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Inspiring Biography of Sofie Dossi

Sofie Dossi is a popular contortionist, hand balancer, and aerialist.

She is also a popular YouTuber and has more than 6 million subscribers on her eponymous YouTube channel.


Sofie Dossi was born on 21 June 2001.

She hails from Cypress, California, United States.

Her father, Mike Dossi has Italian roots and her mother, Abir Dossi has Arabic roots.

Sofie has an elder brother, Zak Dossi and he too is a YouTuber and runs a channel by his name. He is also a musician.

Being flexible-

Since a young age, Sofie has been very flexible.

As a kid, she used to watch television with her feet over her head and even before she started practising contortion, she was more flexible than an average gymnast.

Becoming a contortionist-

Once, Sofie saw a video of a contortionist performing in Cirque du Soleil on YouTube and was impressed by it and realised that she too could perform like that contortionist.

So, at 12, she started practising to become a contortionist.

Prior to this, Sofie was getting trained in gymnastics and dance but after watching the video of Cirque du Soleil, she started focusing on contortion.

Knowing gymnastics and dance greatly helped her in learning contortion.


Sofie is a completely self-taught contortionist.

She is a highly skilled contortionist and has invented many new moves on her own.

Sofie can fold her body in unbelievable ways, can spin from a hoop suspended in air and can shoot arrows with her toes and precisely hit the mark.

Helpful parents-

Sofie’s parents played a major role in helping her to become a successful contortionist.

As she used to travel intensely, her mother used to home school her.

And Sofie’s father builds the required equipment for her to practise contortion and accompanies her to performances and helps her as a stagehand.

In 2016, Sofie performed in the America’s Got Talent TV show and stunned everyone with her performance and thanks to this, she not only became a finalist but also received a Golden Buzzer from one of the judges, Reba McEntire.

This made her hugely popular.

Later, Sofie also got featured on Nightline, ESPN and Sports Center, thrice on The Ellen Show, etc.

In 2017, Sports Illustrated magazine presented her the title of “Halftime Performer of the Year”.

Sofie also performed in the premiere show of the America’s Got Talent: The Champions in 2019 and has also been featured on billboards.

Her YouTube channel-

Since 2016, Sofie has been working on her YouTube channel by name, Sofie Dossi.

Initially, her brother, Zak used to help her film and edit her videos but now as she has a videographer, Zak focuses on video editing.

On YouTube, Sofie collaborated with many famous personalities like Logan Paul, David Dobrik, Brent Rivera, etc.

A successful YouTuber-

As of April 2022, Sofie has more than 6 million subscribers on her YouTube channel, Sofie Dossi.

In 2017, 2018 and 2019, she was nominated for Streamy Awards.

Sofie’s collaboration with Miranda Sings won her a nomination in 2018 and in 2019, her collaboration with Matt Steffanina won her a nomination for the Streamy Award.

She also released many music videos like Anne-Marie – 2002, Marshmello & Anne-Marie – FRIENDS, etc. and all of them became viral.

Other YouTube channels-

Apart from Sofie Dossi, she has three other YouTube channels namely, Sofie Dossi Music, Sofie Dossi Shorts and Kiss And Tell with Sofie Dossi.

Also, as of April 2022, Sofie has more than 4 million followers on Instagram and more than 400 thousand followers on her Facebook page.

She also has a website and she sells her merchandise through this.

Sofie also conducts contortion classes.

An actress-

Sofie played a lead character in Brat TV and Boss Cheer TV series.

She also appeared in the Bizaardvark comedy TV show and K.C. Undercover sitcom.

Reason for her flexibility-

Physics Girl in one of her videos explained in detail about Sofie’s flexibility.

Physics Girl opined that; Sofie might have a high ratio of Type III collagen and elastin in her spine.           

And both of these are very stretchy and thanks to this, she is hyperflexible.

Sofie in one of her videos said that she visited a chiropractor who observed that her spine is perfectly straight.

She has a Wikipedia page.

Personal life-

Sofie is in a relationship with Dom Brack.

He is also a YouTuber and has a YouTube channel by name, Dominic Brack.

She lives near Los Angeles, California.

Some interesting facts about Sofie Dossi-

  • Sofie doesn’t eat at least three hours before performing contortion.
  • She is short at 5’1″.

So, how are you inspired by the success story of Sofie Dossi?

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