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Nick Zetta (Basically Homeless)

Nick Zetta is a popular YouTuber.

He has more than 1.4 million subscribers on his YouTube channel by the name Basically Homeless.


Nicholas Zetta hails from Dallas-Fort Worth Metropolitan Area, Texas, United States.

As a kid, he was obsessed with playing video games and was a nerd while growing up.

Becoming an entrepreneur while in high school-

At 16, Nick worked as a dishwasher.

At 17, while studying in high school, he was working at Chick-fil-A and here, he broke his phone.

After learning that it would cost him $120 to repair his phone, Nick bought a screen on eBay for $10 and replaced the broken screen of his phone himself.

Here, he realised an opportunity of making money and so, he started fixing his friends’ phones.

While studying in junior year of high school, Nick started a brick and mortar phone repair shop and used to purchase broken phones to fix and sell them for a profit.

In order to focus on his business, he didn’t attend college after passing out from high school.

Rise & fall-

His business grew very fast and at 18, thanks to the success of his business, Nick bought a house and ended up having business in three locations in Texas namely, Plainview, Amarillo and Lubbock.

Later, his business started losing money and failing and as a consequence, he sold two of his three cars and his house and moved to live in the back of his phone repair store in Lubbock.

Later, Nick sold his stores and moved to live with his parents in Arlington, Texas and at that time, he had a lot of debt.

Verizon & YouTube-

After searching for a job for around six months in Arlington, Nick secured a part-time job at Verizon.

Even though he started his YouTube channel by the name Basically Homeless on 2 March 2010, he started publishing gaming clips from 2016 only after his friends persuaded him to do so.

During that time, Nick was living with his parents and initially, even after regularly publishing videos for nine months, he used to not get decent views on his videos.

At that time, it was a struggle for him to get things done on his netbook and capture card.

Later, Nick moved to Amarillo for a job opportunity, but it didn’t work out and fortunately, by that time, he was earning around $500 per month from his YouTube channel.

So, he decided to become a full-time YouTuber.

A change of niche-

Initially, Nick used to publish Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege gameplay videos onto his YouTube channel.

Later, he thought of publishing Minecraft gameplay videos but he realised that it wasn’t good to remain as a gaming YouTube channel as the livelihood of the gaming channels depend solely on the games and if the games get discontinued, the channels must suffer.

So, at that time, as Nick was passionate about technology, he changed the niche of his YouTube channel to technology and in the tech niche, he focuses on comic storytelling.

A successful YouTuber-

Now, Nick is a successful YouTuber.

As of September 2022, he has 1.48M subscribers on his Basically Homeless YouTube channel.

And has 102K followers on Instagram, 85.6K Followers on Twitter and 86K followers on his Facebook page.

Nick earns from a variety of sources like advertisements on his YouTube videos, by partnering with brands and receiving sponsorships.

He avails the services of an agency for brand deals.

On 31 December 2017, Nick started his second YouTube channel by the name Hummus Man and as of September 2022, it has 213K subscribers.

Personal life-

Nick met Olivia in his freshman year of high school and had a huge crush on her.

After being friends for around eight years, they got engaged on 26 April 2019 and got married on 27 July 2019.

Olivia hails from Canyon, Texas and worked at Citychurch Amarillo.

This couple has a son and in one of his September 2022 YouTube videos, Nick revealed that they are expecting a second child.

He is tall at 6’3 and is a Christian.

So, how are you inspired by the success story of Nick Zetta?

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