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Inspiring Biography of Sriram Srikanth (My Village Show)

Sriram Srikanth is a very popular Telugu YouTuber.

He has more than two million subscribers on his YouTube channel, My Village Show.


Sriram Srikanth was born on 5 August 1991 and he hails from Karimnagar, Telangana.

His father, Sriram Mondaiah works as a lecturer & NSS Program Officer at Government DIET college, Karimnagar.

Srikanth has a younger sister.


Srikanth did his schooling from Sri Saraswathi Shishu Mandir.

In 2008, he joined Jyothishmathi Institute of Technology and Science, Karimnagar to study BTech Electronics and Communication.

Srikanth graduated in 2012 and in the same year, he joined Vardhaman College of Engineering, Hyderabad to study MTech Digital Electronics & Communication Systems.

He graduated in 2014.


From May 2015, Srikanth started working as an Assistant Professor in Sree Chaitanya College of Engineering, Karimnagar.

He resigned from his job in September 2016 to work as a full-time YouTuber on his YouTube channel, My Village Show.

Love for film-making-

While in his eighth grade, Srikanth developed a passion for film-making by watching Shankar’s and Hollywood films.

He wanted to produce videos and movies but at that time he didn’t have the required gadgets to do so.

Liking his village-

Even though Srikanth grew up in Karimnagar, he loved Lambadipalli village.

He used to frequently visit this village during his school and college holidays.

Gangavva, Srikanth’s mother-in-law lives in Lambadipalli.

Starting My Village Show-

Srikanth started My Village Show YouTube channel on 3 November 2012 when he got a computer in his home.

At that time, he was studying BTech and he used to borrow smartphones from his friends to shoot videos and he used to edit his videos on his sluggish computer.

During that time, his father used to participate in development activities in the village and Srikanth used to capture them and upload them onto his YouTube channel.

Along with development activities, he used to also shoot short films with the help of his friends.

Srikanth didn’t stop working on his YouTube channel even while studying MTech and while working as an Assistant Professor.

Initially, he named his YouTube channel as Melu Kolupu and later, renamed it to My Village Show.

His motto-

Srikanth’s motto for starting My Village Show is to showcase the village culture and development activities to the world, discover talented villagers and empower his village.

In his second year of engineering, prior to starting his YouTube channel, he used to post Lambadipalli’s development photos on Facebook.


When Srikanth started in 2012, he struggled a lot for the internet.

As at that time, internet wasn’t available in Lambadipalli, he used to travel to Karimnagar to upload his videos onto YouTube.

Even in Karimnagar, it used to take Srikanth several hours to upload videos thanks to the slow BSNL 2G.

In 2017, Jio 4G was made available in Lambadipalli and thanks to this, his internet woes mostly ended.

Also, Jio made the internet available to masses all across India and thanks to this, his YouTube channel skyrocketed.

Becoming a full-time YouTuber-

After quitting his job in September 2016, a month later, Srikanth shifted to Lambadipalli to work as a full-time YouTuber.

During that time, he had just 890 subscribers on My Village Show and many people weren’t happy with him for quitting his job but he was confident enough of becoming a successful YouTuber.

In October 2016, Srikanth imposed a one-year deadline on himself that he would work hard for one year and if the results weren’t favourable, he would return to his job as an Assistant Professor.

First viral video-

The first viral video of My Village Show channel is titled- Baahubali trailer spoof ” barrebali” … video.

This video was published on 8 June 2015 and the success of this video boosted Srikanth’s confidence.

Later, he published a video titled- Village Elders react to on the set of baahubali VR experience | virtual reality and S. S. Rajamouli appreciated this video on social media.

Later on, the videos featuring Gangavva started becoming very popular and thanks to this, his YouTube channel became very successful.

In 2018, My Village Show became world famous when it won the Kiki Challenge.

First payment-

Srikanth received his first payment of ₹9000 from YouTube at the end of 2015.

Many channels-

Apart from My Village Show YouTube channel, Srikanth also runs other YouTube channels, namely-

  • My Village Show Vlogs.
  • KalliValli.

Starting small & upgrading-

Initially, Srikanth began working on his YouTube channel with a smartphone and a computer.

Later, he bought an iPad and used to shoot and edit his videos with this device.

After a few years, Srikanth upgraded to a DSLR and also purchased mikes and thanks to these, the quality of his videos greatly improved.

Now, he is employing 15 people for My Village Show channel.

Srikanth also started a Human Resource Development Centre (HRDC) in Lambadipalli to train villagers on various topics.

His future plan is to produce a film.

Apart from being a YouTuber, Srikanth is also a songwriter and technology enthusiast.

So, how are you inspired by the success story of Sriram Srikanth?

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