Kurt Caz is a famous travel YouTuber.

He has more than 1 million subscribers on his YouTube channel by name, Kurt Caz.


Kurt Caz was born into a middle-class family in South Africa.

He grew up in South Africa and he hails from the picturesque Jeffreys Bay town near Plettenberg Bay in South Africa.

His father was an adventurer and a German and was a blue-collar worker.

His mother is a South African.

Kurt has a brother.

Travelling since a young age-

As a teenager, Kurt along with his father and brother travelled around southern Africa.

This was his first proper trip and thanks to this trip, he developed a passion for travelling.

Kurt later uploaded this video onto his YouTube channel.

Travelling across Europe-

As Kurt didn’t like going to school, he dropped out.

Then, he moved to Germany in search of a job but as he didn’t like jobs there, he moved to the United Kingdom.

His friends living in the UK suggested he work as a plumber in the UK but as it didn’t work out, Kurt moved back to Germany.

Later, he shifted to Southern France and started working on boats.

Likewise, Kurt lived in Southern France for a year.

Working on his YouTube channel-

Kurt started his YouTube channel by name, Kurt Caz on 13 March 2016 and started publishing videos onto it.

His first vlog was of him searching for a kitchen job in London streets (currently, this video isn’t available on his channel).

Even before starting his YouTube channel, as a kid, Kurt used to shoot random videos with his friends and shooting videos has been his creative outlet.

Later, he learnt video editing on his own.


Later, Kurt shot some videos in Italy and other countries but as his videos weren’t interesting, they didn’t get decent views.

During that time, even though he shared his videos with all his Facebook contacts, his videos didn’t get decent views.

Even after publishing videos on his YouTube channel for a year, Kurt couldn’t succeed as a YouTuber.

Moving back to South Africa-

Before moving back to South Africa, Kurt was working as a garden boy for a cleaning company in Berlin, Germany.

Here, his job involved cutting grass and cleaning staircases and he hated this job.

Even during that time, Kurt didn’t quit working on his channel.

He moved back to South Africa after his father passed away and started working on his uncle’s farm.

Quitting his job for YouTube-

As Kurt didn’t like the farm job and was frustrated with it, he decided to quit it and realise his dream of travelling and producing videos for his YouTube channel.

So, he with his savings went to Egypt and produced a few videos for his channel.

Becoming viral & successful-

Kurt’s Egypt videos became viral.

His first video to cross a million views is titled- $4 Haircut and Facial – Cairo and this video was published on 25 October 2020.

Egyptian influencers shared this video on Facebook and some YouTubers also shared this video and Samy, a German rapper shared this on Twitch and thanks to all these, this video got viral.

Later, his other videos of Egypt titled- Avoid This Man! Cairo Market Scam and Avoid These Scammers At The Pyramids! also became viral and each crossed a million views.

And from that point onwards, Kurt never looked back again and soon, he became a successful YouTuber.

As of November 2022, he has 1.25M subscribers on his YouTube channel, 132K followers on Instagram and 561K followers on his Facebook page.

His YouTube inspirations-

Initially, his videos were boring and so, they couldn’t perform well.

Once, Kurt stumbled upon the videos of Harald Baldr and bald and bankrupt and got inspired by their videos and so, he started following their style of making videos interesting.

Eventually, he developed his own style of making videos.

Early struggles-

Initially, while travelling in Egypt, Mexico and Colombia, Kurt survived only on a few hundred dollars.

During that time, his brother used to support him by sending him money.

At that time, Kurt used to also work as an online editor for some rappers.

But later, as his videos on YouTube gained traction, he became a full-time YouTuber.

An adrenaline junkie-

Kurt is an adrenaline junkie and loves travelling to dangerous places.

He loves such places and finds the white picket fence neighbourhoods to be boring and depressing.

Kurt regularly ends up in adventurous places and shows only a portion of it on his YouTube channel.

Nick Fisher and Peter Santenello are other travel YouTubers who focus on off the beaten destinations.

Some interesting facts about Kurt Caz-

  • Peruvian food is his favourite.
  • Kurt accepts donations through Patreon and donates all of it to the needy people.

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