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How to use Google Meet’s Newest Features 

Learn To Make the Most of Google Meet’s Latest Features  

Using the Latest Google Meet Features for a Better Experience 

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Google Meet is one of the most popular services from the tech giant that we use every day. The first iteration was named Google Hangouts. However, the company decided to split it into two distinct applications: Google Chat and Google Meet. Google Chat is an instant messaging application along the lines of WhatsApp or Viber. But Google Meet is an enterprise-level platform for video conferences. And most importantly, anyone can use it. Not just businesses or people with access to high-quality internet from Spectrum Cable. That’s not to mention the new features Google frequently adds to the application.  

The Best New Google Meet Features Today  

Since its first launch, Google Meet has steadily evolved and improved in line with user demands. It is an intuitive and smoothly functioning app. It is also stable and comes with an interface designed to help users learn to use it fairly easily. Moreover, the company keeps adding new and useful features and improvements for a better customer experience. This blog explores some of the most important features that you may have been missing out on as a Google Meet user. These can include: 

Videoconference Captions Translated  

One of the biggest advantages to using a Google product is the handy features based on other Google products. In this case, Google now uses voice recognition and its Google Translate features to offer translated captions. That means your Meet videoconference can include translated captions on the screen. This mode is currently in beta testing. Therefore, you can only try it on certain Google Workspace editions. But the potential in terms of managing diverse teams with non-English backgrounds is still huge. 

Bulk Mute Meeting Participants (iOS Only) 

The entire point of a videoconference is to share ideas and communicate. But it also allows more room for disruptions. From actual noise to patchy connection strength, disturbances can make a videoconference difficult, if not useless. Lucky for iOS users, Google may have discovered just the way to fix it in one click. People who use Google Meet on iOS devices can quickly mute all meeting participants with a single click or tap.  

Co-Host Meetings with Other Users 

Host Management features allow the meeting host to ensure a smoother meeting. This means they can override disruptive members or unauthorized entries into the meeting. It also means they can supplement users who aren’t well versed in using videoconferencing systems. The Co-Host feature doesn’t really add new safety features. However, it does allow meeting hosts to designate other co-hosts. This can help in keeping meetings on track and minimize disruptions, even if the primary host is absent or away. 

Captions on Livestream Conferences 

Meet introduced both the live streaming feature as well as the captions for live streams in July 2021. You can live stream a conference as long as you use a safe Workspace domain. At the same time, you can choose to enable translated captions for these streams. This makes sure that everyone understands the proceedings. In particular, the feature can prove very useful to people with low English proficiency or impaired hearing.  

More Languages Added 

Google Meet is not just restricted to users who can understand English. The service has expanded to include several new languages for captions as well. It now includes German, Spanish, and even Portuguese to reach a wider user base.   

Meet Saver Mode for Better Data Consumption 

Videoconferencing is important, especially when working remotely. However, it does consume significant portions of your monthly data allowance. If you have unlimited data with your internet plan, then you probably don’t need to worry too much about data use. But if you have a limited data plan, then you should try the Meet Saver mode instead of the regular Google Meet mode. Meet Saver helps regulate data consumption as much as possible. At the same time, it helps reduce the processing capacity Meet uses. This in turn puts less strain on batteries such as those in smartphones or laptops.  

Google Meet is by far one of the best videoconferencing applications available today. It is equally useful for work, learning, and even socializing. Make sure to make the most of your Google Meet application with all its exciting and useful features. Have a great video call next time you use it! 

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