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Hannah Lee

Hannah Lee Duggan is a popular YouTuber.

She has more than 1M subscribers on her YouTube channel, ‘hannahleeduggan.’


Hannah Lee Duggan was born on 14 April 1994 in Minnesota, United States.

She grew up in Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States.

Her mother was a traveller.

Hannah has a biological sister, Molly, and a couple of adopted siblings, Luna and Mathis.


Hannah did her schooling from Saint Paul Conservatory for Performing Artists art school in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

And in 2014, she joined University of Minnesota to study English Language and Literature, General.

Love for travelling-

Hannah has been an extroverted introvert and initially, she preferred keeping to herself and reading books.

But later, she developed a passion for travelling.

From the time Hannah received her driver’s license, she started travelling in her car and camping in it and she also started hiking.

She liked the freedom of car camping and thanks to this, she fell in love with car camping.

And at that time, Hannah dreamt of living full-time in her car.


Since 15, Hannah started doing several part-time odd jobs and has always been a hard worker.

She also worked in the retail of Mandy and she also did catering and several Craigslist jobs.

One of her Craigslist jobs involved working as a mascot in parades, baseball fields and other events.

Then, in the summer Hannah worked for her friend’s father’s company assembling computer cables and here she learnt about electricity, wiring and soldering and this later greatly helped her in building her van.

Working as a stewardess-

At 18, in 2012, after completing her high school, Hannah secured the job of a stewardess in a cruise ship on the East Coast of the United States and worked here for three months.

She also worked at a zoo catering and she also did a job of weeding lakes.

While studying at the University of Minnesota, Hannah used to find volunteer jobs for research studies through bulletin boards.

Once while living in Oakland as she was very broke, she donated her bone marrow for science.

And since Hannah was 19, she has been donating her eggs and she worked with Northeast Assisted Fertility Group.

She also worked as a model at Agency Models and Talent in Minneapolis and in 2017, she travelled to Hong Kong on a modelling contract.

Hannah also did background acting (she acted in Grey’s Anatomy).

Travelling Europe & living in Hong Kong-

After living in Oakland, Hannah moved to Los Angeles and then, she travelled Europe and lived in European hostels for a while.

This trip gave her the much-needed confidence to later live in a cabin in the woods and also taught her to live frugally.

In Europe, Hannah travelled to Paris, Rome, Venice and Zurich and after this trip, she enrolled to study at the University of Minnesota.

While studying at university, she travelled to Hawaii, road tripped from New York to Los Angeles and travelled to Costa Rica, Colombia, Ireland and London.

Hannah also lived in Hong Kong and also travelled to Costa Rica, Corfu, Sri Lanka, Egypt, Turkey and Ecuador.

Living in a van & in woods-

On April 26, 2018, Hannah bought a used Ford Econoline E250 van for $2500 and built it with the help of her father and sister and she started living and camping in it.

She named her van Walter.

While living in a van, Hannah used to earn by selling items through Depop.

Then, in September 2020, she purchased 15 acres of land with a couple of rustic cabins and started living there.

Hannah has been doing a lot of cabin projects.


On 13 December 2009, Hannah started her YouTube channel, ‘hannahleeduggan’ but started publishing videos on it only from August 2018.

In 2020, she became a full-time YouTuber.

On this channel, Hannah has been publishing videos regarding her van life, travels and living in her cabins in the woods.

As of December 2023, she has 1.02M subscribers on her YouTube channel, 480K followers on Instagram and 353K followers on her Facebook page.

Hannah has a blog.

Starting small-

Initially, Hannah started shooting videos with her iPhone 8 and she used iMovie for editing videos.

After reaching 25,000 subscribers she started using Final Cut Pro to edit her videos.

Later, Hannah upgraded to an iPhone 11 Pro and later to an iPhone 12 Pro and she uses a Sony RX100 VII camera.

Apart from advertisements on her YouTube channel, she also earns by sponsorships, merchandise, Instagram posts, Instagram stories, etc.

Personal life-

Hannah was in a relationship with Mavrik Joos.

Much like her, Mav is also a famous YouTuber.

Then, Hannah has been in a relationship with Matt.

Some interesting facts about Hannah-

  • Bloody Jack‘ is her all-time favourite novel series.
  • Even though Hannah is a dog person, she raises a mouse.
  • She is Aries.
  • Spaghetti, wonton and falafel Wraps are her favourite dishes. Hannah loves Ethiopian food.

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