Caroline Girvan is a popular YouTuber and fitness trainer.

She has more than 2.2 million subscribers on her eponymous YouTube channel.

Caroline is also a Certified Personal Trainer, Pre & Post Natal Specialist and Nutrition Coach.


Caroline Girvan was born in 1984 and hails from Northern Ireland.

In her early twenties, she started running and training all by herself as at that time, none of her friends trained.

Caroline has always been physically active.

She studied accountancy at university and worked as an admin for her husband.

She is a certified personal trainer for more than a decade and is also a NASM Nutrition Coach.

Her inspiration-

After Caroline became a mother, she realised that there was an information overload in fitness.

And thanks to this, her family members and friends were following a variety of diets, training and even after working hard and spending much time and money, they weren’t succeeding.

Most of them were focusing on the wrong things and this moved Caroline and inspired her to become a personal trainer.

Entering YouTube-

Caroline wasn’t able to personally train her clients during the COVID-19 lockdown.

So, she recorded a couple of simple home workouts with her iPhone teaching how to train with a pair of dumbbells and body weight and shared them with her clients on WhatsApp.

One woman requested Caroline to upload her workouts onto YouTube, so that she could watch them on her TV.

So, on 5 April 2020, she published her first video on her eponymous YouTube channel titled ‘AT HOME CORE 6 MINUTE ABS WORKOUT | Follow Along’.

Even though she originally started her YouTube channel on 26 October 2015, she started working on it only from April 2020.

As people started appreciating Caroline’s videos, she began to continuously work on her channel.

Her workouts are very popular on YouTube and are viewed by hundreds of thousands of people.

Starting small & becoming successful-

Initially, Caroline used to record her YouTube videos with her iPhone by placing it on a window ledge.

Eventually, she upgraded by purchasing a camera and a mic.

Caroline herself records her workout videos by placing her camera on the fireplace in her front living room.

Her husband helps her to manage her business and she has a small team consisting of a video editor to help her out.

As of March 2023, Caroline has 2.28M subscribers on her YouTube channel, 572K followers on Instagram and 178K followers on her Facebook page.

She earns from advertisements on her YouTube videos and affiliate marketing.

She created the EPIC workout programs and has a website.

Personal life-

Caroline is married and has a couple of children.

She lives in Northern Ireland.

Some interesting facts about Caroline-

  • Caroline loves running. She loves 10k and 20k running and 400 metres sprinting.
  • She also ran marathons, ultra-marathons and Ironman Triathlons in many countries and also does yoga.
  • Caroline loves walking with her pet dog, Winston.
  • She is five feet two inches and weighs approximately 57 kg.
  • Reading, painting and gardening are her hobbies. She also loves to learn new skills.
  • Instead of consuming supplements, Caroline focuses on training hard and eating healthy.
  • Nike followed by Adidas and Lululemon are her favourite sports brands.
  • Caroline’s favourite shoes are Nike Metcons, Adidas NMDs and Boost.
  • She loves eating sea bass, chicken shashlik, Barebells protein bars and FAGE yogurts.
  • Caroline lives near Cavehill and loves hiking it. She also loves walking on the beach.

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