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Inspiring Biography of Lana Blakely (Wiki)

Lana Blakely is a popular YouTuber.

She has more than one million subscribers on her YouTube channel, Lana Blakely.


Lana Blakely was born on 1 February 1995 in Sweden.

She grew up in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden.

Lana has a sister, Jana.

Education & interests-

Lana was a bright student and skipped a grade in school.

During that time, she was interested in many things like writing, acting and designing.

Lana has been a writer since the age of 7 but later she wanted to become an actress and later, she changed her plan and wanted to become a designer.

But finally, she decided to study business and finance because she became interested in finance, budgeting and saving.

Lana wished to secure a well-paying job in Wall Street, United States after graduating.

So, she studied business and finance in university and holds two university degrees.

Moving to California-

In 2016, Lana moved from Sweden to the United States.

She lived in Los Angeles, California for a couple of years and then returned back to Stockholm.

In 2020, Lana purchased an apartment in Stockholm.

Career & disappointment-

After graduating, even though Lana couldn’t make it to Wall Street, she was able to secure a stable job.

She switched a few jobs later.

In 2018, while working in a full-time job in Sweden, Lana realised that she is unhappy with her job.

She dreaded returning to work on Mondays and the anxiety used to be so strong that it prevented her from enjoying her weekends.

During that time, Lana realised that she could no longer continue in her job.

She has always been a very creative person and liked to express her creativity through photography, art and writing but unfortunately, as her job wasn’t providing her a creative outlet, she hated her unfulfilling job.

Focusing on YouTube-

Lana was attracted towards YouTube and wanted to become a full-time YouTuber but didn’t immediately quit her job.

She managed both working on her YouTube channel along with her full-time job.

As Lana was short of time, she gave up her social life for working on YouTube.

She started off with a Lumix camera and a Røde microphone, currently she uses a Sony α7 III.

Consistency is the key-

Even though Lana started her YouTube channel by her name on 18 December 2010, she began consistently working on it only from 2019.

Prior to that she had only a few hundred subscribers on her channel and as she started working on her channel consistently, she began acquiring thousands of subscribers.

After a few months, Lana quit her job and became a full-time YouTuber.

Within around eight months, she acquired around 250,000 subscribers on her channel.

And within a year, Lana started earning more than her previous job.

She has multiple earning sources like AdSense, sponsorships and Patreon.

In one of her videos, she collaborated with Ali Abdaal, a popular YouTuber.

The Lana Blakely Podcast-

On 16 November 2021, Lana started her second YouTube channel by the name, The Lana Blakely Podcast.

And she also has a website by her name and she also writes the Monday Ro newsletter.

Her book recommendations-

Some interesting facts about Lana-

  • Lana is a bibliophile and her favourite book is Stoner by John Williams.
  • She is also a gourmet and cynophilist.
  • Lana was previously a gamer and used to play many games like Tibia, Flyff, The Sims and RuneScape.
  • She was previously an introvert but she became an extrovert after becoming a YouTuber.
  • Lana’s mother tongue is Swedish and she only speaks English in her videos.
  • She is a big fan of Emma Watson.

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