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Khan Sir

Khan Sir is one of India’s famous educators.

He teaches millions of students through his YouTube channel, coaching institute and Android application.


Khan Sir was born in Uttar Pradesh into a poor family.

He studied in English medium in CBSE until his tenth standard and then, he switched to Hindi medium.

As Khan belonged to a poor family, he even struggled for food and used to eat at Gurudwara and other places where food was donated.

Due to his poor financial condition, many times he thought of quitting school but thankfully, his friends Hemanth, Pawan and Sonu helped him to continue his education with their pocket money.

Khan used to earn a little bit of money by taking home tuition and this also helped him to carry on his education.

Strict teachers-

Since the beginning, Khan has had a passion for reading.

Some of his school teachers were so strict that he developed fear towards education.

Whenever Khan didn’t understand the concepts taught by his teachers, he used to memorise them by rote learning instead of clarifying them with teachers and thanks to this, he began losing interest in studying.

During that time, he thought that if he became a teacher in the future, he would befriend his students and give them the freedom to interact with him.

In his ninth standard, Khan started discussing the subjects with his friends and observed that his friends were teaching him way better than his teachers.

Teachers should be friends-

At that time, Khan realised that teachers can teach their students well by befriending them instead of being strict with them.

Later, he developed a passion to study well when some of his teachers started treating him like a friend and he never looked back from then.

Khan used to also participate in many extra curricular activities.

After studying B.Sc (Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry), he did post graduation in Geography.

Khan was a bright student in his college.

Love for Indian Army-

As some of his family members were serving in the Army, Khan too got inspired to join the Army.

It was his childhood dream to join the Army, so he became very interested in learning about international relations and ballistics.

Medically unfit-

After passing intermediate, Khan wrote the NDA Exam to join the Army but as his hand was bent (excessive carrying angle) with 21 degrees, he was declared medically unfit to join the Army.

As a result, he grew very frustrated but thankfully a NCC Colonel comforted him by saying that even A. P. J. Abdul Kalam couldn’t realise his dream of becoming a pilot but this couldn’t stop him from becoming successful in life.

So, the Colonel requested Khan to stop being disheartened.

Becoming a teacher-

As at that time Khan was feeling very tense, he decided to divert his mind by teaching.

Thanks to his ability to teach complex topics in a very simple way, he quickly became very popular.

Khan became so popular that thousands of students preferred to be taught by him and students started conferring him as Khan Sir.

He derives inspiration from A. P. J. Abdul Kalam, Swami Vivekananda and Karna, a Mahābhārata character.

Initially for around three months, Khan worked as an analyst for some news channels like Bihar Tak and News Tak but later he shifted his focus to teaching.

Initial struggles-

When Khan came to Patna to become a teacher, he didn’t have sufficient resources to teach.

Also, a couple of homeowners forced him to vacate.

Later, Khan wasn’t paid anything even when he coached children for a year and a half.

Then, he moved to another coaching centre and here, he negotiated with another person to charge minimum fees from the students and with it open an orphanage and educate the children of the orphanage for free.

But unfortunately, Khan’s partner cheated him out of money and as a result Khan was left with only ₹40.

He became very frustrated by this development and wanted to move to his home but as the train fare was ₹90, he couldn’t afford it and this forced him to stay back in Patna.

Starting Khan GS Research Centre-

Khan started a coaching institute by the name, Khan GS Research Centre in Kisan Cold Storage Campus, Musallahpur, Patna with an aim to provide free coaching to poor and differently abled children.

Through his coaching centre, he provides offline coaching for different government competitive exams of UPSC, BPSC, Indian railways, SSC, etc.

Starting a YouTube channel-

Khan decided to create educational videos and upload them onto YouTube, so he started his YouTube channel by the name, Khan GS Research Centre on April 25, 2019.

And he is actively uploading videos on his YouTube channel since 2020 so as to benefit the students who couldn’t benefit from his offline classes which have been postponed due to COVID-19.

Khan’s well researched videos became popular in no time and as of 2 August 2021, his YouTube channel has 11.2M subscribers.

His application-

Khan also launched an Android application by the name, KHAN SIR OFFICIAL to share courses at affordable prices to the students.

Now, lakhs of students are enrolled into his courses.

Khan provides various courses on subjects like polity, biology, defence, etc.

He also published many books on subjects like history, geography, polity, general science, economics, etc.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the real name of Khan Sir?

Khan Sir has never publicly disclosed his full name.

What is the educational qualification of Khan Sir?

Khan Sir is a post graduate in Geography and prior to this he studied B.Sc (Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry).

Why is Khan Sir so famous?

Khan Sir is very famous as is evident by his millions of followers.
The reasons for his popularity are-
• He breaks down complex topics in such a manner that they can be understood even by a layman.
• Khan has a good sense of humour and this captivates the attention of his audience.
• He performs exhaustive research on the topics and thanks to this, all his videos are of amazing value.

Does Khan Sir have a website?

No, Khan Sir doesn’t have a website but a YouTube channel and an Android application.

Is Khan Sir married?

No, Khan is engaged but not married.

What is the name of Khan Sir’s application?

Khan Sir has an educational Android application by the name, KHAN SIR OFFICIAL.
This is available on Google Play.

Featured Image credit: Sonu02kuma/Wikimedia Commons

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