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Inspiring Biography of Nick Vujicic

Nick Vujicic is a popular motivational speaker and evangelist.


Nicholas James Vujicic (Nick Vujicic) was born on 4 December 1982 to Boris Vujicic and Dushka Vujicic in Melbourne, Australia.

Nick Vujicic was born with a rare disorder, tetra-amelia syndrome (phocomelia) by which he lacked arms and legs.

His parents didn’t expect their baby to be born without arms and legs but he had only two small deformed feet.

An operation was performed to separate his toes, so that he can use them as fingers.

After this operation, Nick Vujicic learned how to write and type on a computer with his fingers on his foot.

He can also operate an electric chair and a mobile phone.

Struggling severely-

Nick Vujicic’s life without limbs was very difficult and he used to face many challenges since his childhood.

Even as he suffered severe physical disability, he was also subjected to mental and emotional torture by his school mates who made fun of his disability.

In his school days, Nick Vujicic was subjected to bullying.

He was disappointed with himself because he looked weird when compared to the other students and unlike his fellow students he couldn’t ride a bike or go to the soccer field.

No one befriended him and supported him in his class, so he was subjected to loneliness and hopelessness.

Nick Vujicic thought that his life is a complete waste and he will never be able to get married and will never be able to secure a job.

So, he thought that there is no purpose for him to stay alive.

And as a result, he got depressed.

A dangerous decision-

These things broke Nick Vujicic from inside and he thought of committing suicide when he was just 8 years old.

At an age when a child tries to learn about the world, Nick Vujicic experienced severe despair and sadness.

The only thing which prevented him from committing suicide was the love he received from his parents and siblings.

Nick Vujicic was enlightened when he read the bible, in which there was a mention about Jesus helping a man who was born blind and he read that the man was born blind so that the works of god can be revealed through him.

So, he realised that the god has plans for everybody, if he had plans for the blind man, the god will have a plan for him too.

This cemented his belief in the god. 

Nick Vujicic was different from other children unlike other children, he was searching for the purpose of his life from a very small age and he started believing in himself and in the almighty.

Getting inspired-

Fortunately, during these times Nick Vujicic came across a newspaper article which described the achievements of a disabled person.

By knowing how a fellow disabled man has faced challenges and eventually overcame them, this story gave him the much needed confidence which completely changed his viewpoint towards his life.

And Nick Vujicic also realised that he can lead a normal life and can achieve something significant.


Nick Vujicic graduated at the age of 21 in commerce and with a double major in accountancy and financial planning from Griffith University, Australia.

He was invited by many schools, churches, etc. to share his testimony.

How a janitor changed his life?

Arnold wanted Nick Vujicic to become a speaker

Arnold, an old janitor at his school was the first person who wanted Nick Vujicic to become a speaker.       

But Nick Vujicic opposed this thought as he believed that he knew nothing to speak about.        

But the janitor did not give up and he relentlessly persuaded Nick Vujicic to share his life story.

And he bugged him continuously for three months to speak but Nick Vujicic wouldn’t agree until one day when the janitor twisted his arm.

Nick Vujicic gave his first speech when he was 19.

And he never turned back in his life again.

Nick Vujicic eventually found that his purpose in his life is to motivate people and to inspire them to reach their full potential.

So, he became a motivational speaker.

He urges the people to find their passion in their lives.

The journey begins-

This gave Nick Vujicic a new direction and purpose in life.

He decided to make his weakness his greatest strength.

So, Nick Vujicic decided to motivate people by telling them his real-life story and how he overcame the negative emotions.

The realisation-

Once, Nick Vujicic was giving a speech to 300 sophomore public high school students.

And after three minutes of his speech, half of the girls in the hall started crying and one girl in the room started to weep and she interrupted his speech and came to him and gave him a hug.

She cried on his shoulder and whispered in his ear that he was beautiful the way he was.

And these words transformed his life.

Nick Vujicic says that one must not lose his hope, as losing hope is worse than losing soul.

Life Without Limbs-

In 2005, Nick Vujicic established an international non-profit organisation and ministry, by name Life Without Limbs.

And in 2007, he found a motivational company by name, Attitude is Altitude.

Now, Nick Vujicic is one of the greatest motivational speakers on the earth and his understanding of life has positively affected the lives of millions of people across the world.

He got married to Kanae Miyahara on February 12, 2012 and this couple is blessed with four children. Now, they are residing in Southern California.

Spreading positivity-

Nick Vujicic visited over 57 countries and he spoke over 3,000 times and has inspired millions of people across the globe with his inspiring life story.

He also talks about bullying and his speeches have played a major role in preventing bullying incidents in schools.

In addition to being a motivational speaker, Nick Vujicic is also a writer, musician and an artist.

He also loves to swim, fish, play football, surf, sky-dive and paint.

Great Books-

The first book authored by Nick Vujicic is Life Without Limits: Inspiration for a Ridiculously Good Life, this book has been translated into more than 30 languages.

Nick Vujicic has also authored many books like-

  • Be the Hands and Feet: Living Out God’s Love for All His Children.
  • The Power of Unstoppable Faith: Your Keys to a Fulfilled Life.
  • Stand Strong.
  • Attitude is Everything: The Story of an Extraordinary Life.
  • Unstoppable: The Incredible Power of Faith in Action.
  • Life Without Limits: How to Live a Ridiculously Good Life.
  • 31 Days to a Hope Inspired Life.

He also launched a motivational DVD titled Life’s Greater Purpose.

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An infographic on biography of Nick Vujicic
An infographic on biography of Nick Vujicic

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What was Nick Vujicic born with?

Nick Vujicic was born with tetra-amelia syndrome (also called autosomal recessive tetra amelia).
This is a very rare congenital disorder which causes the absence of all four limbs.
Tetra-amelia syndrome is the reason for Nick Vujicic not having fully formed limbs.

What are Nick Vujicic’s achievements?

Despite not having limbs Nick Vujicic is very accomplished and his achievements are-
• Nick Vujicic is a New York Times best-selling author and a famous speaker.
• He has a double major in accountancy and financial planning.
• Nick Vujicic founded Life Without Limbs, a non-profit organisation and ministry. This religious institution has influenced the lives of millions of people.
• He also founded Attitude is Altitude which is focused on social and emotional learning, positivity and anti-bullying.

What makes Nick Vujicic special?

Nick Vujicic is very special because he has not allowed his physical disability to limit himself.
Thanks to his positive attitude he learned to swim, fish, play football, surf, sky-dive, paint, write and motivate others.

Who inspired Nick Vujicic?

• His mother inspired Nick Vujicic by showing him a newspaper article which mentioned the achievements of a disabled person.
• Later, Arnold, a janitor at his school, inspired Nick Vujicic to become a speaker.

How does Nick Vujicic inspire others?

Undoubtedly Nick Vujicic is a very inspirational figure.
His life story is very inspiring and it teaches us the following things-
• Know that god has plans for you. Even if you are struggling now remember that god has plans for you and the best is yet to come.
• Believe in yourself and never lose hope. Nothing is worse than doubting yourself and your capabilities. Even if you fail at some things, you can definitely do many things better than others.
• Seek positivity. If you feel that you are surrounded by negative people, seek positivity from reading good books and magazines and seek help from your parents and siblings.
• Realise your purpose. When you realise your purpose in your life, nothing can stop you.

Why is Nick Vujicic a good speaker?

• Nick Vujicic is a great speaker because he motivates others through his real life experiences.
• He sincerely tries to motivate others and feel their sufferings and this reflects in his speeches.
• Also, he became a good speaker because he started giving speeches when he was 19.
• He gave more than 3000 speeches in many countries and this experience helped him to become a good speaker.

When did Nick Vujicic become famous?

Nick Vujicic became famous in his teens thanks to his motivational speeches.

How did Nick Vujicic become successful?

Nick Vujicic is very successful because he chose his profession based on his strengths.
In his childhood, he used to constantly seek motivation to live a better life.
Later, Nick Vujicic started spreading this motivation to others through his speeches, organization, books and courses and no doubt this made him successful.

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