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Inspiring Biography of Tejaswini Manogna

Tejaswini Manogna is a model, Bharatanatyam dancer, doctor, yoga practitioner, motivational speaker, social activist, singer (Carnatic vocalist), ace shooter, philanthropist, and an environmentalist.


Tejaswini Manogna was born on 19 May 1994 into a middle class Brahmin family in Hyderabad, Telangana.

She currently lives in Nallakunta, Hyderabad.

Tejaswini’s mother, Anitha initially worked for a few years in the United States but she quit her job and returned to India to completely focus on raising Tejaswini.

Since the beginning, her mom has been very supportive to her and thanks to this, later, she has been able to achieve so much success.

Tejaswini’s father is Madan Mohan.

Early inspirations-

Tejaswini started reading newspapers at the age of 4 and used to get inspired by reading the contributions of successful people towards the nation and the recognition that they were getting.

She used to cut these newspaper articles and save them.

During that time, Tejaswini was inspired by Sachin Tendulkar, A. P. J. Abdul Kalam and Mother Teresa and as a result, became very disciplined towards her studies and extracurricular activities.

Introduced by her mother-

As Tejaswini was a very active child, her mother joined her into classical dance classes at the age of 4.

Later, she also joined her into music and painting classes and initiated her into elocution.

Gradually, Tejaswini started developing an interest for dance and yoga and is still practising them and got good recognition for her dances and yoga.

As of now, she has performed in more than 2500 Bharatanatyam concerts.

Even as a child Tejaswini knew her social responsibility and after performing on the stage, she used to request her audience to not encourage the child labour.


Tejaswini did her schooling from Rosary Convent High School, Hyderabad.

She passed out from her school as the “Most Outstanding Rosarian”.

In her 8th class, Tejaswini was awarded the Bal Ratna award for her creative performance of Bharatanatyam and her oratory skills.

Joining NCC-

Tejaswini joined the National Cadet Corps (NCC) in her 8th grade.

Later, she took NCC training for around six months and excelled here but she was replaced by someone else for a program in Delhi.

Initially, Tejaswini was very disheartened but then, she decided to give it another shot.

Becoming the Best Cadet-

Later, Tejaswini undertook NCC Army training for another six months and gave her best.

Thanks to this, she received All India Best Cadet award in RDC 2010 among around 13 lakh cadets and received the Prime Minister’s Medal from then prime minister of India, Manmohan Singh.

And during that time, Tejaswini was studying intermediate.

She served as a Contingent Commander in the Delhi Republic Day parade.

Tejaswini also won the India’s Best Shooter award and an Appreciation Certificate from the President.

Representing India internationally-

Later, while in her 12th standard, Tejaswini represented India as a Youth Ambassador through a Youth Programme on the international stage in Sri Lanka.

Here, she was presented the SAARC Award by the President and prime minister of Sri Lanka.

Later, Tejaswini represented India in numerous socio-cultural delegations in countries like the United States, Singapore, United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom.

Self-studying for medicine-

Tejaswini’s dream in the 12th standard was to secure an admission into a medical college and pursue MBBS.

But she was expelled from the Star batch (a batch of students who are given special coaching to crack the medical entrance exam).

Tejaswini and her mother were completely devastated by this move.

So, she decided to not attend the intermediate college and study at her home.

Likewise, Tejaswini studied her 2nd year of intermediate from her home and with the help of tutions.

Joining medical college-

Thanks to Tejaswini’s hard work and determination, she was able to secure a free seat in the prestigious Osmania Medical College.

She was a very studious student and used to study for 18 hours per day and thanks to this, she managed to score well in the exams.

Later, as a doctor, Tejaswini spread awareness about health and hygiene, open defecation and toilet construction in various government schools and colleges.

Extracurricular activities-

Tejaswini actively participated in many extracurricular activities even while studying MBBS.

She participated in many national level dance competitions, a few international dance competitions and also attended a few science congresses in places like London, etc.

At the age of 18, in her first year of MBBS, Tejaswini participated in a traditional brain and beauty contest and won the title of Telugu Ammayi and received a Tata Nano car as a prize.

On 4 June 2014, she received the Idea Students Award in the sports and adventure category from Mahesh Babu.

Tejaswini also received the Youth Icon award and was adjudged as the student of the year.

Getting appreciated by Abdul Kalam-

Tejaswini performed Bharatanatyam in the presence of A. P. J. Abdul Kalam at the Osmecon 2013 and received appreciation from him and during that time, she was in her third year of MBBS.

Later, she was also appreciated by Sachin Tendulkar and Ram Nath Kovind.

Tejaswini won a bronze medal at a national level yoga competition.

A motivational speaker-

Tejaswini is a popular motivational speaker and spoke at many venues like schools and colleges.

On 15 June 2018, she spoke at TEDx in SREC and on 9 October 2019, she delivered a speech at TEDx in IBA Bengaluru.

Tejaswini also gave a keynote speech at IIT Hyderabad.

She also visited womens’ jails to inspire the inmates.

Tejaswini has an eponymous YouTube channel.

She also received the Women Achievers Trophy in Dubai.

Working as an intern-

Tejaswini worked as an intern at the Osmania Hospital and here, she worked for the upliftment of HIV patients.

Also, she is a yoga practitioner and taught yoga classes free of charge to people so that they can obtain a diploma in yoga and they too can become yoga teachers.

Raising funds-

In November 2016, Tejaswini travelled to the United States and there, she raised funds with her performance for the prevention of childhood blindness with the help of Eye Foundation of America.

Later, she also raised funds for a multi-organ failure boy in the West Virginia University.

Tejaswini raised funds for the Save the Girl Child cause.

She is an active member for a NGO by the name, Teacher.

This NGO was started by her uncle.

Stepping into the fashion world-

After passing out from the Osmania Medical College, Tejaswini stepped into the fashion world.

She participated in the Miss Universe India competition in 2017 in Mumbai but she couldn’t win the crown.

In 2017, Tejaswini participated in the Miss Diva 2017 and won the subtitles of Miss Talented and Dazzler Eterna Best Makeover and she made it to the top six in this contest.

In 2019, she won a subtitle of Beauty for a Cause and the title of Divine Miss Earth India 2019 and this competition was held in Parañaque City, Philippines.

Tejaswini also won the title of Miss Talented.

Future plans-

Tejaswini passed out from Osmania Medical College in 2017 and her future plan is to pursue post graduation.

And then, become an IAS officer.

So, how are you inspired by the success story of Tejaswini Manogna?

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