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Thomas Frank

Thomas Frank is a popular content creator.

He has more than two million subscribers on his YouTube channel by name, Thomas Frank.

Apart from being a YouTuber, Thomas is also an author, musician and a podcaster.


Thomas Frank was born on 4 June 1990.

He hails from Denver, Colorado, United States.

Thomas has a brother; Brian Frank and he is a musician.

His dream-

As a child, Thomas was inspired by the Tank character in The Matrix movie.

He too wanted to operate multiple monitors similar to Tank and so, he wanted to secure a job in information technology (IT) after growing up.

Developing websites-

At 12, Thomas developed a fan website for his favourite band, Zao by using Yahoo! GeoCities.

But he wasn’t happy with the appearance of the website and he couldn’t find many customization options in GeoCities, so he decided to learn coding in order to code his own websites.

So, Thomas started reading blogs like Webmonkey, etc. and learned HTML, CSS and other programming languages and started building websites.

In his junior year of high school, he joined a club by name, Business Professionals of America and participated in HTML coding and web design competitions.

Thomas also took part in a business plan competition and this developed his passion for entrepreneurship.

During that time, he also ran for the State Office and got elected as the state treasurer.

From April 2005 to April 2009, Thomas worked as a Field Supervisor for Borst Detasseling.

Becoming an entrepreneur-

In 2009, in his junior year of high school, Thomas met a friend who knew coding.

And both of them started Radiant Web Design and started building websites for clients.

Working & studying at Iowa State University-

In July 2009, Thomas joined Iowa State University (ISU) to work as a Help Desk Analyst and then, he also worked as a Cyclone Aide and Web Developer there.

Also, from 2009, he started studying for a Bachelor of Science in Management Information Systems at ISU.

In 2009, Thomas also worked as a tutor at Des Moines Area Community College.

He graduated in 2013 with a GPA of 3.46 (out of 4).


While working at the ISU, Thomas was offered an internship by the Principal Financial Group.

Here, he started working in the network department.

Even though the job was good, Thomas was not okay with working all day in a cubicle, instead he wanted to be on the move.

Also, while working here, he realised that his passion lies in creating things and not maintaining things like he was doing in his job.

So, after working for three months, Thomas quit to focus on his blog, College Info Geek.

College Info Geek-

While studying in Iowa State University, Thomas was an avid reader of blogs like Lifehacker, etc.

Around the end of his freshman year, he applied for the position of a writer for a blog but he got rejected.

As Thomas had already written a blog post as a part of the job application and didn’t want to waste it, he started his blog by name, College Info Geek in June 2010 and published that post onto his blog.

First viral blog post-

His first blog post to go viral is titled- How To Build A Hanging Desk In 15 Minutes and it got featured on many blogs like HackCollege, Lifehacker, etc.

Soon, Thomas realised his passion for writing and expressing his creativity through writing and started seriously working on his blog.

Eventually, this blog became very successful.

Also, Thomas has another website by his name.

Currently, he isn’t blogging on College Info Geek and has delegated blogging to others.

His podcast & YouTube channel-

In 2013, Thomas started his podcast by name, The College Info Geek Podcast.

Later, he quit The College Info Geek Podcast to start another podcast by name, The Inforium.

In 2014, Thomas started following the YouTubers like Caddicarus, Satchell Drakes, etc.

He was inspired by their editing and animation skills and video production and so, he too started working on his YouTube channel by name, Thomas Frank.

First viral video-

Thomas’s 8th video titled- “I Don’t Feel Like It” is a Mindset for Amateurs – College Info Geek, got shared on Reddit and became viral and this is the first viral video of his channel and this inspired him to continue working on YouTube.

As he started getting good response for his videos and as he found that his passion lay in video production, he has been continuously working on his YouTube channel.

Thomas uses a Canon C500 camera and Schoeps CMC641 microphone system.

His book, other YouTube channels & courses-

On 5 January 2015, Thomas published a book titled- 10 Steps to Earning Awesome Grades (While Studying Less).

And apart from his main YouTube channel, he also has other YouTube channels namely, Thomas Frank Music, Thomas Frank Explains and The Inforium.

Thomas also offers many courses namely, Notion Fundamentals, How to Build Habits That Last, Productivity for Creatives, Create a Custom Productivity System and Notion for Creators.

As of April 2022, he has more than 100 thousand followers on Instagram.

Some interesting facts about Thomas Frank-

  • Thomas loves playing guitar and learning game development.
  • His favourite book is The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.
  • While growing up, his father inspired him to be fit by forcing him to work out and lift weights. Thomas is also a cyclist.
  • He is a polyglot as he knows English, Japanese and Spanish.
  • Linus Sebastian of Linus Tech Tips is Thomas’s favourite YouTuber.

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