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Peter Popluhàr (PPPeter)

Peter Popluhàr is a famous travel vlogger, YouTuber and author.

He has more than 800 thousand subscribers on his YouTube channel by name, PPPeter.


Peter Popluhàr was born on 16 June 1993.

He hails from Bratislava, Slovakia.

Since a young age, Peter has been passionate about countries and travelling.

By the age of five, he learnt all the flags and capitals of all countries and later, he won many geography competitions in his high school.


Peter studied finance at Masaryk University in Brno, Czechia.

He also studied at the Public University of Navarre.

Entering YouTube-

From a young age, Peter has been a comedic entertainer.

So, in 2007, he and his couple of friends decided to entertain their classmates by publishing a Harry Potter parody on YouTube.

From 27 September 2007, Peter along with his friends started producing parody videos on Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by the name Dano drevo.

As the videos became viral within his class, he was motivated to produce even more videos.

Once, Peter noticed that someone outside of his class had left an appreciative comment under one of his videos.

Thanks to this, he realised that he needed to produce videos for the entire Slovaks and not limit himself just to his class.

So, Peter worked on his storyline and scripts and left the in-jokes of his class and started seriously producing Dano drevo episodes.

Likewise, he published parody videos until 2 April 2010 and by that time, he had a strong following of thousands of Slovaks.

Becoming a national cult-

As Peter started studying finance, he stopped working on his YouTube channel to fully focus on his studies.

But as his fans continuously persuaded him for another parody series, from 26 February 2012, he started his parody series on Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

All his episodes were a huge success and Peter became a cult in Slovakia.

Starting Shy Chickens-

Happy with the success of his first YouTube channel, Peter wanted to start another YouTube channel and reveal his face.

So, on 15 June 2013, he along with a voiceover artist, Ludo started Shy Chickens YouTube channel and started publishing prank videos onto it.

Soon, Peter got addicted with the process of producing videos for YouTube.

In July 2013, he started another YouTube channel by name, ShyChickensExtra.

His inspiration-

In 2014, Peter came across Cyprien, a French YouTuber.

He was inspired by his satire, sarcasm and the way he captivated viewers all through his videos.

Peter wanted to start a new YouTube channel and make videos similar to him but at that time as he was busy with his Shy Chickens YouTube channel and college, he postponed this plan.

Financial struggles-

During that time, Peter started studying for a master’s degree in finance.

He also joined a part-time job in finance but couldn’t like it as much as his YouTube channels.

At that time, his Shy Chickens YouTube channel was making only a few dollars per month and Peter knew that if he had to become a full-time YouTube, he couldn’t survive on YouTube and he had to take the support of his parents.

This fact mutilated his dream of becoming a full-time YouTuber.

The great realisation-

On 2 February 2015, Peter visited his friend, Gobo, one of the biggest YouTubers of Slovakia.

He was inspired by how the 18-year-old Gobo was able to pay the rent of his impressive apartment and pay for all his expenses by being a full-time YouTuber.

This incident changed Peter’s mindset and he became confident that he too could live well by becoming a full-time YouTuber.

He also realised that by becoming a full-time YouTuber, he could realise his dreams of travelling and entertaining people.

Thanks to all these, Peter started working hard on his YouTube channel.

Eventually, with the financial support of his fans, he finished all the episodes of Dano drevo.

As he became busier, Peter stopped working on his Shy Chickens channel.

Starting PPPeter YouTube channel-

On 5 October 2015, Peter started a new YouTube channel by name, PPPeter.

Even though he had a huge fan base in Slovakia, he decided to produce videos in English so as to attract the global audience.

Peter even travelled to Africa to shoot vlogs and along with it, he also started producing comedy videos.

During that time, he was in his final year of college.

On the same day of starting PPPeter channel, Peter also started PeterLife YouTube channel.

Difficult times-

During that time, Peter wasn’t getting decent views on his videos and so, wasn’t earning.

But as he loved the process, he continued working on his YouTube channel.

After graduating, even though Peter wasn’t earning with his channel, he became a full-time YouTuber.

Later, he moved to Prague, Czech Republic and his parents stopped financially supporting him.

During that time, his Patreon was the only source of his income and with that Peter was able to pay his rent.

Partnering with Casey Neistat-

Even after a year of working on his channel, Peter wasn’t receiving good views on his videos.

So, he risked all his remaining money to go to New York and partner with Casey Neistat, a very famous American YouTuber.

Peter featured Casey in one of his videos and as Casey Neistat shared it, it became viral and bought his channel the much anticipated international exposure.

Writing a book-

In 2018, due to some personal issues, Peter had to take a break from producing videos.

And to preserve his sanity, he decided to write a book.

So, Peter started writing a book sharing his worst experiences of his travels in a comedic tone.

He titled this book as Kde Všade Som (Ne)zomrel and published it and it became a bestseller.

Peter received many awards for his book like The Debutant Author of the Year, The Youth Book of The Year and Golden Book award.

Later, he published his second book titled- Ako (ne)prežiť mladosť – Príbehy príšerných rozhodnutí.

Good times-

Writing and publishing the book motivated Peter to produce videos and so, he resumed producing videos for his PPPeter channel.

Later, he won YouTuber of the year in Slovakia.

The Slovak National TV purchased Peter’s travels shows of Africa and thanks to this, he appeared on television and also, this show became very popular.

He also partnered with Red Bull for a new travel show in Africa and this travel series became the most successful European Red Bull project of 2018.

Becoming a successful YouTuber-

Peter along with his cameraman, Vladimir started making The Worst Reviewed series and this series became hugely successful

His videos on eastern Europe were very well received.

On 20 June 2019, Drew Binsky, a very popular vlogger featured Peter in his video titled- The Extreme Traveler | Peter from Slovakia and this greatly helped him.

His comedy video about France was his first video to get viral and cross over 2 million views and thanks to this, his channel skyrocketed.

In 2017, Peter started another YouTube channel by name, PPPíter with a focus on Slovakia.

As of April 2022, he has 811K subscribers on his PPPeter YouTube channel and has 178k followers on Instagram.

Peter also has a website.

Personal life-

Peter was in a relationship with Tereza.

So, how are you inspired by the success story of Peter Popluhàr?

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