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Laura LeBoutillier

Laura LeBoutillier is a gardener, and a popular content creator.

She has 4M followers on her Facebook page, and 1.85M subscribers on her YouTube channel, ‘Garden Answer’.


Laura LeBoutillier was born in 1984; she hails from Ontario, Oregon, United States.

She grew up in a Christ-centered home in Ontario.

Her father, Michael, and her mother, Susan Kurth, love gardening and run Andrews Seed Co., a garden center in Ontario, Oregon.

Laura has a sister, Monica, and a brother, Joseph; he works as a history professor.

BornLaura LeBoutillier; 1984
Hails fromOntario, Oregon, United States
ParentsSusan Kurth (mother) and Michael (father)
SiblingsMonica and Joseph
OccupationYouTuber, gardener
YouTube channels‘Garden Answer,’ ‘Garden Answer Highlights,’ and ‘Garden Answer Español’
Years active on YouTube2014-present (Garden Answer)
Subscribers1.85M on ‘Garden Answer’
PartnerAaron LeBoutillier (married 2006)
ResidenceOntario, Oregon, United States
Laura LeBoutillier information

Getting into gardening-

She grew up gardening and loved growing freckled lettuce.

In 1990, her parents started getting involved with the Andrews Seed Co., and Laura started helping her parents in gardening; she was 6 at the time.

Initially, her parents worked at Andrews Seed Co. and later they bought it from the old owner, David.

At a young age, Laura used to do daily chores at the garden center like watering, weeding, cutting thistles out of the pasture; she felt working in the center to be a total slave labor and decided to never end up doing gardening as her job.

But eventually she fell in love with gardening and made a career out of it.

Laura learnt a great deal about gardening from working at her parents’ garden center and large garden; thanks to working at the garden center, she studied numerous plants and learnt plant names, plant varieties and how they grow.


She studied nursing.

After studying for a two-year degree at a community college, Laura moved to England to attend a Bible College there but didn’t stay even for a whole semester.

She doesn’t have any formal training in horticulture.

‘Garden Answer’-

In 2014, Aaron bought a new video camera; he has been interested in videography and at the time, he wanted something to film; so, he started filming some of Laura’s garden projects.

As they wanted to do something together, on 23 May 2014, they started ‘Garden Answer’ YouTube channel and started publishing gardening videos.

‘Garden Answer’ was their hobby, born out of Aaron’s love for videography and Laura’s love for gardening.

The first video, ‘How to Make a Succulent Wreath’, was published on 25 June 2014.

The ‘Garden Answer’ started out with a MacBook Pro and a Canon camera.

They used to work on their YouTube channel every evening and weekend and for a long time, it was unfruitful, but they persisted and started publishing videos more often and eventually, ‘Garden Answer’ channel gained momentum and became successful.

Laura’s goal through ‘Garden Answer’ is to educate people about gardening and inspire them to garden.

She grew up working at her parents’ garden center and continued working there even while she was working at a full-time job, but later due to time constraints she stopped working at the garden center.

In 2016, Aaron quit his job to become a full-time YouTuber and Laura also followed his footsteps; by that time, ‘Garden Answer’ was earning them money.

Being successful-

As of March 2024, she has 1.85M subscribers on ‘Garden Answer’ channel, 4M followers on the Facebook page, and 633K followers on Instagram.

Laura earns from a variety of sources like advertisements, and membership on YouTube, sponsorships, merchandise, and affiliate marketing.

Aaron uses Final Cut Pro to edit the videos.

In addition to the main channel, Laura has two other channels, ‘Garden Answer Highlights’, and ‘Garden Answer Español’.

She has a website.

Prior working on ‘Garden Answer’, Laura did a few music videos on ‘Aaron LeBoutillier’ YouTube channel.

Personal life-

At 17, Laura started going to the church where Aaron’s father was a pastor; here, she and Aaron met for the first time.

They started hanging out in their early twenties.

Later, Laura took his job, and he hung around and taught her some computer programs; ten months after dating, they married on 24 September 2006.

This couple has a son, Benjamin, and a daughter, Samantha Grace.

Laura follows Christianity.

She lives in Ontario, Oregon, United States.

Some interesting facts about Laura-

  • She is an ailurophile and loves Thai food.
  • Laura’s favourite flowers are tulips, lavenders, acacias, double-flowered roses, ballerinas, David Austin Roses.
  • Her favourite houseplants are ferns.
  • Laura’s hobbies are knitting and playing piano; she was trained in classical piano for 17 years.
  • Her favourite magazines are ‘The English Garden’, and ‘Victoria Magazine’.
  • Her favourite book is ‘Down the Garden Path,’ authored by Beverley Nichols.

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