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Kevin Tatar

Kevin Tatar is a cook, author, and a popular YouTuber.

He has more than 3.8M subscribers on his YouTube channel, ‘KWOOWK’.


Kevin Tatar was born on 31 March 2000 in Cluj-Napoca city, Romania.

He grew up in Romania and did his schooling there.

Kevin’s mother, Zita Tatar, is a doctor.

His father, Viorel Tatar, owns Budo Gym Napoca, a martial arts gym, in Romania.

Kevin has a brother, David Tatar.

At a young age, Kevin trained in Budo Gym Napoca.

BornKevin Tatar; 31 March 2000, Cluj-Napoca, Romania
EducationDropped out of computer science degree
YouTube channel‘KWOOWK’
Years active on YouTube2021-present (KWOOWK)
Book‘Tasty. Healthy. Cheap.: Budget-Friendly Recipes with Exciting Flavors’
Kevin Tatar information

Love for food & cooking-

Since a young age, he has been attached to food and the process of cooking.

As a kid, Kevin did a lot of cooking with his late grandmother; he enjoyed making Christmas cookies with her.

His grandmother showed him the power of food in bringing people together and building a community.

During high school, Kevin started living on his own and started cooking for himself.

He self-taught himself cooking and YouTube was his main inspiration.

Love for YouTube; starting ‘KWOOWK’-

Kevin grew up watching and loving YouTube and his childhood dream was to grow up to become a YouTuber.

At the time, he used to watch YouTube channels like Smosh, Ray William Johnson, nigahiga, Epic Meal Time, etc.

At 12, Kevin started his first YouTube channel and started creating content; later, he started a few other channels; later, he took all these channels down.

In 2018, he moved to The Netherlands to study for a computer science degree at Eindhoven University of Technology.

In the Netherlands, Kevin developed a passion for cooking for himself.

He found that even though a lot of cooking content on the internet are easy to follow but are somewhat unapproachable as they are created by chefs and people trained in the culinary business.

So, Kevin decided to produce home cooking videos from the angle of someone who’s not formally trained, has limited budgets and skill set.

So, he started uploading cooking videos on Instagram and TikTok and on 21 July 2021, he started his YouTube channel, ‘KWOOWK’.

Initially, Kevin used to upload his TikTok shorts to YouTube and then, started publishing regular long-form videos.

On 31 July 2021, he published the first long-form video of his channel, ‘DON’T Make This KETCHUP and MUSTARD CAKE!’

Kevin dropped out of the university to become a full-time YouTuber and gave himself a year to focus on his YouTube channel and produce videos.

This wasn’t a hard decision for him as he enjoyed producing videos more than studying at the university.

His channel blew up in July 2022 and he never looked back.

‘KWOOWK’ is a palindrome and focuses on affordable, healthy, and tasty cooking.

Kevin has been able to reduce cooking costs without sacrificing too much quality either by buying local or finding deals at grocery stores or preparing items from scratch.

A successful YouTuber; his cookbook-

It took him just over a year to achieve 2 million subscribers on KWOOWK.

As of February 2024, Kevin has 3.88M subscribers on his YouTube channel, 1M followers on Instagram, and 72K followers on the Facebook page.

He earns from a variety of sources like advertisements on YouTube, and sponsorships.

Kevin published his cookbook, ‘Tasty. Healthy. Cheap,’ on 30 May 2023.

His dreams are to travel places, try a variety of food and post it on YouTube; open a small restaurant and serve local, specific and curated dishes.

Personal life-

Kevin is in a relationship with Cristina.

He lives in The Hague, Netherlands.

Some interesting facts about Kevin-

  • He has an irrational love for legumes, especially beans and chickpeas.
  • Kevin has a tattoo of a guy with a bean for a brain.
  • His favourite cuisines are Japanese and Mexican.
  • Kevin loves all desserts, especially red velvet cake and carrot cake.
  • He loves garlic, dishes with cream cheese filling, and cooking with generous amounts of Greek yogurt.
  • Dr Pepper is his favourite soda.
  • Kevin is a fan of electronic dance music (EDM), hip hop, and loves Kendrick Lamar, Little Simz, Frank Ocean, and Tyler, the Creator.
  • His favourite movies are ‘Whiplash,’ and ‘Arrival’.
  • Kevin’s favourite dishes are sushi, pizza, gyoza, tacos, and caramelized onion smash burgers.
  • His favourite Romanian dish is Salata De Vinete and Indian dish is butter chicken.

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