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Inspiring Biography of Jeb Brooks (Wiki)

Jeb Brooks is a popular travel YouTuber.

He has more than half a million subscribers on his eponymous YouTube channel.

Jeb is also an author.


Jeb Brooks was born on 28 March in Greensboro, North Carolina, United States.

He grew up in Greensboro.

His mother’s name is Nancy Greever Brooks.

Jeb’s brother, Will Brooks works at The Brooks Group.

Love for airplanes-

As a kid, Jeb read the Guide to Airport Airplanes book and thanks to this book, he fell in love with airplanes.

During that time, Greensboro was a small town and didn’t have many planes travelling and also, Greensboro didn’t have a plane spotting culture.

But this couldn’t diminish Jeb’s passion for airplanes as he started plane spotting.

As a kid, he also enjoyed playing flight simulators.

Then, while in his middle school, Jeb’s love for airplanes died and it rekindled later when he started flying for his work.


Jeb did his schooling from Greensboro Day School and Northwest Guilford High School in Greensboro.

Then, he studied for a B.A. in Sociology from Washington and Lee University in Lexington, Virginia.

Then, Jeb studied Law at Elon University School of Law in Greensboro, North Carolina.


In June 2005, Jeb joined Target Training International to work as an Assistant to the President.

He worked here until May 2006.

Then, Jeb started working full-time at The Brooks Group, his family’s sales training business.

He is a Board Member of The Brooks Group.

Rekindling his passion for airplanes-

As Jeb started flying all around the world as a part of his work at The Brooks Group, in 2017, he fell in love with travelling and rekindled his love for airplanes.

He also funds his flights by cash and airline miles and apart from work, he also flies for vacations and personal purposes.

In 2012, Jeb took his first solo trip around the world, he visited 8 cities in 34 days and he wanted to share this experience.

So, he shared about this trip on his blog, GreenerGrass and soon, he started publishing blog posts on this travel blog.

Jeb purchased the domain name for GreenerGrass long ago in 2005 for a company’s project while working in a consulting company in Arizona but as his bosses didn’t like the name, he was left with the GreenerGrass domain name which he used in 2012 for his travel blog, GreenerGrass.

Starting his YouTube channel-

Jeb used to travel a lot for work purposes and watch a lot of trip report videos on YouTube for entertainment instead of watching television.

He used to watch the videos of Sam Chui, the Luxury Travel Expert, Dennis Bunnik, Paul Lucas, Simply Aviation, etc.

Jeb thought that he could expand his skill set by producing videos.

So, Jeb started his YouTube channel by the name Jeb Brooks on 14 December 2016.

He started with the video of him travelling with Air France in La Première on an Airbus A380 from Dallas to Paris and thanks to the success of this video, he continued publishing videos.

He also interviewed Ed Bastian, Chief Executive Officer of Delta Air Lines and Sam Chui.

Apart from an aviation enthusiast, Jeb is also a passenger experience enthusiast, that is, he is interested in sharing the experiences that airlines provide to him as a passenger.

He is more interested in aviation and its experiences than the travel destinations.

Becoming successful-

As of February 2023, Jeb has 536K subscribers on his YouTube channel.

And has 40.5K followers on Instagram and 17.6K followers on Twitter.

Jeb uses Sony Cyber-Shot, Sony Alpha a6500 and GoPro Hero7 Black cameras.

He earns from advertisements and ‘Super Thanks’ on his YouTube videos and sponsorships, and he affords his trips by his YouTube channel earnings.

Personal life-

Jeb married Suzanne in 2021.

She helps him as a creative director for his YouTube channel and plans his trips.

Jeb lives in Greensboro.

His favourite channels-

Jeb is inspired by many YouTube channels as follows-

  • DennisBunnik Travels (Dennis Bunnik inspired him to start vlogging).
  • Sam Chui.
  • Josh Cahill.
  • Paul Stewart.
  • Wingin’ It! Paul Lucas.

His books-

Jeb published the following books-

Some interesting facts about Jeb Brooks-

  • Jeb travelled to many countries and Bolivia is his favourite country.
  • He also likes Cape Town in South Africa and Tasmania, Sydney and Melbourne in Australia and Edinburgh, Scotland’s capital and South America.
  • Jeb loves long-haul travel and Airbus A350 is his favourite long-haul airliner.
  • His favourite short-haul plane is the Boeing 737-700. He also likes Boeing 747, Boeing 727 and British Aerospace 146 airliners.
  • Jeb’s favourite in-flight headphones are Bose QuietComfort 35 wireless headphones II.
  • The very first flight of his life was in Short 360 aircraft, he flew to Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport with American Airlines.
  • Jeb tried to get a Private Pilot License but as he suffers from migraine headaches and loses his vision for a short period of time, he didn’t pursue a Private Pilot License.
  • His favourite airports are his home airport Piedmont Triad International Airport in North Carolina, Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport in Arlington, Virginia and Singapore Changi Airport.
  • Jeb’s favourite airports for plane spotting are John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York City, Los Angeles International Airport, Frankfurt Airport and London Airport.
  • Apart from flying, reading is his hobby and he is an avid reader. He also loves planning travels and hanging out with his friends.
  • Jeb’s aim is to visit all the 193 Member States of the United Nations.
  • His favourite airline while travelling in the United States is Delta Air Lines. He prefers Delta because it has numerous connections in Greensboro.
  • Jeb has a travel insurance policy covering interruptions, lost luggage and it also includes medical evacuation.
  • He visited around 69 countries across 7 continents.

So, how are you inspired by the success story of Jeb Brooks?

Share with me in the comment section below.

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