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Inspiring Biography of Adam Parkins (Ginger Billy)

Adam Parkins is a comedian, and a popular YouTuber.

He has more than 1.6M subscribers on his YouTube channel, ‘Ginger Billy.’

Adam is also a stand-up comedian, and an inventor.


Adam Parkins (Ginger Billy) was born on 27 October 1987.

He hails from Union, South Carolina, United States.

Adam grew up in a very remote place and as he didn’t have kids around him to play, he used to use his imagination to imagine playing with other kids.

As his father was into drugs and alcohol, at two, his parents parted and his mother, Susie Allen McCutcheon raised him as a single parent.


Adam worked as a respiratory therapist for 14 years before becoming a full-time YouTuber and stand-up comedian.

He worked as a respiratory therapist in a Columbia, South Carolina hospital and here, he met his wife, Leah Beasley in the ICU.

She works as a registered nurse and has her own YouTube channel.

After getting fired from his job at Columbia hospital, Adam worked as an electrician’s helper before securing another job as a respiratory therapist.

Becoming viral with his first video-

One night Adam learnt that Dale Earnhardt Jr., an American race car driver had retired from NASCAR.

As both of them hail from the same community, he was dismayed by his retirement and wanted to make a video to express his sadness.

Adam’s father was also a huge Earnhardt fan and had Earnhardt’s gear.

So, he borrowed the gear, a button-up shirt and a hat from his father and produced an emotional video with Adele’s song in the background titled ‘Dale earnhardt jr. Retires! Come back to me dale!’.

This was Adam’s very first video and luckily, it immediately became viral as it got around 1.5 million views across various social media platforms.

Thanks to this, he started getting contacted by people and this success inspired him to continue producing videos.

Even though Adam started his YouTube channel by the name Ginger Billy on 1 December 2012, he published his first video only on 26 April 2017.

70 million views with a romper-

In 2017, male rompers were a fad and once someone attempted to sell Adam a male romper but he travelled to a JCPenney in Union, South Carolina and bought the biggest female romper.

He made his wife cut the romper’s legs a little and made a video in his backyard, wearing the romper titled ‘GOT ME A ROMPER!’.

The next day Adam was in for a surprise as his video got eight million views and later, his video acquired a total of 60-70 million views all over the internet and got shared on LADbible, WorldstarHipHop and Viral Thread websites.

‘GOT ME A ROMPER!’ video was published on 21 May 2017 on his YouTube channel.

Thanks to the success of his video, Adam started getting contacted by many websites and he realised that he had a knack for entertaining people and so, decided to continue entertaining.

Becoming a stand-up comedian-

Thanks to the success of his videos, Adam was offered a gig as a stand-up comedian.

Even though he never did stand-up comedy before and didn’t have any experience of it, he accepted the offer, thanks to the confidence provided by the success of his comedy videos.

Adam’s first comedy show was at Golden Nugget Lake Charles in Louisiana and he was given five minutes to perform in front of 4,000 people.

This show gave him the biggest adrenaline rush of his life and so, he continued doing comedy shows.

At that time, Adam wanted to make a living as a stand-up comedian and so, he started improving himself and his performance.

He started doing open mics and did 2000 shows opening all around the United States.

At that time, Adam was working at the hospital full-time in the first three days of the week and also, producing YouTube videos and performing as a stand-up comedian in the last three days of the week.

Quitting his job for comedy-

Even though Adam hosted on a big tour and did stand-up comedy for a couple of years, he wasn’t earning decent money.

He was also not earning from social media as at that time Facebook had just monetised his videos and his YouTube channel wasn’t big.

But Adam decided to quit his job of respiratory therapist as was serious about becoming a successful comedian and believed that his job was providing him the financial stability by which he wasn’t able to fully dedicate himself to his comedian career.

Even though his wife initially didn’t approve of his decision, he convinced her that he would become a successful comedian.

Eventually, thanks to his hard work, Adam became a successful stand-up comedian and content creator.

He sells the tickets of his comedy tours through his website.

Initially, Adam had a manager for his shows but later, he started managing all his shows and social media channels all by himself.

A successful YouTuber-

As of December 2023, Adam has 1.63M subscribers on his YouTube channel, and 1.3M followers on Instagram.

Adam earns from advertisements on his YouTube videos, selling merchandise and receiving sponsorships.

In addition to comedy videos, he also produces vehicle build videos.

In one of his YouTube videos, Adam collaborated with Hannah Barron, a popular outdoor and noodling YouTuber.

He hasn’t revealed his net worth.

Currently, Adam doesn’t have a Wikipedia page.

Personal life-

Adam is married to Leah Beasley.

This couple has a son, nicknamed Dale jr. Jr.

Adam is a homebody and blue-eyed.

He suffered from drug addiction for six years but later he completely got out of it.

Adam lives in Union, South Carolina and is tall at 5’9.

Some interesting facts-

  • Initially, Adam used to have an Australian accent but later developed a British accent.
  • He loves Rodney Carrington, Hank Williams Jr., Woody Harrelson, Granger Smith, Joe Rogan and David Cooley of Catfish Cooley.
  • In one of the YouTube videos, Adam stated that Hank Williams III, the son of Hank Williams Jr. contacted him and appreciated his content and is a viewer of his videos.
  • He is a big military buff and strives to keep his videos apolitical.

So, how are you inspired by the success story of Adam Parkins?

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