Kiun B is a famous YouTuber.

She has more than 300 thousand subscribers on her YouTube channel by name, Kiun B.

Kiun is famous for sharing her life in Yakutia, the coldest inhabited region on Earth.


Kiun B was born in Yakutsk, Sakha Republic (Yakutiya), Russia and grew up here.

She is a Russian and belongs to the Yakuts (Sakha) ethnic group.

In one of her videos, Kiun shared her DNA test results and according to it, she is 74% Asian and is related to the Oroqen people, 15% European and 11% Native American.


Kiun did her schooling in Yakutsk.

After completing her schooling, she moved to Moscow to study for a bachelor’s degree.

Then, Kiun decided to move to Germany to study for a master’s degree but she chose to study in China as she was passionate about the Chinese language and she also received a scholarship to study in China.

She studied for a master’s degree in petroleum engineering from China University of Petroleum and she also studied at Beijing Institute of Economics and Management.

Career & starting a YouTube channel-

For several years, Kiun worked for a startup by name, International Wellcee.

Here, her job involved video editing and later, she decided to start her own YouTube channel to share about her life in China.

On 23 July 2020, Kiun started her YouTube channel by name, Kiun B and started filming on her phone.

Later, she realised that people were more interested in learning about her hometown, Yakutsk rather than in China.

So, Kiun started producing videos related to her hometown.

She also has a website.

Becoming a successful YouTuber-

As of April 2022, Kiun has more than 300 thousand subscribers on her YouTube channel, Kiun B.

In the beginning, it took her just a couple of months to acquire 200,000 subscribers.

In January 2022, Kiun received a Silver Play Button (Silver Creator Award) for crossing 100,000 subscribers.

She watches others’ viral videos on YouTube and analyses them for the reasons for their success and also religiously uses her YouTube Studio to learn about the ways to improve her channel.

Also, before shooting a video, Kiun writes the story for it and structures it properly and makes sure to fill up curiosity into her videos.

She uses Final Cut Pro for video editing and Canva for designing her thumbnails.

Some interesting facts about Kiun & Yakutsk-

  • Even though Yakutia is ice-cold most of the time, Kiun’s favourite season is winter. She finds the winter to be very interesting.
  • During the winter time, the temperature in Yakutsk would normally be -50 °C (223.15 Kelvin).
  • It is normal to keep the vehicles running all the time in Yakutsk otherwise they would freeze and travelling by bicycle is almost impossible.
  • Some people park their vehicles inside warm portable garages by name, natasha.
  • Thanks to the permafrost, there isn’t any underground car parking in Yakutsk.
  • As a child, once, Kiun was stranded in a bus stop for 30 minutes. As it was very cold, she felt that her body was burning and also felt pain, so she started crying. Thankfully, later, the government built heated bus stops.
  • Summer in Yakutia lasts only for a couple of months and the rest of the months it would be winter. In summer, a few people would cultivate cucumbers and tomatoes.
  • The ground would be frozen most of the year, so cultivating food is nearly impossible. So, the residents import vegetables from abroad and this is very expensive.
  • People here consume a lot of meat and they prepare delicacies from frozen raw fish and frozen raw meat.
  • The main hobbies of people in Yakutia are ice fishing, ice skating and hunting (this is the favourite hobby of Yakutia men).
  • Yakutsk is located at a distance of around 450 km of the Arctic Circle.

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