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Tanner Fox

Tanner Fox is a popular YouTuber.

He has more than ten million subscribers on his YouTube channel by his name.

Tanner is also a popular scooter rider.


Tanner Fox was born on 22 December 1999.

He grew up in Ocean Beach, California.

His mother’s name is Rhonda and his father’s name is Billy.

Tanner has an elder sister, Lindsey.


Initially, Tanner grew up in a small house in Ocean Beach.

At four, he and his family moved to a spacious house in Point Loma, San Diego, California.

The backyard of this house had a skate ramp and thanks to this, Tanner learned skateboarding.

Vlogging since childhood-

His father had a camcorder and he used to record Tanner and his sister with it.

Later, he started borrowing his father’s camcorder and started recording skits,  vlogs, etc.

So, Tanner began vlogging at a young age but these early vlogs aren’t available on YouTube.


At 5, Tanner received a scooter as his Christmas gift.

He loved the scooter and he, his sister and his friends used to jump up curbs and ride ramps with the scooters.

But a year later, Tanner and his sister left their scooters outside and they got stolen.

But this couldn’t stop him from scootering.

Difficult phase-

While Tanner was in his third grade, his parents got divorced.

During that time, he was nine and his sister was eleven and he was very disturbed by seeing his parents getting separated.

His parents moved to live in different residences and Tanner used to switch between his mother’s and father’s residences so as to live with them.

He was an angry pre-teen and used to fight with his parents and scootering was his only outlet.

Passion for scootering-

Tanner used to spend long hours scootering at the Claremont Skatepark.

He used to even ride from his home to the skatepark on his scooter.

Apart from scootering, Tanner was also interested in gymnastics.

He learnt many scootering flips and tricks by watching YouTube videos.

Tanner was very much attached to his grandfather and he was very supportive to him and he used to drive him to the Claremont Skatepark.

Initially, he didn’t know that scootering was a sport but later, he accidentally met some scooter riders of the SD5 Scooter Contest and realised that scootering was also a sport and then, he started taking scootering seriously.

Getting sponsored-

Dakota Schuetz has been Tanner’s scootering idol and he introduced him to Korey Kier, the then Team Manager of the Lucky Scooters.

Korey Kier helped him to get sponsored by Lucky Scooters, a leading professional scooter company and this was his first sponsorship and he was 12 at the time.

During that time, Tanner improved a lot at scootering and started competing in many competitions.

Starting a YouTube channel-

On 4 September 2011, Tanner started his YouTube channel by the name, Tanner Fox.

He wanted to purchase a Canon EOS Rebel T3i camera and a fisheye lens for shooting videos.

As Tanner didn’t have enough money, he sold all his possessions like iPods, iPads and an old Mac and also did a few odd jobs like walking his neighbour’s dogs and working in a yard and finally bought his dream camera.

Then, he along with his friends started filming scooters and uploading them onto his YouTube channel.

Getting kicked out of school-

Until his fifth grade, Tanner studied from a public school and in his fifth grade, he joined a private school by the name, the Sacred Heart Parish School in Coronado, San Diego.

While in his fifth and sixth grades, he was very mischievous and used to frequently get summoned by the principal.

In his sixth grade, Tanner was shooting a video of his friend Luke making silly faces in the midst of a class with his iPhone for uploading onto YouTube and this got him into trouble.

This angered the new principal and thanks to this, he got kicked out of the school.

Later, his father joined him in a charter school.

While studying at the charter school, Tanner had plenty of time for scootering.

Becoming a full-time YouTuber-

While studying in the charter school, Tanner’s hoverboard video got viral on YouTube.

And this inspired him to consistently upload videos onto his YouTube channel and thanks to this, his channel started growing well.

During that time, Tanner had around 500 thousand subscribers and he became a full-time YouTuber.

As he was daily working on his channel, his grades at school suffered but he enjoyed creating videos more than studying at school.

After studying for a couple of years in the charter school, Tanner took a GED test and passed it and this marked the completion of his high school.

Initially, he was uploading only scooter related videos but later, he also started uploading vlogs.

Adam of Adam LZ and Casey Neistat are Tanner’s inspirations for vlogging.

Travelling the world-

At 14, Tanner visited his friend Sammy in Australia and both of them travelled to many skate parks across the country for around a month.

In June 2015, he qualified for the ISA World Championship and travelled to Spain to attend this tournament.

Becoming a successful YouTuber-

On 21 July 2016, Tanner hit a million subscribers on his YouTube channel.

As of January 2022, he has more than ten million subscribers on Tanner Fox YouTube channel.

Love for dogs & cars-

Tanner is both a cynophilist and a petrolhead.

While growing up, he had four dogs and on 25 June 2004, his mother gave him Kirby, which became his most favourite dog.

At 16, Tanner purchased his first car, a 2014 McLaren P1.

And in August 2016, he bought a Nissan GT-R.

His merch-

In June 2016, Tanner sold his first merch online.

He learnt everything about selling merchandise like setting up a website, getting stamps and shipping supplies, printing shirts, etc. all by himself.

Tanner sells merch by the TFox Brand.

Personal life-

In January 2017, Tanner met Taylor Alesia in Arizona and she became his girlfriend.

Later, Avalon became his girlfriend.

Tanner lives in San Diego.

So, how are you inspired by the success story of Tanner Fox?

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