Joe Robinet is a popular outdoorsman and YouTuber.

He has more than 1.5 million subscribers on his YouTube channel by name, Joe Robinet.


Joe Robinet was born on 22 June 1984 in Canada.

He grew up in Windsor city, Canada.

Joe was raised by his single mother.

His mother took him on car camping a few times and he enjoyed this.

Joe has a brother and a sister.

Love for outdoors-

As Joe grew up in Windsor city without any wilderness around, he didn’t have knowledge of the outdoors.

Later, he watched The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams film and similar shows on television and thanks to these, he fell in love with nature and outdoors.

At 15, Joe started watching Survivorman and Ray Mears TV shows and started reading survival books and all these attracted him towards the outdoors.

He was particularly inspired by Les Stroud and Ray Mears.

And Joe started camping while in high school.

During that time, he used to build shelters, track animals and used to try to hunt rabbits with a fake bow and arrow.


Joe studied Park Operations from Sault College in Sault Ste. Marie, Canada.

Here, he learnt tree identification, animal tracking, survival skills and orientation and he also learnt building quinzhee (a Canadian snow shelter).


After graduating from high school, Joe worked in a variety of jobs.

Initially, he worked at a few retail stores, then, he worked at Tim Horton’s Canadian Tire and then, he managed a couple of pet stores.

Then, Joe started working at Great Lakes Institute for Environmental Research, University of Windsor.

Here, he worked in the biology department laboratory for five years.

Entering YouTube & finding his mentor-

Joe joined the Bushcraft USA Forum and in this forum, he was impressed by Terry Barney and Terry was offering free online bushcraft courses.

In order to impress Terry and get his courses, he decided to start his YouTube channel and showcase his skills.

So, on 13 September 2007, Joe started his YouTube channel by name, Joe Robinet and started publishing videos onto it.

During that time, there wasn’t a monetization option on YouTube and he used to publish videos only for his pleasure and as a response to challenges in the forum.

On the Bushcraft USA Forum, Joe found many like-minded individuals and he used to interact, attend classes and camp with them.

Eventually, he attended the courses of Terry and chose him as his mentor.

Joe also camped with him many times.

His first solo camping-

After camping in groups many times, Joe did his first solo camping.

He camped in a farm bush near Windsor with his dog, Scout.

During this trip, Joe cooked up a snake and ate it along with Scout and both of them stayed overnight in the camp.

Later, he recreated this trip many times and they became very popular on YouTube.

Working seriously on his channel-

Once, Joe took a six month break from his YouTube channel and didn’t publish any videos in that period.

After six months, he observed that some new YouTubers have surpassed him and this ignited the fire in him and he started working on his channel with full vigour.

During that time, Joe set up a goal to surpass The MCQBushcraft Archive YouTube channel.

Initially, he used to use a Nikon D50 camera but later upgraded to Nikon Z6 and Canon 80D cameras.

Becoming popular-

One of his videos of him overnighting bushcraft with his dog got shared on the front page of Reddit and instantly became viral.

This was Joe’s first video to become viral and this made him very popular.

Becoming a full-time YouTuber-

As Joe continued working consistently and effortfully, eventually, many of his videos started getting good views.

And he was earning twice with his YouTube channel than that with his university job.

So, Joe quit his job and became a full-time YouTuber and never looked back.

Becoming successful-

In 2017, his YouTube channel grew exponentially.

As of May 2022, Joe has 1.54M subscribers on his YouTube channel and 148k followers on Instagram.

As he became a successful YouTuber, he was able to purchase two houses and his wife was able to quit her job.

His favourite channels-

Joe’s favourite YouTube channels are Scrambled O, Coyote Works, Primal Outdoors – Camping and Overlanding, Survival Lilly and Kent Survival.

His book-

On 27 June 2019, Joe published a book titled- Scout Goes Camping.

In 2015, he appeared on Alone, an adventure reality show.

Later Joe filmed a television show for National Geographic.

Personal life-

Joe married Wilhemina and they have two daughters, Emerald and Autumn Robinet.

He met Wilhemina in grade 12 and at that time, she was a grade older than him.

Some interesting facts about Joe Robinet-

  • Joe wanted to grow up to become a herpetologist and so he had many pets like boas, chameleons, frogs, cats, rats, turtles, etc.
  • He also loves canoeing and fishing.
  • Initially, apart from camping, Joe was also into skateboarding, rollerblading and mountain biking but only camping stood the test of time.

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