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Inspiring Biography of Mavrik Joos (Mav)

Mavrik Joos is a camper, outdoorsman, and a popular YouTuber.

He has more than 2.4M subscribers on his YouTube channel, ‘Mav.’


Mavrik Joos was born on 16 December 1995.

He hails from Wayzata, Minnesota, United States.

Mavrik’s mother, Sherryl Osborne Joos, works as an ocular surface account executive at Johnson & Johnson.

She also has a YouTube channel, ‘Sherryl J.’

His father’s name is Greg.


Mavrik did his schooling from Wayzata High School.

He finished his schooling in 2014.

Then, in 2014, Mavrik joined University of Minnesota Duluth to study for a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing.

He graduated in 2018.


In 2012, Mavrik worked as a content provider for Spinmaster LLC for a couple of months.

Then in 2013, he worked as a videographer for James Netz Photography.

In 2014, Mavrik worked in the sales department of Muskie Innovations and later, worked as a Graphic Design Intern at Priority Envelope.

Then, from July 2014 to August 2015, he worked as a Crew Supervisor and Lawn Crew Member at Breiwick Companies, Inc.

In November 2014, Mavrik founded MavrikJ Sales and he worked on it until August 2015.

Then, he worked in the Web Design and Media Relations department of Thorne Bros.

From April 2018 to February 2019, Mavrik worked as a manager at AP Media.

In September 2018, he co-founded Frostbite Custom Co. and worked here until April 2019.

And from February 2019, Mavrik is working on his YouTube channel by the name, Mav.

Inspiration to become a YouTuber-

At 12, Mavrik watched the Rob & Big reality TV show and some YouTube channels and realised that people could make a living by following their passions.

And at that moment, he got inspired to start his own YouTube channel.

His first YouTube channel-

On 23 March 2007, Mavrik started his first YouTube channel, ‘mavicc jooos‘ and started publishing fingerboarding and skateboarding videos on it.

During that time, he picked up the hobby of fingerboarding and learnt video editing and fell in love with video production and YouTube.

In June 2017, he stopped working on this channel as he started focusing on his second YouTube channel, ‘Mav.’

Discovering his passion for living in a truck-

While studying in college, Mavrik was in a long-distance relationship but unfortunately, he got cheated on and so, he broke up.

He decided to go on a vacation to overcome grief.

At that time, with his savings of $500, Mavrik along with his roommate Nate flew to Sausalito, California for a vacation on a budget.

Here, he met Nate’s friend Nick and all of them lived in a sailboat parked in a harbour for a couple of weeks and he was impressed by this lifestyle.

Later, on this trip, Mavrik met Cole who was living in a truck on State Route 89 and while riding on the back of this truck, he was inspired to transform a truck and live in it.

He was very much inspired with the idea of living in a truck.

Living in a truck-

Even though Mavrik was very inspired to live in a truck, he didn’t have enough money for doing so, and so, he couldn’t realise this dream.

So, he got better at savings and started saving money to purchase a truck.

After graduating from university, Mavrik started working and saved up $7000.

Later, he purchased a 2011 Ford FX4 SUV for $20,000 and decided to document his journey on his Mav YouTube channel.

Mavrik paid for the rest of his truck with his YouTube earnings and the money that his grandfather left for him.

Working seriously on his channel-

After purchasing the truck, Mavrik started living on the road and started seriously working on his YouTube channel.

His dream at that time was to grow his YouTube channel to the point where it could sustain his lifestyle.

With the money that Mavrik had saved up from working in his previous job, he was confident that he could sustain his YouTube channel for four months.

He started travelling, fishing and camping and started publishing these videos on his channel.

Mavrik started living frugally and invested almost all of his money in purchasing the required gears needed for the videos and his YouTube channel.

He invested in purchasing cooking supplies and fishing equipment as he planned to shoot cooking and fishing videos.

Mavrik also invested in purchasing a drone and GoPro cameras.

After four months, his YouTube earnings started paying for his truck payment, student loan and all his expenses.

Eventually, Mavrik started making a decent income with his channel.

A successful YouTuber-

As of November 2023, he has 2.44M subscribers on his ‘Mav’ YouTube channel and 157K followers on Instagram.

He earns from a variety of sources like advertisements on his YouTube videos, merchandise, and affiliate marketing.

Mavrik’s first video to cross a million views and become viral is titled ‘Cooking Gourmet Ramen Out of My Truck (Camping Meal),’ published on 11 April 2019.

Mavrik uses a GoPro HERO10 to film his videos.

He hasn’t revealed his net worth.

Currently, Mavrik doesn’t have a Wikipedia page.

An introverted extrovert-

Mavrik is an introverted extrovert.

Even though he enjoys random spurts of extroversion and enjoys hanging out with people, he needs solitude to recharge his batteries and truck camping perfectly aids him in that.

Apart from truck camping, Mavrik also loves fishing, camping in the woods and playing video games on a couch.

He feels overwhelmed to be around people, running his business and dealing with responsibilities and so, he relaxes himself by truck camping and producing videos.

Camping in Beetle & HiAce-

Apart from his Ford SUV, Mavrik also occasionally camps in his Volkswagen Beetle and his 1992 HiAce.

In 2021, he also purchased a house and uses this house to relax after his long trips in the truck.

Personal life-

Mavrik was in a relationship with Hannah Lee, a popular YouTuber.

He is good friends with Steve Wallis, a popular camping YouTuber with more than 1.4M subscribers.

So, how are you inspired by the success story of Mavrik Joos?

Share with me in the comment section below.

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Friday 12th of April 2024

This seems pretty spot on. Idk why you had to include his irrelevant past dating life tho, it takes away from the story.

Naveen Reddy

Friday 12th of April 2024

Hi Whitley, thanks for your compliment. I wrote about his past dating life as many readers wanted to know about it.

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Thursday 8th of September 2022

Well written Naveen! It seems you did huge research and even convinced Mav to cooperate...amazing!

Naveen Reddy

Thursday 8th of September 2022

Thanks a lot, Asaf for your appreciation.