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Nick Bare

Nick Bare is a popular entrepreneur and YouTuber.

He has more than 700 thousand subscribers on his YouTube channel by name, Nick Bare.


Nick Bare was born on 1 August 1990.

He grew up in Palmyra, Pennsylvania, United States and did his schooling here.

Nick’s mother, Linda Bare used to work as a special education teacher at Cornwall-Lebanon School District in Pennsylvania.

Unfortunately, she passed away on 10 June 2019 due to ovarian cancer.

His father’s name is Mike Bare.

Nick has a brother, Preston Bare and he works as a Chief Operations Officer for Bare Performance Nutrition (BPN).

As a teenager, Nick suffered from anorexia but later he overcame it.

Attracted towards military-

Many people from his mother’s side of his family like his grandfather, uncle, cousin, etc. served in the United States Armed Forces and this inspired Nick to later join the military.

He was particularly inspired by seeing his cousin joining the U.S. Army around 2007 and growing his personality.


While in his senior year of high school, Nick applied for a Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) scholarship.

Then, in 2009, he joined Indiana University of Pennsylvania to study for a Bachelor of Science (BS), Nutrition.

Here, Nick availed the ROTC scholarship and was completely covered for his tuition and he also started receiving stipends on a monthly basis.

In addition to the monthly stipends, he used to also receive $600 per semester for books.

Nick also took business classes in college and graduated from university in 2013.

Becoming an entrepreneur-

For a long time, Nick wanted to start a sports nutrition and dietary supplements company.

As a freshman, he used to mix the pre workout supplements and sell them to his friends for $1 per serving.

While Nick was a junior in college, he started his company, Bare Performance Nutrition (BPN) with the intention that he would have a business to support himself after he returns from the army.

He started his company in August 2012 in his college apartment with the $20,000 USAA Career Starter Loan that he received thanks to his ROTC scholarship.

The ROTC scholarship meant that after graduating, Nick had to serve in the army for four years.

Many struggles-

While starting BPN, Nick didn’t have any prior business or marketing experience or had a social following to help for his business and it took him many years to make BPN a success.

The $20,000 got quickly spent for 500 bottles of pre-workout, insurance, website designing, marketing, etc. and he wasn’t left with sufficient cash to invest in introducing new products and grow the brand.

Nick also worked with many manufacturers until he found the perfect one.

While studying in the college, he used to live in a shared apartment and used to ship out packages from the apartment itself.

Initially, Nick was able to sell only 500 bottles per year.

During that time, BPN didn’t have any investors and it took three years to break even.

Commissioned into the U.S. Army-

Upon graduating from the college, Nick joined the Ranger School.

After passing from the Ranger School, he was assigned to be an infantry platoon leader.

Nick also attended the Airborne School and served as a First Lieutenant.

Working on his YouTube channel-

In 2014, Nick had a few months of free time for his first duty assignment as his unit was in Germany and so, he decided to work on his YouTube channel by name, Nick Bare.

Later, he was ordered to go to South Korea for a period of nine months.

Even while in South Korea, Nick continued working on his YouTube channel and his company, BPN in his free time.

He used to do advertising and marketing for his company.

During that time, Preston started working for BPN by shipping and fulfilling the orders.

Becoming a full-time entrepreneur-

In 2017, Nick had to choose between staying in the military and his promotion to captain was on due or quit to fully focus on BPN and social media.

As by that time, BPN was very profitable and had employees and as he liked entrepreneurship, on 20 May 2017, he quit the military to focus on his businesses.

BPN became successful because it focused on selling the products with non- proprietary blends and this was a less competitive niche back then.

Also, as Nick was working in the military and this appealed to people and people were buying his products so as in the support of the U.S. Army and the United States.

Persevering in the difficult times-

Initially, while Nick was working in the military, the growth of the company was very negligible and the sales weren’t good because he couldn’t dedicate sufficient time to BPN.

So, he even thought of closing down his company but once on a Christmas leave of two weeks, he redesigned the whole website and also did a little bit of rebranding and focused more on social media like his YouTube channel and Instagram pages.

Nick started collaborating with influencers to promote BPN.

Thanks to all these steps, the sales started increasing and eventually, BPN became successful.

Currently, Nick is the CEO of BPN.

His book & other YouTube channels-

On 28 January 2020, Nick published 25 Hours a Day: Going One More to Get What You Want.

He was also interviewed on Fox News on the Fox & Friends TV show.

Nick also provides athlete training programs and loves working out, bodybuilding and running marathons.

As of March 2022, he has more than 600 thousand followers on Instagram.

Apart from the Nick Bare YouTube channel, Nick has three other YouTube channels, namely, Nick Bare Clips, The Bare Performance Podcast and Bare Performance Nutrition.

Personal life-

Nick met Stefany in 2015, got engaged to her in 2018 and married her on 18 October 2020.

He lives in Austin, Texas and is a dog lover.

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