Chaurasia played battle royale games and Minecraft.

Becoming a full-time YouTuber-

Ujjwal Chaurasia studied science stream in his 12th standard.

After completing his 12th, he completely focused on his YouTube channels and became a full-time YouTuber.

In 2021, Ujjwal Chaurasia is learning programming and website and app development.

He has a website by the name, Technogamerz and his future plan is to develop an app.

His smartphones-

Ujjwal Chaurasia purchased his personal mobile phone, 10.or G only after completing his 12th grade.

He worked on YouTube with this smartphone and later, his brother gifted him an Asus ROG Phone 2.

An interesting fact-

Ujjwal Chaurasia is a fan of Gaurav Chaudhary of Technical Guruji.

Becoming successful-

Now, Ujjwal Chaurasia is a very successful YouTuber and has several millions of subscribers across his couple of YouTube channels.

He was awarded the Diamond Creator Award, Gold Play Button and Silver Play Button for his Techno Gamerz YouTube channel.

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