Paola Merrill is a famous YouTuber and artist.

She has more than 900 thousand subscribers on her YouTube channel by the name, TheCottageFairy.


Paola (Paolita) Merrill was born on 5 December 1997.

She is a Puerto Rican American.

Paola grew up for a while in Puerto Rico and then, she grew up mostly in the Southern United States.

She also spent a couple of years in Cuba and a couple of years in Ireland and Italy.

Paola’s father hails from Washington and he is a former Navy Captain.

Her mother is a native Puerto Rican and she shifted from Puerto Rico to New York and joined the Reserve.

Paola has two siblings, a younger brother, Rohan Merrill and an elder sister, Liana.

Rohan is also a YouTuber and has a YouTube channel by the name, Letters From Ro and Liana is a martial artist.


As Paola has always been an animal lover, as a teenager she wanted to grow up to become a veterinarian.

But later she studied an English language course from University College Dublin in Dublin, Ireland.

Then, Paola moved to the United States and studied for a literature degree from Western Washington University in Bellingham, Washington.


While studying at the university, Paola wanted to become a professor.

But later she didn’t choose to become a professor as she wanted to choose an even more creative profession.

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While living in the university town, Paola was working in customer service but as she was receiving only a minimum wage in the town, she decided to find a new job.

Prior to this, she did a few other jobs which she despised.

Moving to a cottage in a valley-

After quitting the customer service job, Paola applied for and obtained the job of a preschool art teacher in a rural town in the Okanogan County in Washington State and started living in a rental cottage here.

As she was very inspired by the nature in the valley, she started focusing on her art business and soon, her art business started succeeding.

For a while, Paola also worked at Village Books, a local bookshop as a bookseller and she has been a booklover herself, she loved this job.

Later, she started focusing full-time on her art business.

Paola is a watercolour and ink artist and she also does craft projects and sells them through Etsy.

Starting her YouTube channel-

Paola started her YouTube channel by name, TheCottageFairy on 21 March 2020.

She started her channel to showcase the beautiful natural landscape of her area and also help in its preservation.

Paola is a very successful YouTuber and as of May 2022, she has 938K subscribers on her YouTube channel and she has 128K followers on Instagram.

Personal life-

Paola got engaged to Luke in 2021 and got married on 21 May 2022.

Luke works as a surveyor.

In March 2022, Paola shifted to a new cottage in the forest located in the foothills of a mountain range.

A booklover-

Paola is an avid reader of books and she also loves listening to audiobooks.

She loves reading historical children’s literature as she finds it very positive.

Paola is planning to release a book titled- The Cottage Fairy Companion: A Cottagecore Guide to Slow Living, Connecting to Nature, and Becoming Enchanted Again on 23 August 2022.

Also, her dream is to create a picture book for both children and adults to enjoy.

The Snow Child and Once Upon A River are Paola’s all-time favourite books.

Some interesting facts about Paola-

  • Paola is an introvert and prefers simple living and living below her means.
  • In 2021, she planted 200 trees in the forests of British Columbia which were destroyed by heavy wildfires.
  • Spring is Paola’s favourite season and she is at her most creative self in spring.
  • She is an animal lover and has a pet Labrador dog, Aegir and a pet rabbit, Mr. Darcy. She also loves horses.
  • Paola loves travelling, hiking and walking and gardening, decorating, art supplies and collecting old books and antiques.
  • She is obsessed with flowers and loves supporting small businesses and second-hand shops.
  • Paola is fluent in Spanish and English.
  • She is a nerd and loves playing board games especially the Everdell game.
  • Paola also loves lightening candles, listening to ambient music, drinking tea and visiting fantasy fairs and renaissance festivals.

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