Max Fosh is a famous YouTuber.

He has more than 700 thousand subscribers on his YouTube channel by name, Max Fosh.

Max is also a stand-up comedian.


Maximilian Arthur Fosh (Max Fosh) was born on 3 April 1995 into an affluent family in the United Kingdom.

His father, Matthew Fosh is a former first-class cricketer and rugby player. Currently, he serves as an Executive Chairman for Optio.

Max’s mother, Helena, worked as an advertising and financial public relations executive.

His parents are divorced.

Max has an elder sister, Talitha Fosh and she is a psychotherapist.


Initially, Max studied from a primary school and then, he joined the prestigious Harrow School in London.

This school was founded in February 1572 and Winston Churchill and many other notable personalities studied here.

Here, Max was a part of the first team for cricket.

As a kid, he wanted to grow up to become a traffic warden.

After finishing his schooling, he took a gap year and worked at Wowcher as an admin and his job involved logging data.


Initially, Max wanted to study from The University of Edinburgh but as he couldn’t get an admission into it, in 2014, at the age of 19, he joined Newcastle University.

Here, he started studying Economics and Finance but after six months, as he lost interest, he quit this and started studying English Literature.

Max did the three-year English Literature BA Honours.

Attracted to radio-

At Newcastle University, Max joined different societies.

He joined the radio, theatre society and cricket club.

Radio interested Max the most and he wanted to become a radio presenter.

Initially, he did University’s Student Radio and then, moved on to the hospital radio.

Max worked for three years for Radio Tyneside, a hospital and community radio.

Here, he worked in late night shows in between 10 p.m. to 1 a.m. and won ‘Best Newcomer Award’ at the 2016 National Hospital Radio Awards.

Later, Max also got shortlisted for ‘Best Male Presenter’ at the 2018 ceremony.


After working on radio for three years, Max got a couple of demo opportunities at Heart North East in Newcastle and BBC Radio Newcastle.

Unfortunately, here, he wasn’t invited back for a second audition and this shattered his dream of becoming a radio presenter.

Then, Max decided to work on videos because he changed his mind to become a TV presenter and believed that making videos would help him in becoming a TV presenter.

Greg James, a television and radio presenter, is his idol.

Getting rejected-

During that time, Max wanted to do street interviews as a presenter at Newcastle TV, a university television society.

But as he got rejected by the television society, he decided to shoot his own videos and upload them onto the social media platforms.

Working on his YouTube channel-

So, from 18 October 2017, Max started working on his YouTube channel by name, StreetSmart (later renamed to Max Fosh) and during that time, he was in his last year of university.

During that time, he used to also upload his videos onto Facebook and used to get millions of views on Facebook and only a few views on YouTube.

Eventually, Max’s YouTube channel also caught up.

Initially, he set himself a goal of doing five interview videos within five days.

So, Max started interviewing random people outside clubs in Newcastle and as people started liking his videos, he kept on publishing videos.

After graduating from university, he started working in a bar in London and also continued publishing videos.

Max worked at the bar for five months.

His inspiration-

Max was inspired by Kassem G doing interviews on the street and this inspired him and influenced his YouTube videos.

So, he too started interviewing people on streets like him.

The confidence that Max gained while presenting on radio greatly helped him while interviewing people.

His first viral video-

Max’s first video to get viral and get a million views on YouTube is titled- The Poshest Place On Earth? | StreetSmart.

This video was published on 10 June 2019 and in this video he can be seen interviewing the partying students of Royal Agricultural University in Cirencester, England.

In 2019, Max met Zac from The Zac and Jay Show YouTube channel and worked as a cameraman for him for some time.

While working there, he broke into the London Fashion Week and this video of him became extremely viral and thanks to this, he gained many subscribers.

As of April 2022, this video has 29 million views.

Later, Max also participated in the Paris Fashion Week but here, he couldn’t become famous.

Becoming a full-time YouTuber-

Even though, initially, Max started producing videos believing that this would help him to become a TV presenter, in 2019, he realised that YouTube is more popular than TV.

So, in 2019, he decided to become a full-time YouTuber.

Also, Max didn’t want to compete for a position in a TV show with hundreds of people when he could easily produce videos on his YouTube channel.

As of April 2022, he has 798K subscribers on his YouTube channel and has 107k followers on Instagram.

Max also has a website.

London mayoral election-

In 2021, Max contested as an independent candidate in the London mayoral election.

His aim was to attract young people (as he has a huge young audience) to vote in elections.

Max came 19th out of 20 and received 1.2% of the votes.

An interesting fact- Niko Omilana, another popular YouTuber also contested in the 2021 London mayoral election.

A stand-up comedian-

Since a young age, Max has been loving stand-up comedy.

On 20 December 2019, he did his first gig of stand-up comedy at Dalston Open Mic Night and since then, he performed in many shows.

In 2021, Max did a stand up show tour by name, Zocial Butterfly.

He adores Bo Burnham, a famous comedian.

Max also loves singing and joined a choir.

Personal life-

Max is married and has a wife.

He lives in London.

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