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Inspiring Biography of Chris Ramsay

Chris Ramsay is a popular magician, enigmatologist and YouTuber.

He has more than five million subscribers on his YouTube channel by the name, Chris Ramsay.


Chris Ramsay was born on 22 March 1984 in the small scenic town of Werder (Havel), near Black Forest, Germany.

He grew up in the Havel town and later, he moved from Germany to Canada.

Chris has an elder brother and a younger brother.


As his father was a soldier, Chris frequently changed schools, in fact, he did his schooling from more than a dozen schools.

He moved from French school to English school and then to French immersion.

And thanks to this, Chris can speak multiple languages like French, English and German (as he grew up in Germany).

Early love for magic-

At a young age, Chris developed an interest for magic and his parents were very supportive of him becoming a magician.

Even though he didn’t attend any magic club, he has been always practising magic and playing with cards since a young age.

At 21, Chris started working as a bartender at a bar and there, he started performing magic tricks in front of customers.

One of the customers was very attracted towards his magic tricks and he used to offer him a tip of $50 every Friday for entertaining him and his friends.

At that time, $50 was a lot of money for Chris and this tip inspired him to learn and showcase new magic tricks.

And thanks to this, he got even more interested in magic and after a few years, he started reading books to learn magic and started seriously considering magic.

Chris also learnt magic from watching videos and from his friends.


Apart from working as a bartender, Chris also did many other jobs.

He was a rapper for around a decade and did many shows and did mixtapes, an album and also released a CD.

Chris loved writing lyrics, poetry, spoken word and rapping with friends.

His childhood dream was to grow up to become an actor and later, he acted in a feature film and in short films but later, his love for magic turned him into a magician.

Chris also worked as a tiler and laid tiles in people’s homes, showers, etc.

He also worked as a representative for a German thinset cement company in Canada.

Working at magic companies-

Later, Chris worked for Murphy’s Magic and Ellusionist.

His job at these companies involved creating magic tricks.

Chris came up with an original card trick by the name, Praxis and this helped him to secure a job at Ellusionist.

And at Ellusionist, he met Peter McKinnon and they have remained best friends since then.

Few years later, both of them quit their jobs to become full-time YouTubers.

In 2021, Chris acted in the Big Trick Energy, an American comedy television series and in Spiral film.

Working on YouTube-

Even though Chris started his YouTube channel, Chris Ramsay on 15 December 2011, he started publishing videos only from 2013.

As during that time, he was working at Murphy’s Magic, he didn’t concentrate on his YouTube channel.

Later, as people started liking his videos, from 2015, he started consistently publishing videos.

At first, Chris was more active on Instagram than on YouTube but later he shifted his focus more towards YouTube.

Later, his YouTube videos became viral and in 2017, he quit his job at Ellusionist to become a full-time YouTuber.

Becoming successful-

Chris’s habit of consistently publishing high quality videos made him a successful YouTuber.

He also tried to introduce new styles of magic to the younger audience and this also helped him to succeed.

Now, Chris is a very successful YouTuber and as of January 2022, he has more than five million subscribers on Chris Ramsay YouTube channel.

On this channel, apart from magic videos, he also publishes vlogs and puzzle videos.

His other channels-

On 18 March 2017, Chris started his second YouTube channel by the name, Chris Ramsay TV.

And on 30 September 2020, he started his third YouTube channel by the name, Bottom Of The Barrel.

Chris also has a website.

Inspiration from treetops-

Chris gets motivated by staring at treetops.

Trees constantly grow irrespective of problems surrounding them like deforestation, etc. and this is evident from treetops.

So, by observing treetops, Chris gets motivated to just focus growth and leave his problems aside.

Currently, he doesn’t have a Wikipedia page.

Some interesting facts about Chris Ramsay-

  • Chris loves photography and is a big fan of Harry Potter. He read all the Harry Potter novels.
  • He was a basketball player and he also used to skateboard and do various tricks like kickflip, rail flip, etc.
  • Chris is tall with a height of 6’3.
  • Around 2008, he suffered from depression when he had a breakup.
  • Chris runs a clothing brand by the name, 1ST.
  • He is in no way related to Gordon Ramsay.

So, how are you inspired by the success story of Chris Ramsay?

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German Guy

Sunday 3rd of July 2022

Werder (Havel) is not in the south-west. It's near Berlin so middle-east ;) thought you'd might want to know. ;)

Naveen Reddy

Sunday 3rd of July 2022

Thank you very much German Guy, I've updated the blog post.