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Inspiring Biography of Andrew Davidson (Kent Survival)

Andrew Davidson is an outdoorsman, and a popular YouTuber.

He has 640K subscribers on his YouTube channel, ‘Kent Survival.’


Andrew Davidson was born on 5 November and hails from Kent, England, United Kingdom.

Initially, he grew up in the urban space and so, wasn’t aware of the beauty of the outdoors but this love for outdoors kicked in when he moved to live in a house near heathland.

In his mid-teens, Andrew along with his friends used to spend a lot of time in the woods doing outdoor activities like building shelters and camping.

Most of the time, they didn’t even have tarps and they used to just sleep in sleeping bags in the open air and would move under trees for cover during rains.

Andrew was also a scout.

Born  Andrew Davidson; 5 November; hails from Kent, England, United Kingdom
Occupation  YouTuber
YouTube channels ‘Kent Survival,’ and ‘Kent Survival Gear & Review’
Years active on YouTube2016-present
GenreOutdoor (Kent Survival); outdoor gear review (Kent Survival Gear & Review)
Subscribers640K on ‘Kent Survival,’ and 41.6K on ‘Kent Survival Gear & Review’
Net worth Undisclosed
LocationUnited Kingdom
PartnerNico (girlfriend)
Andrew Davidson information

A photographer-

In his twenties, Andrew became a landscape photographer and used to travel around Kent and camp in the woods and in historic abandoned locations and wait for the perfect timings to capture sunrises and sunsets.

As a photographer, he also travelled to the Peak District National Park and Cornish coastline.

Andrew also developed an interest in survival prepping.


Andrew did a job for a decade and then quit it.

He ran a barbecue company and catered barbecue and made barbecue sauces and thanks to this, he fell in love with cooking and this is the reason for him to publish many cooking videos on his YouTube channel.

As Andrew didn’t have the required capital to scale his barbecue company, he closed it after a couple of years.

Then, he became a carpenter and later he became a full-time YouTuber.


Andrew was inspired by the videos of Bear Grylls, Ray Mears, Les Stroud and Ed Stafford and started his YouTube channel, ‘Kent Survival‘ on 20 November 2016.

He started his channel as this would force him to do outdoor activities and learn new skills.

As Andrew is based in Kent, England, he named his channel, Kent Survival.

He started off his channel with his Canon 550D camera but it didn’t have autofocus at that time, so he bought a second camera, a Panasonic Camcorder HC-V210 and started using these two cameras to shoot videos.

Later, Andrew sold his Canon 550D and upgraded to a Canon EOS M3 camera and also started using a RØDE VideoMic Pro and a tripod.

A successful YouTuber-

As of January 2024, Andrew has 640K subscribers on his ‘Kent Survival’ channel.

His background in filmmaking (he studied filmmaking in college), and design helped him in his success.

Andrew earns through a variety of sources like advertisements on his YouTube videos, sponsorships, affiliate marketing, selling merchandise and through accepting donations through Patreon and PayPal.

He hasn’t revealed his net worth.

On 27 May 2020, he started his second YouTube channel, ‘Kent Survival Gear & Review’ and on this channel he reviews outdoor gear.

Andrew has a website.

Currently, he doesn’t have a Wikipedia page.

His favourite channels-

The following are Andrew’s favourite camping and bushcraft YouTube channels-

  • Joe Robinet (read the story of Joe Robinet).
  • My Self Reliance (read the story of Shawn James).
  • Simon, a bloke in the woods.
  • Cowboy Kent Rollins.
  • Nagualero.
  • carlisle195.

Personal life-

Andrew hasn’t revealed much of his personal life except in one of his videos that he has a girlfriend, Nico.

Some interesting facts about Andrew Davidson-

  • He is a fan of heavy metal music especially the Blues and he also likes classic rock and Led Zeppelin album covers.
  • Andrew loves camping in the autumn season and hates camping in the summer heat.
  • His dream is to camp in Canada’s boreal forest and in Sweden and Scotland.
  • As Andrew isn’t a people person and introvert, he enjoys camping, bushcrafting and cooking alone.
  • He never served in the military.
  • While camping Andrew always carries an umbrella, sunglasses, painkillers, wet wipes, tissues, food, phone charger, glass breaker (which also doubles as a seatbelt cutter), Gerber Blend Bear Grylls Ultimate Multi-Tool, etc.
  • Dartmoor is his favourite camping spot as he likes the openness and remoteness of this place. He also enjoys camping in Woodland.

So, how are you inspired by the success story of Andrew Davidson?

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Sunday 24th of March 2024

love him to teach me the basics of bushcraft techniques and learn the craft.

Lorraine English

Tuesday 12th of September 2023

I really enjoy watching your YouTube channel. I'm a camper of 20 years but the wild camping things isn't something I've tried.... not sure I'd have the balls to be out on my own lol. I have to say your culinary skills are inspiring. I think I'll be trying out some of your meals next season. I love being out in nature as it sooths my soul, watching your channel keeps me going between camping trips lol I love hearing the crackle of the campfire or the sound of the rain hitting the forest canopy. Great to see all the different gear you review and use.... I'm gonna try cooking on a wood fire rather than using my trusty gas stove, you make it look easy so let's see lol. Kind regards Lorraine English

Hal Geegory

Thursday 18th of May 2023

So, I too found the channel by accident. I am in the US and have been inspired to start camping again. I watch both the original KS and the Review channel. I have actually purchased several items Andy uses. I appreciate the bio, always interested in the back story of who I enjoy viewing Great job. Let’s go camping….

Naveen Reddy

Thursday 18th of May 2023

Thanks a lot, Hal, for your appreciation, and best of luck on your camping adventures!


Wednesday 19th of April 2023

I came across KS channel quite by accident, and just can’t stop watching his adventures. His cooking is my favourite part. I dream of doing camping but just haven’t got round to it. One day, perhaps. I find it very inspirational, and oddly, therapeutic. He comes across as a genuinely good person. Looking forward to a ping on my phone announcing his next venture. Thanks Andy, and thanks Naveen for the biography. Take care both of you. Sending much love.

Naveen Reddy

Wednesday 19th of April 2023

Thanks a lot, MookieCamper, for brightening my day! I wish you fulfil all your dreams!

linc james pottinger

Sunday 12th of June 2022

I watch Andy all the time and I love when he is camping with Simon they get on very well and are both very inspiring. I live in New Zealand and also go camping. I have also lived in Norfolk where Simon lives

Naveen Reddy

Sunday 12th of June 2022

Thank you very much linc for sharing your experiences.