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Inspiring Biography of Raina Huang

Raina Huang is a competitive eater, and a popular YouTuber.

She has more than 780K subscribers on her eponymous YouTube channel.


Raina Huang was born on 20 October 1994 in Quanzhou, Fujian, China.

Later, she along with her family moved from China to the United States.

Raina’s brother, Brandon Brady, works at Golden Guardians.

She studied Business Studies at Mt. San Antonio College in Walnut, California.

BornRaina Huang; 20 October 1994, Quanzhou, Fujian, China
BrotherBrandon Brady
EducationBusiness Studies
OccupationVideo creator, competitive eater
YouTube channels‘Raina Huang’ and ‘RainaisCrazy’
Years active on YouTube2010-present
GenreCompetitive eating
Subscribers785K on ‘Raina Huang,’ and 555K on ‘RainaisCrazy’
Net worthUndisclosed
PartnerJun Chai
Raina Huang information

Weight issues, helped by video games-

From a young age, Raina’s parents encouraged her to overeat greasy Chinese foods without any portion control and her parents were unaware of the healthy food options.

And thanks to this, she became overweight and was bullied a lot in her high school for being fat.

While in her sophomore year of high school, her father went to China for a week.

So, he wasn’t available to overfeed Raina and during that time, as she was very interested in playing video games, she played video games for a full week by neglecting eating food.

During that time, she used to weigh around 200 pounds but thanks to that week of playing video games, she lost 10 pounds.

Thanks to this weight loss, Raina not only started feeling better but also her self-esteem improved and so, decided to lose all her excessive weight.

So, she quit overeating and began exercising and over the summer, lost around 70 pounds and decided to maintain a healthy weight.

At that time, Raina also got interested in nutrition and started researching it and started choosing healthy foods over unhealthy ones.

Love for cooking-

Thanks to her love for cooking, Raina started cooking herself healthy meals in her sophomore year of high school and this also aided in her weight loss.

Also, while studying in high school, she was into culinary arts and used to teach culinary arts.

Raina used to host the culinary arts club and used to cook lots of food to feed people.


From December 2012 to March 2017, Raina worked as a waitress and barista at Ten Ren’s Tea Time in Rowland Heights, California.

From December 2016 to May 2018, she worked as a Teppan Chef at Benihana in the City of Industry, California.

Raina was the first female chef at Benihana in Puente Hills.

She used to also prepare thousands of pre-made meal boxes for professional video gamers single-handedly.

Raina was also a model, singer, photographer and designer.

First ever food challenge-

Once while working at Benihana, Raina’s colleagues expressed amazement over her ability to eat a lot of food and they informed her about a food challenge being conducted in a restaurant and encouraged her to give it a try.

As she had never previously heard about food challenges, she was completely awestruck on learning that through food challenges restaurants pay people to eat a lot of food and as she was a food lover herself, she got fascinated by food challenges.

In her first ever food challenge, Raina ate a 4-pound burrito within six minutes and recorded this and posted it onto her YouTube channel.

After a couple of failures, she won this challenge.

Eventually, this video exploded, and this encouraged Raina to participate in more food challenges and post it onto her channel.

YouTube channel-

Raina started her eponymous YouTube channel on 27 February 2010.

On 28 February 2010, she published her first video, ‘How to Make a Cheese Omlette’.

Initially, as she was into cooking, Raina started posting cooking videos and this followed by video games videos.

She became skillful at playing League of Legends and used to also live stream on Twitch.

From a young age, she wanted to grow up to be a part of the entertainment industry and become famous and later, believed that YouTube could make her famous and thus continued working on her YouTube channel.

She also published a few acting and singing videos on her channel.

After a while, thanks to Raina’s proficiency in gaming, a few male gamers started growing envious of her and started discriminating against her and this caused her to stop gaming.

Winning food challenges-

After the success of her food challenge video, Raina decided to publish more of them.

So, she started going to local restaurants and started participating in more food challenges.

Apart from her YouTube channel, Raina also started focusing on Instagram.

Her eating videos started becoming popular because unlike many girls, she was actually winning food challenges.

Initially, Raina used to find the food challenge spots in restaurants by searching on the internet and reading reviews on Yelp and later, as she started working on YouTube, she started finding spots through networking.

She also proposes herself to the restaurants and offers to make a video on their offerings and offers free advertising through her videos.

Even when the food challenges aren’t available, occasionally the restaurants devise a challenge exclusively for Raina.

Quitting her job & becoming a full-time YouTuber-

Initially, Raina used to participate in food challenges while working alongside her full-time job at Benihana.

Initially, as she wasn’t able to win in all food challenges, she was made to pay for her food and working in a job allowed her to pay for the expensive failed food challenges.

But Raina found it difficult to focus on her YouTube channel while working in a full-time job as at that time, she used to participate in food challenges in the mornings and after returning from work, she used to stay up in the nights to edit her videos.

As she wanted to completely focus on growing her YouTube channel, she quit her job at Benihana in May 2018 and during that time, she had 30K subscribers on her YouTube channel.

A successful YouTuber-

As of February 2024, she has 785K subscribers on her eponymous YouTube channel, 468K followers on Instagram, and 1.1M followers on her Facebook page.

Raina earns from a variety of sources, advertisements and Membership on her YouTube channel, sponsorships, selling merchandise, affiliate marketing and accepts donations on Patreon.

She hasn’t revealed her net worth.

She got featured in the Honolulu Star-Advertiser, World Journal (a Chinese newspaper) and Times-News.

On 6 March 2018, Raina started her second YouTube channel, ‘RainaisCrazy’ and as of February 2024, has 555K subscribers on it.

She has a website.

Currently, Raina doesn’t have a Wikipedia page.

A globetrotter-

Raina travelled to Japan, Taiwan and Spain to participate in food competitions.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, as she couldn’t travel to other countries, she travelled through the United States to participate in food challenges.

Raina travelled to New York, Midwestern United States, Idaho, Utah, Florida, Las Vegas, Texas, Arizona, Hawaii, West Coast and California to participate in food competitions.

Later, she travelled to Korea and Singapore and participated in food competitions there.

Staying in shape despite competitive eating-

On the days in which Raina isn’t competing, she consumes a healthy diet of chicken, broccoli and other simple foods.

Also, every day, she does a 5K run and walks for a couple of hours.

As Raina is a nature lover, she loves hiking.

She also does intermittent fasting and works out to manage her weight.

Water training-

At least three months before the eating contests, Raina does water training.

As a part of the water training, she drinks a gallon of water within five minutes.

This stretches her stomach and even when the water has been passed, the stomach remains stretched, and this helps Raina to fill more food in her stomach.

Sometimes, she also takes fibre pills or digestive enzymes to better digest the food.

Even after taking all these steps, Raina occasionally gets sick after eating.

She believes that being overweight in her earlier years has stretched her stomach and this also helps her in competitive eating.

Personal life-

Initially, Raina was in a relationship with a Japanese boyfriend and then with Mitch.

In one of her YouTube videos of May 2019, she revealed that she is in a relationship with Jun Chai.

He hails from Beijing, China and works at New-Indy Containerboard Llc in California.

Raina is tall at 5’7″ and lives in Walnut, California.

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