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Mike Majlak

Mike Majlak is a popular vlogger.

He has more than two million subscribers on his YouTube channel, Mike Majlak Vlogs.


Michael Majlak (Mike Majlak) was born on 17 January 1985 into a middle-class family in Milford, Connecticut, United States.

He grew up in Connecticut.

Mike’s father worked as a marketing manager for a tech company and he was also a basketball coach.

His mother, Robin Majlak worked at Roland & Co., a retail company..

Mike has two sisters, Abby Majlak and Jillian.

At 15, his parents got divorced.


Mike did his schooling initially from Notre Dame High School and later from Foran High School in Milford, Connecticut.

He finished his schooling in 2005.

Later, Mike studied from Fordham University, New York City.

A difficult childhood-

Mike’s school friends introduced him to drugs and soon, he got addicted to them.

At 16, he broke his femur and he was administered OxyContin on the hospital bed.

Mike felt physically and emotionally relieved from the medication and later, he was administered OxyContin in a few other surgeries.

At 17, he took OxyContin on his own after returning from high school.

At that time, Mike was a junior in high school and by the time he reached the senior year of high school, he became addicted to OxyContin.

As a consequence of this addiction, he used to sweat profusely from the withdrawal of this drug.

Later, Mike also got addicted to other drugs like amphetamines and Xanax.

Worst phase of his life-

2010 was the most difficult phase of Mike’s life and during that time, someone offered him crack cocaine.

Soon, he got addicted to it.

During that time, Mike’s grandfather was suffering from Parkinson’s disease and dementia and those were the last days of his life.

As his mother didn’t have enough money to admit him into a nursing home, she decided to take care of him in her home itself and she requested Mike to also care for his grandfather.

Once, his grandfather was stuck in his recliner and unfortunately, as he couldn’t stand, he was excreting there itself and he was continuously screaming for help but as Mike was busy smoking crack, he couldn’t attend to his grandfather.

During those times, even though Mike loved his mother dearly, he used to hurt her.

Being homeless-

During the years he was addicted to drugs, Mike was homeless most of the time.

He used to sleep on streets, on couches, trunks of cars, etc.

At that time, Mike used to also sell drugs to support his addiction.

He was also obese and suffered from anxiety and depression.


Mike was a drug addict for eight long years.

Later, he went to rehab and thankfully, he successfully got rehabilitated.

In the rehab centre, Mike got plenty of time to reflect on his thoughts and read.

His mother’s love also helped him to get recovered and he defriended his addict friends.

A new life-

Mike recovered in 2010 and then, started a new life, free of drugs.

He was 26 at that time and his elder sister recommended him to walk dogs for a living.

So, Mike started walking dogs and later, he started working at a dog camp.

From September 2010 to May 2011, he also worked as a freelance contributor to

As Mike liked taking photos, he started Mike Majlak Photography in January 2012 and he started working as an event photographer in Norwalk, Connecticut.

After around six months, as his photography business was running profitably, he quit working at dog camp.

Mike bought a Canon EOS 70D camera and a DJI Phantom 1 drone with his savings for photography and he continued working as a photographer until March 2015.

Other jobs-

From December 2011 to November 2014, Mike worked as a social media manager for Nice Guy Promotions in Milford.

In June 2013, he started a food blog by the name, The Essential Foodie and blogged until February 2015.

Then, in March 2015, Mike joined LoveSac, a furniture retailer to work as a Marketing Specialist and later, he worked here as a Marketing Manager until November 2018.

He also did day trading and traded penny stocks.

Meeting Logan Paul-

Logan Paul texted Mike enquiring about LoveSac products and this marked the beginning of their friendship.

YouTube journey-

After quitting his job at LoveSac, Mike started working at IMPAULSIVE, a podcast YouTube channel along with Logan Paul.

He became very famous thanks to this YouTube channel.

As of January 2022, IMPAULSIVE has more than three million subscribers.

Even though Mike started Mike Majlak Vlogs YouTube channel on 5 October 2010 he started working on it only from November 2017.

As of January 2022, this channel has more than two million subscribers.

His book-

On 23 April 2020, Mike published a book titled- The Fifth Vital.

He co-authored this book along with Riley J. Ford and this book covers his life story along with his experiences with drug addiction.

Mike’s future plan is to produce movies.

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