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Derek is a fitness freak, entrepreneur, and a popular YouTuber.

He has more than 1.9M subscribers on his YouTube channel, ‘More Plates More Dates.’


Derek was born in 1992 and hails from Canada.

He was very skinny in his high school years and loved playing basketball.

From his 11th grade onwards, Derek started focusing on fitness and developing great physique.

Initially, he didn’t like working out but his friends persuaded him to do so and soon, after seeing positive results, he developed a passion for fitness.

At 18, Derek graduated from high school with good grades.

Born  Derek; 1992, hails from Canada
EducationBachelor of Business Administration
OccupationEntrepreneur (runs Marek Health, Gorilla Mind), YouTuber
YouTube channels‘More Plates More Dates,’ ‘Marek Health,’ ‘Gorilla Mind’ and ‘MPMD Podcast Clips’
Years active on YouTube2016-present
GenreFitness, health (More Plates More Dates)
Subscribers1.94M on ‘More Plates More Dates’
PartnerGirlfriend (name not disclosed)
Derek information

Good Looking Loser’-

While studying in a university, one of his friends introduced Derek to a 2011 cold approach YouTube video of Chris Deoudes.

He was very impressed by his video, so he started checking out his YouTube channel, but he found that he published the majority of his elaborate content on his blog by name, Good Looking Loser.

This blog also had a forum which allowed people to write their opinions.

As the content of Good Looking Loser blog resonated with Derek, he became an avid reader of it and also started actively contributing to its forum and also started watching Chris’s YouTube videos.


Derek studied a Bachelor of Business Administration from a university.

As he was good with numbers and finance, he wanted to become a forensic accountant but later he changed his plans and started focusing on fitness and businesses.

Derek isn’t a doctor; but since a young age, he has been interested in fitness, biology, pharmacology, endocrinology, etc. and has been an avid online researcher.

Starting his blog-

Derek was impressed by how Chris took his blogging business from zero to multi-million dollars within a few years.

So, he too started his own blog by name, More Plates More Dates in 2016.

During that time, Derek was in his 20s and he was also working as a lifeguard and a bouncer and wasn’t rich.

Once while working as a bouncer, a man punched on his head and as he fell on his leg, it hyperextended and swelled.

A surgery was performed on Derek to drain the fluid from his leg.

As he was taking rest in order for his leg to recover, he couldn’t work as a bouncer and so, he was left with ample time to blog.

Derek’s blog mainly focuses on self-improvement and health.

Starting his YouTube channel-

On 6 March 2016, Derek started his YouTube channel, ‘More Plates More Dates.’

Fortunately, within three months, he succeeded with his online businesses (blog and YouTube channel).

Chris and other people motivated Derek to diversify from solely blogging to also YouTubing.

Later, he shifted his focus from blogging to YouTubing because he felt that YouTubing is more time efficient than blogging and now, his main focus is his YouTube channel.

Derek employs a team for his YouTube channel.

As of January 2024, he has 1.94M subscribers on ‘More Plates More Dates’ channel, 908K followers on Instagram, 52K followers on ‘More Plates More Dates’ Facebook page, and 95.2K followers on X (Twitter).

On 16 October 2018, Derek started his second YouTube channel, MPMD Podcast Clips; currently, he isn’t active on this channel.

Working for Chris & other businesses-

Chris was starting his supplement company by name, Red Supplements and as he knew Derek from the Good Looking Loser forum, he hired him to work as a customer service representative and a formulator.

He also blogged for the company and thanks to this job, he was earning enough income so, he quit working as a bouncer.

After working for around nine months, in 2016, Derek bought a part of the Gorilla Mind, a supplements company from Chris.

Apart from this, he also runs Marek Health, a telehealth platform and Intelligent Shop.

Derek has many employees for operating his businesses.

Personal life-

Derek has been in a relationship.

He hasn’t disclosed much about it except that his girlfriend is a physicist.

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