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Inspiring Biography of Him eesh Madaan

Him eesh Madaan is a very popular and successful Indian motivational speaker and trainer.

He is also a life and performance coach.

His YouTube channel by the name, Him-eesh Madaan has more than five million subscribers.

Him eesh Madaan’s life story is both very interesting and inspiring.

Even though he struggled financially, couldn’t graduate from a college, didn’t receive support from his peers, didn’t have all the resources, he became one of India’s most successful trainers and YouTuber.

So read on to get inspired.


Him eesh Madaan was born on 11 December 1984.

He studied from Sri Guru Harkrishan Sr. Sec. Public School (SGHPS) in Amritsar, Punjab.

From 6 December 1999, Him eesh Madaan’s family started facing many difficulties due to some conspiracies against them.

During this time, their financial situation also worsened and they used to worry about arranging square meals and paying his school fees.

These difficult times taught Him eesh Madaan many invaluable life lessons.

A supportive father-

Even in these difficult times, his father, TsMadaan never discouraged his children and always encouraged them to follow their dreams.

Him eesh Madaan’s father taught him a positive attitude which later played a big role in his success.

Career over college

At 17, Him eesh Madaan decided not to attend college and instead start his career.

He took this decision because his family was struggling financially and couldn’t afford for his college, so he wanted to help them financially by working.

Also, Him eesh Madaan was confident of himself that by the time his peers would have graduated and started searching for jobs, he would become very successful in his career.

Later, in between 18-24 years, he did several jobs and also a business and thanks to this and reading books, he greatly improved his skills and gained vast experience.

Starting his career-

Initially, Him eesh Madaan sold low-cost things like jaljira and key rings.

Later, he joined as a trainee in Pizza Hut and worked there as a pizza boy.

Then, Him eesh Madaan worked in the sales department of Abhay Holiday Consultants Pvt Ltd , Jalandhar and was earning ₹4500 per month.

Later, he took a three month diploma course related to airlines.

In June 2006, Him eesh Madaan secured a job as an agent at United Airlines (Interglobe Technologies), Gurugram.

He worked here for 2 years and 11 months and thanks to his dedication, he was promoted four times.

At 21, Him eesh Madaan became a team lead in the United Airlines.

Starting a business-

In April 2009, Him eesh Madaan resigned from United Airlines to start his own business.

At that time, he was inspired by the success of in India and wanted to start similar job portals but for different countries.

So, Him eesh Madaan started job portals for some African countries.

He continued this business for a year and four months and as he wasn’t from a tech background, he couldn’t make it.

Him eesh Madaan lost all the money that he earned in this business.

Joining a Fortune 500 corporation-

As Him eesh Madaan couldn’t succeed in business, he decided to find a job.

In August 2010, he joined ManpowerGroup in New Delhi to work as a trainer.

Eventually, Him eesh Madaan was assigned the responsibility of managing and leading a team of trainers across India.

He was working there as a corporate trainer and everything was going fine in his life.

Here, Him eesh Madaan was receiving a good package, opportunities to travel, etc.

Life changing incident-

At one time, Him eesh Madaan was requested to deliver training at a college.

So, he was traveling to the college in a car through the Grand Trunk Road in Sonipat.

Out of nowhere, a student jumped off from a college bus and fell in front of Him eesh Madaan’s car.

Thankfully, the chauffeur applied brakes at the right time and avoided hitting the person.

That student was immediately taken to the hospital and was treated upon.

Later, Him eesh Madaan found that he left a suicide note in bus and in that he requested his mother to forgive him for committing suicide.

Finding his life’s purpose-

Upon reading the suicide note, Him eesh Madaan was very disturbed.

This particular incident made him empathetic towards the struggles and stresses of the youngsters.

At that time, Him eesh Madaan was working as a corporate trainer and used to teach life skills in boardrooms and conferences and he felt the responsibility to share those life skills with everyone in his country.

He thought of sharing all his knowledge, childhood struggles, experiences of jobs and business with all Indians.

Thanks internet-

Upon researching on the internet, Him eesh Madaan found that there is no content in Hindi related to motivation and life skills.

So, in 2012, he thought of making YouTube videos on these topics.

Him eesh Madaan knew that his teachings can reach every nook and corner of the country only by internet.

Some people in the industry opposed his decision of giving away the information for free but this couldn’t deter him.

Facing rejection-

Him eesh Madaan shared these ideas with many people in the company in which he was working in hopes of receiving help from them.

But everyone rejected his idea mainly because at that time the internet was not widespread in India.

So, the next day, in November 2012 Him eesh Madaan resigned from the company.

At the time of resignation, his boss told him that he was killing his career and would later regret it.

Also, some of his friends made fun of Him eesh Madaan’s idea and said that people use the internet only for getting entertained and not for learning.

But he didn’t give up on his mission.

Being all in-

While working at the job, Him eesh Madaan saved money to purchase his dream vehicle.

But now, he used those savings for survival and also for making investments in his YouTube business.

Him eesh Madaan was attracted to YouTubing because it gave him the freedom to travel, work on his own terms and unlike his previous jobs, become his own boss and create his identity.

He invested all his money for purchasing a laptop, software, lights, camera, etc.

Within the next six months, Him eesh Madaan learnt to operate camera, edit videos, visual effects (VFX), special effects, etc.

Humble beginnings-

Even though Him eesh Madaan didn’t have the perfect equipment for YouTube, he started working on his dreams.

At that time he didn’t have a proper setup, so he made his setup by placing a chair on his bed and placing his laptop on that chair.


Him eesh Madaan wanted to transform the lives of people and de-stress them through his YouTube channel.

He wanted to make people happy and confident and inspire them with his knowledge and experiences.

Him eesh Madaan made his first video with the help of two 100 watt lights in his small room.

This video was titled “Know Yourself and Your Capabilities – Inspirational Video in Hindi” and is of 2:37 in duration, it was uploaded on Nov 21, 2012.

This was not the first video of his channel, prior to this he had uploaded five other videos but “Know Yourself and Your Capabilities – Inspirational Video in Hindi” was his first video as a full-time YouTuber.

First subscriber-

On 10.17 p.m., 24 November 2012 Him eesh Madaan received an email from YouTube stating that Rohit Kumar has subscribed to his channel.

And by that time, his first video got 100 views.

Him eesh Madaan’s first few videos received positive comments and this provided him the validation to keep on working on his YouTube channel.

One-man performance-

For the first five years of Him eesh Madaan’s YouTube journey, he was the only person to work on his YouTube channel.

He played many roles like writer, editor, marketer, cameraman, stylist, and characters of his videos.

Him eesh Madaan hired a team when his channel got many subscribers.

He dedicated his YouTube channel to other motivational speakers like TS Madaan and Sandeep Maheshwari.

Millions of subscribers

Thanks to Him eesh Madaan’s interesting and inspiring videos, eventually he gained millions of subscribers on YouTube.

Apart from being a YouTuber, he is also the owner of Him-eesh Madaan Training Solutions and an author.

Him eesh Madaan authored the book by the name Be Awesome, Live Awesome.


An infographic on biography of Him eesh Madaan
An infographic on biography of Him eesh Madaan

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