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Will Jordan

Will Jordan is a popular author and YouTuber.

He has more than a million subscribers on his YouTube channel by the name, The Critical Drinker.


Will Jordan was born in 1983 in Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland, United Kingdom.

He did his schooling from Woodmill High School in the United Kingdom.

After finishing his schooling in 2001, Will joined Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, Scotland to study for a BSc (Hons) in Information Technology.

He graduated in 2005 with grade 2.


While studying at university, Will worked in a few part-time jobs and one of his jobs involved working as an extra in television and feature films.

Here, he was casted as a World War II soldier and thanks to this, he developed an interest in military history and he researched about this and this knowledge later helped him in writing his first novel, Redemption.

As a part of the research, Will visited weapon ranges in America and Eastern Europe and also Washington DC.

In June 2001, he joined Sky, a broadcast media production and distribution company in Middlesex, England to work as a Customer Service Advisor.

Will worked in this role until August 2006 and then, he worked as a Knowledge Engineer and Knowledge Designer.

And since November 2016, he is working as a Solutions Developer at Sky.

Love for Hollywood-

Will grew up in a little town in Scotland watching Hollywood movies.

As a child, he relished Hollywood movies and it introduced him to a new world outside of Scotland.

Becoming a movie critic-

Since 2015, Will started noticing a shift in movies, he observed that the movies are becoming less interesting with poor storytelling and poor quality and more and more flashy and preachy.

As he was a movie buff himself, he found these developments very disturbing and decided to open up about modern movies.

Will decided to point out the problems plaguing movies and compare the new subpar movies with the good old movies through his YouTube channel.

The Critical Drinker-

Even though Will started his YouTube channel by the name, The Critical Drinker on 21 September 2006, he started seriously working on it only from November 2017.

He initially worked on his channel to learn and practise video editing and then, he combined his video editing skills and his passion for storytelling to review movies and their structure.

Later, as Will’s writing career took off and he started getting publishing deals, he started focusing more on his writing career rather than his YouTube channel.

But in 2017, he resumed working on his YouTube channel as he wasn’t able to stand the modern movies and wanted to express his displeasure towards them.

In 2017, Will’s YouTube channel only had a few hundred subscribers.

The Drinker Recommends-

Will doesn’t always attack movies.

If he chances upon good movies, he discusses them and appreciates and recommends them through his The Drinker Recommends YouTube series.

Thinker vs. Drinker-

Initially, Will wanted to name his YouTube channel as The Critical Thinker because he knew the importance of critical thinking for reviewing movies but thanks to his love for alcohol, he named his channel as The Critical Drinker.

He also chose this name as it was easier to pronounce.

A passionate storyteller-

From a young age, Will developed a passion for storytelling and started off by writing short stories.

Eventually, he began writing full-length novels and he published his first novel by the name, Redemption in 2012.

Will sold the rights of his first novel to be made into a movie.

He became a writer as he was inspired by the power of authors capable of sharing their fascinating ideas and fictional stories with millions of people all around the world.

Eventually, Will published many novels like Sacrifice, Betrayal, Black List, Deception Game, Second Chances (Novella), Ghost Target, Shadow Conflict, Trial by Fire (Novella), Downfall, Something to Die For.

He also co-authored Deadly Cargo in 2017 and his latest novel, Dark Harvest is scheduled to be published on 16 August 2022.

A self-taught storyteller-

It is interesting to note that Will never took a creative writing course or degree and also, he didn’t read any books about storytelling.

He learnt storytelling just by watching movies and analysing their structure and by reading books especially fantasy novels like The Lord of the Rings, etc.

This storytelling skill later helped in the success of Will’s novels and YouTube channel.

A successful YouTuber-

As Will was already a novel writer, he had developed an effective storytelling ability and thanks to this, he became a successful YouTuber.

Also, his knowledge of storytelling helped him in analysing the movies effectively.

In one of his videos, Will got a little drunk and expressed his displeasure about Captain Marvel in a light-hearted way and this was his first video to go viral and get a million views and thanks to this, he gained tens of thousands of subscribers within a few days.

This happened in April 2019.

Now, Will is a very successful YouTuber and as of June 2022, he has 1.23M subscribers on his The Critical Drinker YouTube channel and he has 227K subscribers on his Critical Drinker After Hours YouTube channel.

Apart from advertisements on his channel, he also earns through Patreon, selling merchandise and SubscribeStar.

Personal life-

Will is married and has two sons.

Currently, he along with his family lives in Scotland.

Some interesting facts about Will Jordan-

  • Will loves fantasy books, movies and shows.
  • Apart from movies, he also reviews TV shows and videogames.
  • Will’s favourite modern movies are Joker, Ford v Ferrari and 1917.
  • His favourite movies of all time are Big Trouble in Little China, Indiana Jones, Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, Dog Soldiers and Raiders Of The Lost Ark.
  • Will loves reviewing the movies of Quentin Tarantino.

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