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Inspiring Biography of Stan Browney

Stan Browney is a popular YouTuber.

He has around 1.8 million subscribers on his YouTube channel by name, Browney.


Stan Bruininck (Stan Browney) was born on 10 October 1999 in Kwintsheul village in the Netherlands.

His father’s name is Richard Bruininck.

Stan has two siblings, a sister, Amber Bruininck and a younger brother, Jorg Bruininck (Jorg Browney).

Struggling from health issues-

As an infant, Stan developed asthma during his sixth month of being born.

And a year and half later, he developed obesity.

At 7, while in his first grade, Stan got bullied severely in school because of his obesity.

And thanks to the bullying, he used to become violent and beat other children and so, he was referred to a behavior expert and this addressed his anger issues.

Stan received poor grades in school.

He began playing football from the age of five.

Starting his YouTube channel-

Initially, Stan used to only watch music videos of Eminem and Gangnam Style on YouTube but later, one of his classmates introduced him to PewDiePie.

So, he began watching the videos of PewDiePie and later, Tobuscus.

Soon, Stan was inspired by them and also, he wanted to break the monotony of his school life so, he and his friend, Sten thought of starting their own YouTube channel.

Even though he didn’t play any games previously, on 17 May 2013, he and Sten started a gaming YouTube channel by name, EpicStean.

Later, when this channel acquired 186 subscribers, Stan renamed his channel to Browney.

As Stan was finding it difficult and time consuming to create videos with his friend, he took over the channel from him and became the sole owner of it.

Love for YouTube-

When Stan started his YouTube channel, he expected it to grow quickly to around 300,000 subscribers and dreamt of flying to cool places to make videos.

But this didn’t happen and even then, he didn’t give up.

Stan dedicated a couple of weeks of his vacation to learn editing and other things about YouTube.

He enjoyed the process of editing and filmmaking and started publishing gaming and challenge videos and short movies onto his channel.

His friends helped him in producing videos and even after working for around a year, his channel grew only to around 2,000 subscribers.

Even though Stan was making only about $10 per month and was struggling to manage both school and his YouTube channel, he didn’t quit working on YouTube.

Becoming a full-time YouTuber-

Even though his parents supported Stan working on his YouTube channel, they were insisting him to find another job because he wasn’t earning much with his channel.

Once, he thought of applying for a job at a supermarket and even got the required papers but he felt that he couldn’t work on his YouTube channel after securing the job, so, he didn’t hand in the papers for the job.

Stan decided to give himself some more time and later, a few of his videos like the Water Bottle Flip Challenge video, etc. garnered good views.

Then, on 14 November 2016, he published a video titled- 16 Year Old Incredible 1 Year Body Transformation in his holidays.

This was Stan’s first video to get millions of views and during that time, he was studying in secondary school.

At 18, he finished high school and took a gap year to become a full-time YouTuber and make his channel financially sustainable.

Stan did his schooling from ISW Hoogeland in Naaldwijk, Netherlands.

Other channels & businesses-

In addition to the Browney YouTube channel, Stan has four other YouTube channels namely, Stan Browney, Standard Gains, Standard Gains Podcast and Browney Shorts.

He along with other people have started a jewelry company by name, Forged London in London.

Stan also sells online courses like The 90-day challenge, The Bodyweight Master Program, etc.

As of March 2022, he has 175k followers on Instagram.

Attracted towards fitness-

While studying in school, thanks to his habit of overeating, Stan was obese.

His friend introduced him to calisthenics and he too started doing it and thanks to this, he became fit.

Stan also started publishing fitness, calisthenics videos and vlogs on his YouTube channel which started becoming viral.

Currently, he doesn’t have a Wikipedia page.

Personal life-

Stan is in a relationship with Sidney Hendriks.

She runs a food ordering website by name, Sweet & Savory.

Stan resides in Naaldwijk, Netherlands.

Some interesting facts about Stan-

  • Stan is an ailurophile (cat lover) and has pet cats.
  • His favourite movies are Interstellar, Central Intelligence and Inception.
  • Christopher Nolan is his favourite director.
  • Stan is a music lover and he loves many genres of music like hip hop and rap. He likes RMB music.
  • He also publishes music mixes on his YouTube and they are very popular.

So, how are you inspired by the success story of Stan Browney?

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