Shi Heng Yi is a popular Shaolin master.

He serves as the headmaster of Shaolin Temple Europe, Germany.


Tien Sy Vuong (Shi Heng Yi) was born in Germany to Asian parents.

He grew up in Germany.

Attracted towards martial arts-

While growing up, Shi watched many martial arts movies and at a young age, he got attracted towards the martial arts.

He watched The 36th Chamber of Shaolin film and other films on the Shaolin Temple.

Joining Shaolin Temple Europe-

Much like him, his father was also interested in the martial arts so, at 4, Shi got enrolled by his father into the nearby Shaolin Temple Europe in Kaiserslautern, Germany.

Here, he started practising martial arts and fell in love with it.

Shi’s school used to get closed in the afternoon at around 1 pm or 3 pm and the abbot of the monastery used to pick him up from the school and reach the Shaolin Temple where he used to start his training from 4 pm and he used to train until 10 pm.

He used to also play chess with the abbot.

Shi learnt Shaolin Kung Fu which included mental and physical training and behaviour development.

Later, he also got attracted towards Qi Gong and Shaolin Rou Quan.

At Shaolin Temple, Shi not only learnt martial arts but also the theories behind them.

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Five masters-

In 2001, Shi became a disciple of Shaolin Masters namely, Da Shi Yanlin, Master Shi Yan Bao, Master Shi Yan Xin, Shi Yan Fei and Shi Ya Hai.

These Shaolin Masters arrived in Germany from Songshan Shaolin Temple in China.


Shi did his schooling in Germany.

His parents wanted him to become either a doctor,  engineer or lawyer after growing up.

Even though Shi did a couple of university degrees including an MBA and a few diplomas, he wasn’t satisfied with the education.

He was dissatisfied because the education taught him many things but not about himself.

Thankfully, Shi learnt self-exploration, self-discovery and monastic practises from a young age from the Shaolin Temple.

Choosing a monastic life-

After completing his MBA, Shi’s parents wanted him to get a regular job but as he was attracted towards the monastic life, he decided to continue living it and learn more about himself.

After facing some difficulties, he wanted to quit his monastic life but his father encouraged him not to do so.

Serving as a headmaster-

Since February 1987, Shi has been serving as the headmaster of Shaolin Temple Europe in Otterberg, Kaiserslautern, Germany.

He belongs to the 35th Generation of Shaolin Masters and follows Buddhism.

Shi mainly teaches mental and spiritual development and his aim is to spread the ancient knowledge inherited from more than 1500 years to the modern world.

He also teaches self-mastery, Shaolin Arts, Qi Gong, breathing methods, etc.

Shi also provides online training through his website and YouTube channel.

In January 2020, he delivered a TEDx Talk in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Shi is a polyglot as he knows many languages like Vietnamese, Romanian, French, English and Deutsch.

He resides in Otterberg, Germany.

Five hindrances-

Shaolin Temple postulates five hindrances which has the potential to prevent you from reaching your goals and they are as follows-

  • Sensory desire (kāmacchanda).
  • Ill-will (byāpāda).
  • Sloth-and-torpor (thīna-middha).
  • Restlessness-and-worry (uddhacca-kukkucca).
  • Doubt (vicikiccha).

All these states negatively affect your thoughts and will affect your ability to make right decisions.

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Featured image credit- Shaolin Temple Europe/Wikimedia Commons

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