Max Weldon is a famous pilot and YouTuber.

He has more than 100 thousand subscribers on his YouTube channel by name, CitationMax.


Max Weldon was born on 4 October 1996 in London, England, United Kingdom.

His father runs a family business.

His mother is an animal lover.

Max grew up with animals and much like his mother, he too is a dog lover and they have animal sanctuaries in the United States.

Love for planes-

Max grew up near the Heathrow arrival path in London and watching planes flying was his favourite pastime.

Thanks to this, at a young age, he decided to grow up to become a pilot.

Also, his father has been travelling in planes since Max was a baby.

Since 7, Max has been playing with the flight simulators and this later proved very useful to him when he became an actual pilot.

He spent all the money that he received for his 8th birthday to buy Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004.

Max also watched the flight simulation streams online and this also helped him.

At 18, he streamed his simulator flights on Twitch.

Moving to the United States-

At 10, Max moved to the United States.

While in high school, he always wanted to obtain a pilot’s license but he refrained himself thinking that flying an airplane would be very difficult.

Luckily at 17, in his final year of high school, one of his friends obtained a pilot’s license and he gave Max a ride and he was very impressed by it.

And this inspired him to later obtain his pilot’s license.


Max studied Political Science from The New School in New York City.

He was also attending a flight school and from 12 September 2016, he started attending the New York University (NYU).

But eventually, as his desire to fly full-time became stronger, Max dropped out of NYU in 2018.

He did an Associate Degree in Aviation from Vaughn College of Aeronautics and Technology, New York.

Flight school-

Max attended a flight school by the name, Performance Flight in Harrison, New York.

Initially, his mother wasn’t convinced with him attending the flight school to learn flying aircrafts because she feared for his safety while flying.

But thanks to a safety feature of Cirrus aircraft (this aircraft had a parachute) at Performance Flight, she agreed to Max to attend the flight school.

Here, he was instructed by Kevin.

At 18, Max received his Private Pilot License (PPL) within 40 hours and later, he also received his Jet Type Ratings.

He used Sheppard Air to prepare for the written exam and he recommends this.

Max also used and this helped him to grow as a pilot.


Max worked at Flight Club, a footwear store.

Then, he worked as a coach at Chelsea Piers Field House, a sports complex in New York City.

During that time, Max had done his instrument and commercial training but had no flight time, so he joined Angel Flight Northeast organization to gain flight time.

Here, he flew four flights per week and likewise he flew part-time for Angel Flight Northeast for six months flying sick patients.

Max also worked as a pilot for Performance Flight.

Flying for his family-

Max flew commercial, single and multi-engine planes for almost around 1000 hours and then, his father asked him to become a pilot for his business plane.

During that time, his family owned a Cirrus SR22 aircraft, so he started flying it.

Max is an ATP-rated pilot.

Later, his family sold Cirrus SR22 and purchased a Cirrus Vision jet and he flew this too and in order to fly this aircraft, he took type rating in Knoxville.

Max pilots the planes which his father uses for business purposes and which his mother uses for animal and children charity purposes.

Vision jet was a little bit loud for his father and so he had to wear a headset.

So, later they sold the Vision jet and bought a Cessna CitationJet/M2 by Textron Aviation.

Later, they upgraded from M2 to Cessna Citation CJ3+ aircraft.

Max is tall at 6’4 and enjoys flying aircrafts.

Starting his YouTube channel-

Max started his YouTube channel by name, CirrusMax (later renamed to CitationMax) on 2 October 2016.

Initially, he used to record his training videos and publish them onto his channel and he used to watch them to learn about his mistakes.

Max’s first video to get viral and get millions of views is titled- Cirrus Vision Jet Departing Chicago O’Hare Airport (KORD).

This video was published on 4 November 2018.

On his channel, Max regularly publishes videos of him flying aircrafts and shares his process, experiences and beautiful sceneries.

He also owns a website by name, CitationMax.

So, how are you inspired by the success story of Max Weldon?

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