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Nick Fisher (Indigo Traveller)

Nick is a popular traveller and YouTuber.

He has 1.94M subscribers on his YouTube channel, ‘Indigo Traveller.’


Nick Fisher was born in 1992 and he hails from Wānaka, New Zealand.

His mother is a New Zealander and his father is English.

For the initial nine years of his life, Nick grew up in Scotland and then, moved to New Zealand and here, he grew up riding bikes in the mountains.

Love for travelling-

Both his parents have been travellers and at a young age, Nick fell in love with travelling.

While living in Scotland, he along with his family used to travel to France and Spain and after moving to New Zealand, they travelled to Australia.

In his twenties, Nick started travelling to many countries across several continents and never looked back.

Education & career-

Nick didn’t attend college but did an apprenticeship in horticulture which led to a horticulture job and thanks to this job, he was able to save a lot of money which helped him to travel.

After this job, he worked as a tour guide, a cave tour guide and a barista.

Juggling jobs & travelling-

After saving up money by working in the horticulture job, Nick travelled across Australia, South East Asia and Eastern Europe for a couple of years.

Then, he returned to Kaikōura, New Zealand to work as a tour guide and a barista and raise money for his further travels.

Even while working here, Nick used to travel but found it difficult to manage both his jobs and travelling and so, he wanted to find a job compatible with travelling.

So, at that time, he decided to do either travel blogging or vlogging.

Quitting his jobs to become a YouTuber-

As at that time, Nick used to watch a lot of YouTube videos and was confident that he too could become a YouTuber, he decided to become a YouTuber.

Also, as he was passionate about the filmmaking process, YouTube seemed a perfect fit for him.

So, after working for about eight months as a tour guide and a barista, Nick quit his job and became a full-time YouTuber.

On 11 April 2016, he started his YouTube channel by the name Indigo Traveller.

Initially, he flew to Bangkok and then to Hanoi, Vietnam and in Vietnam, he started seriously working on his YouTube channel.

Then, Nick travelled to Cambodia, Singapore, India, Hungary and continued travelling to many other countries.

His inspirations & travelling to off the beaten destinations-

While starting out on YouTube, Nick was greatly inspired by Casey Neistat and his vlogs.

Travel YouTubers like Louis John Cole of FunForLouis and Ben Brown also inspired him.

Inspired by these travel YouTubers, in 2017, he daily vlogged for a few months and even though it was difficult, it taught him many things about working on YouTube.

While starting his YouTube channel in 2016, Nick observed that there weren’t many videos of the off the beaten countries on YouTube and so he decided to make videos on them and chose this as his niche.

So, he travelled to countries like Ukraine (Chernobyl), North Korea, Afghanistan, Somalia, Venezuela, Yemen, etc.

Kurt Caz and Peter Santenello are other travel YouTubers who focus on off the beaten destinations.

A successful YouTuber-

As of December 2023, he has 1.94M subscribers on his ‘Indigo Traveller’ YouTube channel.

And has 139K followers on Instagram.

Nick earns through a variety of sources like advertisements on his YouTube videos, affiliate marketing, receiving sponsorships and he also accepts donations through Patreon and PayPal.

He uses a Sony a7 III and a Canon EOS-1DX Mark II cameras.

Partnering with UNICEF-

On 25 June 2019, Nick published a video titled- Inside Venezuela’s Biggest Slum (Extremely Dangerous) and in this video, he praised the charity work of UNICEF.

Luckily, this video caught the attention of UNICEF and he got invited to work with them.

Nick, with the help of UNICEF, published a series on YouTube by the name- Afghanistan – War Torn Mystery and helped raise thousands of dollars.

Nick also did fundraising campaigns for Haiti, Bangladesh, Venezuela, Ukraine, etc.

A lot of countries-

Nick has visited to many countries namely, Haiti, Ukraine, Nigeria, Yemen, Libya, Honduras, Brazil, Lebanon, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Somalia, Venezuela, Iraq, Iran, Kenya, Bulgaria, Ethiopia, South Africa, North Korea, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Egypt, Lebanon, Bangladesh, Nepal, Armenia, Georgia, Macedonia, Cambodia, Morocco, India, etc.

Initially, he used to stay in cheap hostels but later, as he started becoming popular, he started receiving invites from many nationals through Instagram direct messages and emails.

The goal-

In one of his interviews, Nick stated that the goal of his YouTube channel is to showcase the positivity of the countries and their citizens, especially of those countries which are usually depicted in a negative light.

Personal life-

Nick hasn’t revealed much about his personal life except in one of his 2019 YouTube videos that he has a girlfriend, Barbara.

Some interesting facts about Nick Fisher-

  • In addition to exploring a lot of countries, Nick has also explored some oceans.
  • Rajasthan and Varanasi are his favourite places in India.
  • Nick was nominated in travel for the 12th Annual Shorty Awards.
  • Thailand is his most favourite country and he loves Lebanese food.

So, how are you inspired by the success story of Nick Fisher?

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