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Christian Guzman

Christian Guzman is a popular entrepreneur and content creator.

He has more than 900 thousand subscribers on his YouTube channel by name, Christian Guzman.


Christian Guzman was born on 28 February 1993 in Sugar Land city, Houston, Texas, United States.

He grew up in Sugar Land city, Houston.

Christian’s father’s name is Luis Guzman.

His mother, Manuela Cisneros Guzman worked as a sales tax auditor in the state of Texas.

Christian has a younger brother, Ivan Guzman.

An insecure kid-

Christian studied from a public school.

While studying in high school, he was very skinny and was an average student securing average grades (mostly Bs) so, he used to feel very insecure about himself.

Christian’s friend group consisted of people from a different school and all of his friends were attending honors classes and used to secure A grades so, he used to feel nether.

While in middle school, he was very reserved.

Inspired towards fitness-

At 16, while studying in high school as Christian was skinny, the girls weren’t paying attention to him.

So, he decided to improve his physique and get a six-pack, so that he could catch the attention of girls and thanks to this, he started working out.

Working out not only improved his physique but also boosted his confidence and Christian started becoming more outgoing.

Working as a trainer-

At 15, Christian started working as a guitar instructor and later, he became a trainer.

While studying in school, he also worked as a health and fitness management major and had clients and was earning well.

At that time, Christian wanted to grow up to own a fitness company.

He used to also sell meal plans and workout plans and used to save all his earnings to invest into his future business.

Inspired by Iron Man-

While growing up, Christian’s dream cars were a Nissan 350Z and Audi R8 Spyder that he saw in the Iron Man 2 movie.

As he badly wanted to own these cars after growing up, he started working hard on his businesses.

Christian also dreamt of having a good house and physique.

Attending TCU & his fitness role model-

After graduating from high school, at 17, Christian got accepted into Texas Christian University (TCU) in Fort Worth, Texas for studying Health and Fitness Management.

His plan after graduation was to become a trainer and have a personal training studio and run group classes and train clients.

In TCU, Christian missed his old friend group and as he couldn’t make new friends, he channelled all his focus towards fitness.

He started spending most of his time watching videos of Greg Plitt and other videos related to workouts, nutrition and fitness and he also started reading about these things.

Soon, Christian became very knowledgeable in fitness and at that time, Greg Plitt was his role model.

Starting his YouTube channel-

At 19, on 16 March 2012, Christian started his YouTube channel by name, Christian Guzman to share his fitness knowledge.

And from 22 March 2012, he started publishing videos onto it and soon, he developed a passion for producing videos.

During that time, Christian was shooting videos in the hallways of the university dorm and his friends used to make fun of him for doing so but as he loved the process, he didn’t budge.

He also provided a coaching service while working on YouTube.

Thanks to his YouTube channel, Christian eventually became world-famous and this also later helped him in the success of his other businesses.

Dropping out of college-

As Christian ran successful businesses while studying in school, he was confident about his business skills and so he wanted to drop out of university to focus full-time on his business.

Even though he was confident about himself, his friends and mother weren’t.

Christian’s mother even tried to convince him not to drop out by crying over the phone.

His father was the only person to support him.

At 20, Christian dropped out of college and started focusing on his businesses.

Opening his gym-

On 29 November 2013, Christian placed a big order for the gym equipment and later, opened a gym by name, CGFITNESS Gym in Sugar Land.

His mother suggested that he open this gym.

CG is the abbreviation for his name, Christian Guzman.

Apart from the gym, he was also running a clothing brand by the name, CG fitness and he used to sell T-shirts, wrist bands, tank tops, hoodies, etc.

Starting Alphalete-

As his brand CG fitness was associated with his name, Christian Guzman, he wanted to start a new brand without associating it with his name.

He named his new brand Alphalete.

The word Alphalete is derived from the words, alpha and athlete.

After working with manufacturers, Christian launched Alphalete (Alphalete Athletics) in February 2015.

Alphalete is an apparel brand.

Launching Alphaland-

In January 2022, Christian opened Alphaland.

Alphaland is the headquarters of Alphalete and this facility contains a gym, eatery, clothing store, etc.

Alphaland also operates 3D energy drinks.

A social media celebrity-

As of March 2022, Christian has more than a million followers on Instagram and more than 200 thousand followers on his Facebook page.

Personal life-

Initially, Christian was in a relationship with Nikki Blackketter, a YouTuber.

As of March 2022, he is in a relationship with Heidi Somers, a fitness YouTuber.

Also, Christian is a dog lover.

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