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What to Watch on Netflix Right Now?

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Looking for a way to unwind? Don’t look any further. We’ve compiled a list of series and movies to watch on Netflix right now for some relaxing streaming experience.

All you need is a solid internet connection to keep your streaming rolling, and you’re ready to unwind with the finest series and movies available on the best streaming service, aka Netflix. For those of you looking for such an internet connection, subscribe to Spectrum Internet®. Spectrum provides a smooth and stable service that is ideal for streamers, especially those who won’t settle for less than HD.

Now without further ado, let’s show you what to watch on Netflix right now.

Resident Evil S1

While you might be hearing some negative reviews from some people about this series, we recommend checking it out before making a judgment. Resident Evil, inspired by your favorite game, has a really solid narrative that is endlessly entertaining and full of twists and surprises that you never saw coming. 

The production qualities are quite impressive, with a fantastic story, superb direction, and superb performances. There are numerous references—the series alludes to so many great horror films that only genuine fans will recognize, yet they are done in a way that does not feel forced.

It manages to feel new, which is difficult in this well-worn genre. Overall, this series has the potential to be one of the most binge-worthy things you’ve watched so far this year.

Stranger Things S4

Stranger Things has become one of the most unforgettable Netflix series ever. The series is so endearing and fascinating that viewers grow attracted to each character, forming deep bonds with each one.

Stranger Things S4 is ready to satisfy your eyes and mind with an incredible plot, action, romance, and mind-bending thriller. There will be some unexpected plot twists, and the entire series will have you hooked until the very end. There is some fantastic music that you must add to your playlists and keep on repeat for a long time. A must-watch series of the year.

All of Us Are Dead

This is one of the finest Zombie series ever made. It has various messages and profound concepts about how we interact or how we should do something. It shows how we really need to consider every event thoroughly and not behave too rashly because of sentiments.

Netflix did not cut corners with this series, and it showed. The realistic effects are fantastic. There are also a lot of eye candy stars and actresses. Watch it RIGHT NOW. It’s a beautiful ride; all you have to do is get on and enjoy it.

The Gray Man

This movie is both amazing and shockingly good. The action is new and exciting. It’s snappy, catchy, and speedy. The gunfights, car chases, and tram sequences are all fantastic. All of the hand-to-hand fight sequences are nicely choreographed. Chris Evan’s villain persona is pretty dreadful and cruel, and his dark humor draws you in. Ryan Gosling is the next Mission Impossible character for the year 2022. The camera movement is also quite nice, crisp, and not at all confusing. The storyline is very enjoyable and does not drag. When it comes to action movies, it may be one of the finest you’ve watched so far. So give it a try right now!

Purple Hearts

If you enjoy romance, drama, music, and emotional movies, this is a must-watch. Purple Hearts is one of Netflix’s greatest romantic movies. It is not as utopian as other Netflix movies, but instead maintains a realistic view of relationships and progress. Additionally, it isn’t a predictable romantic movie, which helped to make the storyline less predictable, which is good if you regularly watch romance films. In any case, this is a wonderful late-night Netflix watch.

Overall, Purple Hearts is a wonderful movie that will make you cry and laugh throughout. We wholeheartedly suggest it to anybody looking for a wonderful romantic movie.


Uncharted really nails it when it comes to storyline. The globe-trotting, treasure-hunting vibe pervades the entire film, and it honestly seems like something out of a video game. Even the slower moments of solving problems and figuring out where to go next are translated remarkably effectively. The action is also fantastic.

Overall, this is a terrific movie adaptation that nails the vibe of the Uncharted games while still providing a unique perspective on its own! Whether you’ve been a fan of the series for a long time or are completely new to it, you’ll like this movie for sure.

Final Thoughts:

Who doesn’t enjoy binge-watching a good series or seeing a wonderful movie over the weekend to unwind with a gripping storyline, superb performances, and spectacular plot twists? We’re sure you do, and the aforementioned Netflix series and movies are precisely what you need to watch right now. So grab some popcorn and have fun streaming!

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