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Nisha Madhulika- Biography (Wiki)

Nisha Madhulika is one of India’s most popular chefs.

Also, she is a very popular YouTuber and blogger.


Nisha Madhulika was born on 25 August 1959 in Uttar Pradesh.

She is a science graduate and since her childhood, she is very passionate about cooking.

Nisha Madhulika learnt cooking from her mother and always liked to experiment with the recipes.

Many roles-

Initially, Nisha Madhulika worked as a teacher and then as a marketer.

After getting married, she started working as a graphic artist for her husband, M.S. Gupta.

M.S. Gupta runs a web development company in Delhi.

Later, they shifted from Delhi to Noida and thanks to this, Nisha Madhulika used to daily travel to and fro from her home in Noida to her husband’s office in Delhi.

For her, travelling on a daily basis wasn’t easy.

Choosing work-at-home-

So, Nisha Madhulika quit her job as a graphic artist and wanted to indulge in a work which could be easily done from the comfort of her home.

Initially, she started tutoring kids but she couldn’t continue it for long as the kids didn’t show up regularly.

So, Nisha Madhulika was left with ample free time and she didn’t like sitting around.

She wanted to utilise her free time by working on some creative projects and simultaneously be beneficial to others.

Starting a blog-

During that time, Nisha Madhulika used to regularly read blogs.

One day, she stumbled across a recipe blog and was quick to realise that she too can write recipes as cooking was always her hobby.

Later, Nisha Madhulika convinced her husband and children to let her start a recipe blog.

They were very supportive to her and M.S. Gupta also gave her a digital camera so that she can shoot pictures for her recipe blog.

In 2007, Nisha Madhulika started her food blog by the name, खाना-बनाना (Khana-Banana) on the platform.

Like this she turned her passion of cooking into her profession.

Daily routine-

Every morning and afternoon, Nisha Madhulika used to cook the food and capture their images.

In the afternoon she used to start writing blog posts (articles) and publish them in the evening.

Like this, Nisha Madhulika used to publish a blog post or two daily and blogging was very easy for her.

Even though she used to daily publish blog posts, she didn’t get good response in the initial days but even then she persisted and eventually, her blog began to gain popularity.

Becoming more professional-

As her खाना-बनाना (Khana-Banana) blog was on a free platform, Nisha Madhulika felt difficulty in managing it.

And by that time, she had published more than 100 blog posts.

So, in 2008, her son created a professional website for her by the name,

In this new website, Nisha Madhulika got an option to enable comments on her articles with which she started interacting with her readers.

And through comments she used to answer the queries of her readers regarding various difficulties of cooking.

Starting a YouTube channel-

Nisha Madhulika started working on her YouTube channel

Some of Nisha Madhulika’s readers felt that it was easier to understand cooking through watching videos.

So, they started commenting on her website requesting her to create videos.

So from May 2011, Nisha Madhulika started creating videos for her YouTube channel, NishaMadhulika.

She got very good responses from people and this made her continue working on her YouTube channel with full enthusiasm.

Nisha Madhulika’s first video is titled- How to make Rose Water at home? Making Gulabjal at home – NishaMadhulika and was uploaded on May 16, 2011.

Encountering numerous problems-

In the initial days of Nisha Madhulika’s YouTube career, she faced many problems.

During that time, she didn’t have a proper studio to shoot videos.

Initially, Nisha Madhulika tried shooting videos in the kitchen, then on the dining table and then, she made a set-up in the hall but in all these locations she was disturbed by noise and heat.

Finally, she made a small set-up by joining a couple of tables together in a small room upstairs and here, she is able to create videos without any hassles.

Now, Nisha Madhulika has a small team to help her with the technical aspects of shooting videos and operating her YouTube channel.

Becoming successful-

As Nisha Madhulika started uploading videos on a consistent basis, she became a very successful YouTuber.

Thanks to this, she got many opportunities and is also earning well.

Now, her YouTube channel, NishaMadhulika is one of the most subscribed YouTube channels in India and as of December 2021, she has 12 million subscribers.

Even now she regularly uploads videos on her YouTube channel.

Apart from this, Nisha Madhulika is also simultaneously working on her blog.

So far she has published thousands of articles on her blog.

Nisha Madhulika teaches cooking only vegetarian food both on her blog and YouTube channel.

Thanks to her YouTube channel and blog, she has been able to showcase her talent all across the world.

Also, Nisha Madhulika has 5 million followers on Facebook and currently, she lives in New Delhi.

Reasons for success-

Honesty is one of the reasons for her success.

Nisha Madhulika honestly displays the food as it is made.

Also, she uses the readily available ingredients in her recipes and thanks to this, many people are able to follow her recipes.

Also, Nisha Madhulika tweaks the recipes so that they can be easily and quickly prepared.

She prepares recipes based on the comments of the users.

Nisha Madhulika researches thoroughly on the internet for a recipe and then, she prepares a recipe in her kitchen in her own method and she persists until perfection is achieved.

And only then she shares that recipe with people.

To reach more people, Nisha Madhulika’s blog is available both in Hindi and English.

Awards and recognition-

  • In 2014, Nisha Madhulika was recognised as India’s YouTube top chef.
  • YouTube awarded her a Silver Play Button for passing one lakh subscribers and a Gold Play Button for surpassing one million (10 lakh) subscribers.
  • Nisha Madhulika was also awarded a YouTube Diamond Play Button on passing 10 million (1 crore) subscribers.
  • In 2017, she was awarded the Top YouTube Cooking content creator award in the Social Media Summit & Awards 2017.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where is Nisha Madhulika from?

Nisha Madhulika was born and brought up in Uttar Pradesh.

Where does Nisha Madhulika live?

Nisha Madhulika currently lives in New Delhi.

Who is the husband of Nisha Madhulika?

M.S. Gupta is the husband of Nisha Madhulika.
He is an entrepreneur and runs a web development company in Delhi.

Who are the family members of Nisha Madhulika?

Her family consists of her husband, M.S. Gupta and two sons.

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